Daily Archives: August 19, 2005

Choosing Zen over fetish…

Zen Moon

A quiet night.
Full moon.
Gentle summer rain.
The relaxing sound of crickets.

All the ingredients to take time out to enjoy a Zen evening for myself. I could have gone to the regular fetish event tonight, but decided against it; and now I know why…

This moment in time.

It is refreshingly cool out this evening; a welcome change after weeks of muggy summer weather. I take the time to bring out my luxuries; a curly sheepskin hide to throw over my lounge chair, a golden faux fur throw blanket, a half dozen candles to read by, and lastly, one of my oriental dragon mugs full of jasmine green tea.

The candles illuminate the pages of my book, as I slowly savour the taste of the tea as it warms my throat and it’s delicate jasmine scent fills my senses.

Two of my cats join me, sitting like mirror images of each other on both sides of the stone parapet — like ancient Egyptian guards, with their eyes reflecting both the candles and the moonlight.

I stop reading and put my book down on my lap.

The air smells so sweet after the rain.

I hear lone raindrops as they drip from the cedar and the pine trees. Wet diamonds sparkle among the grass in the moonlight.