Daily Archives: August 25, 2005

Off to Ottawa to a Midori bondage workshop…

Midori in black latex

I was lucky enough to get a call yesterday from the “Venu Envy” store in Ottawa — apparently there were two cancellations received for Midori’s previously sold out “Intro to Japanese Bondage” workshop and since I was at the top of the waiting list, I got them!

That was good news, since for some strange reason Midori is not offering that particular workshop when she arrives in Montreal in a little over a week’s time. I wasn’t in town when Midori was here last year.

I’ve already picked up her book on Japanese Bondage, and have been practicing when the opportunity presents itself, but I am looking forward to watching this Rope Diva doing her stuff in person.

Wish me some “knotty” fun!!

~ Mistress Jade