Daily Archives: August 17, 2005

Off to the movies… and a Moolatte

Dairy Queen Moolatte

One of my Domme friends is about to head out of the city again and won’t be back until early September, so we’ve decided to make it a Dom/Domme threesome and head out and catch a flick. It’s her choice this time, so we are catching “Land of the Dead” at the Dollar Cinema in central Montreal. She’s about the only one who will watch horror flicks with me!

Afterwards, we are gonna treat ourselves to some “Mega-Moolattés” at a local Dairy Queen. Gee, I’ve gotten several friends hooked on those this summer. Sooooo, much better than those iced caps over at Tim Hortons, although I do have a thing going for their regular hot French Vanilla cappuccinnos.

Gotta run and start to get ready; gotta beat traffic as the movie starts at 5:30PM.

~ Mistress Jade