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A Very Wet Day….

Pouring Tea

Went out with friends last night and caught a movie double-header; Fantastic Four and Batman Begins.

When we came out of the theater, I was feeling very achy in my knees, and my friend, Lady Katana was feeling it in her ankles. We both have old injuries that tend to act up under certain circumstances. We dedeuced that rain was on it’s way, probably for the next day.

Sure enough, wake up this morning and only a few minutes later I start to hear the crash of thunder and then the rain starts. Not a few drops mind you, but an absolute downpour. (Thank god for Robaxacet, the best cure for my achy joints!) Here it is, two hours later and it’s still raining quite hard with only the occasional pause in intensity.

I don’t think I’ll be running many errands outside today, at this rate… I think I’d rather curl up with a nice hot cup of tea — but sometimes it’s hard to choose which kind… perhaps Jasmine & Mint, Peach or even some Blueberry tea. I definitely need something fruity and cheerful to make up for a slightly depressing and achy start to the day.

Speaking of which, are you a coffee or tea drinker? If so, what is your favourite blend, selection or flavour?

That’s all for now,

~ Mistress Jade

Review of Midori Rope Bondage workshop in Ottawa

Midor - Art of Japanese Bondage

Got so many stories to share from the past month — better catch up before the details fade away too much from all the other stuff that I have been doing…

At the end of August, I drove to Ottawa twice to attend some Midori workshops. One of them was “The Art of Feminine Dominance”; as it turned out, I am very much beyond this workshop’s level, but it was still quite entertaining with quite a few points of interest that were raised. In retrospect, I could have probably skipped it with no great loss, but then again, it’s sometimes hard to tell this from a simple workshop description.

I stayed overnight and visited with a very old and dear friend, who lives in the suburbs near Manotick. He allowed me to indulge myself with a very looooong soak in his lovely enormous bathtub. It’s so huge that I can actually float without touching any of the sides or the bottom! What a wonderful way to de-stress oneself after a long drive.

The other Midori workshop was an “Intro to Japanese Rope Bondage” that I attended with my Dom partner, Master Michael. I’ve been studying this style of bondage lately, but wasn’t too sure where I would rate in terms of level. As it turned out, I was definitely past the basics, so I encouraged Michael to take advantage of all the workshop’s lab time to practice on me, since I get more of a chance to practice then he does as of late…

We both thouroughly enjoyed Midori’s demo of her style of “rope dance”; which is much more interactive with the bottom — passionate, emotional and extremely sensual. She never stops moving and touching the bottom, caressing and stroking their body with both her hands and the rope. She uses the rope’s texture and roughness to stimulate their skin and overall body, from their crotch to their nipples.

This style of bondage is much more physically active then the more static styles of bondage that I’ve been more familiar with up ’till this time. Bondage had always consisted of tying “pretty knots” in very symmetrical patterns. However, Midori’s style of “rope dance” is much more “ad-lib”, almost always asymmetrical. And yet she has such magnificent control of the bottom’s body, because she uses the ropes to help her discover the person’s individual center of gravity and uses it to her advantage. She is able to manhandle and physically move around a person twice her physical weight, with what seems to be great ease.

This ad-libbing consists of very impromptu moves and ties, using the ropes as they drape, move and fall into place. It keeps the bottom very off-guard, especially if they are blindfolded; as they have a hard time anticipating the next move or tie, unlike regular bondage, which can sometimes be very predictable.

Although I was entranced by Midori’s demonstration; I was sure that a great part of it had to do with the particular sub that she had as a volunteer body. This bottom seemed to go very easily into “rope space”. As a result, Michael and I were both left feeling that “Sure it can look great, IF you have a rope-slut to play with…” However, our opinions were to change the following week when we attended another of Midori’s workshops in Montreal…

Master Michael picked up a copy of her new “Kink” book. I had brought my copy of her Japanese bondage book and she was nice enough to autograph both of them for us. We had also brought her a special little gift; one of my “kinky” italian charm bracelets that I designed (and for which I’ve been gaining a reputation within the Montreal community). I had selected a number of kink-related charms, along with her name “Midori” spelled out in gold letters on a black enamel background, and a pair of BDSM emblems and tiny handcuffs. She seemed genuinely pleased and surprised by our gift.

To be continued…

Enjoying the last few hours of summer…


Well, only a few more hours and summer will be no more…

So, I am trying to enjoy the last little bit while it lasts. It’s a fairly clear day, with a nice breeze blowing through the trees. None of them have starting changing colours yet, but I’m sure it will only be a matter of 2-3 weeks before that will begin.

I mowed my whole front lawn yesterday, and used my weed whacker to clear all kinds of excess plant growth from around the walkways, driveway and hedges. However, the tool is a bit large and heavy for my small hands — so it has stressed my right wrist a bit, as it is quite stiff and sore today. I’ve been wearing my wrist brace to help stabilize it and keep it from aching, but I need to take it off to type. Hopefully it will get better by the weekend…

I also washed my “baby” – my Saturn wagon was getting a bit dusty and needed some lovin’. I love that deep shade of midnight blue when it is freshly washed – it just glows. I still need to have the interior cleaned and vacuumed, but I will wait till I can get one of my subs to do that for me.

Speaking of which, I need to start making a list of all the things that need to be done to the house in preparation for winter. I don’t want to wait until the last minute for some of them, like in past years. Hedges need to be trimmed, outdoor stuff stored in the garage, gutters cleaned, etc…. I also want to finish some interior projects (like painting) while the weather is still warm enough to allow the windows to be opened for airing out.

So much to be done!

~ Mistress Jade

RANT: What the &%*# is ALT up to now!

Head up butt award

(NOTE: This refers to my former blog, which has since been manually transferred to the FemDomme Society domain, exactly *because* I was getting so frustrated with them and the strict limitations they apply to all the blogs there…)

I reaaaaally can’t believe ALT lately… :rolls eyes:

I posted a blog at around 9:00 pm EST time last night, and since I was on my laptop anyway, I kept checking now and then for it to show up on the main list…

Well, it didn’t show up until sometime after 4am, and then it was with a bunch of others at once, so it didn’t even show up on the first page, it got moved on down to the second, so nobody even saw it.

I thought the main blog page was supposed to display blogs that have just added an entry? If this is so, then why the HUGE time delay for them to show up?

Why are the blogs slanted for a particular time zone? I mean I posted my blog at around 9pm, and yet it says 6pm on it instead? Don’t they pay attention to our time zones based on our geographic locations?

I am just getting more and more pissed off with ALT as a whole. I have several ALT groups that I own and many of the members were having problems posting. From having posts taking a day or more to show up, to not showing up at all, despite repeated postings. We had two of our Gold members complain on our behalf, thinking (erroneously I guess) that since they were paying members that their complaint would be paid attention to.

Well, guess again. Neither of them received any sort of confirmation from ALT staffers that the problem was being looked into, despite filing complaints twice.

This is NOT a way to run a business model. I mean ALT is just screwing people over time and time again, and not even bothering to reply to it’s paid members complaints!!

I know I am not the only one to have complaints about them…. What’s your ALT pet peeve?

PS: The image is the “Head Up Their Butt” Award, which ALT has won by an overwhelming landslide…

~ Mistress Jade

Making new rope sets… what’s your favorite tip or trick?

Black Rope

I had a relatively quiet weekend…

I did manage to work on some of my new rope that I picked up while I was in the Maritimes this summer. It is several hanks of a very nice parachute cord, in about 50 foot lenghts.

Of course, I didn’t particularly care for the army green colour, so I decided to try dyeing them black, to go with my larger diameter black rope sets.

I wasn’t too sure if the black dye would take, because of some of the synthetic materials in the rope, but it was worth a try. I used my large enamel pot and simmered the ropes in the dye mixture for an hour, much longer than the 20 minutes recommended, but I figured it would help it “sink in” better.

I rinsed them in cold water afterwards, hoping to help “set” the colour and get rid of excess dye, then laid them out to dry in the laundry room. They certainly looked darker, but then again, they were still damp.

Today, after they have dried out more, I see that the colour is almost back to the original green, with only a hint of slightly darker to them. Harumph! Not pleased….

Anyone have any tips on dyeing military parachute cording? I’d want something that I can access or purchase fairly easily here in Canada, as well a dyeing process that can be accomplished in a kitchen or bathroom… Please feel free to post some tips on this!

After the ropes have dried completely for a day or two, I’d like to start cutting them up into smaller segments. I’m not sure if I am going to whip-finish the ends, or if I’ll try using some colour-coded duct tapes, to help identify the different lengths.

I do however, still plan to use my colour-coded thread to mark the center point of each length, it makes it SOOOO much easier to find the mid-point of the rope when you are in the middle of a scene, rather than having to fold it in half. Especially handy for longer lengths… If you haven’t tried it yet; give it a try and you’ll see how handy it can be!

Have any of you found any particular tips or tricks that have proved handy over the years? Do you have a preference for a particular way of storing your rope — coils, braided, etc? Please feel free to share, I am always interested in hearing how others deal with their rope…

Now, back to sipping on my Bailey’s Irish Cream and catching up on my backlog of kinky email…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Montreal’s Labour Day “Fetish Weekend”

Montreal’s Fetish Weekend

Well, for those of you who are not local to Montreal; we are now in the midst of the second annual “Fetish Weekend”.

Actually I got a head-start by attending some Midori workshops in Ottawa last week. Tonight there is a Midori latex workshop being held before the usual Club Sin Fetish Friday event; I am only going to to the Fetish Friday — I prefer to see the Rope Diva talking about rope, her talking about latex just doesn’t do it for me.

Saturday the 3rd will be the really big day for us. Master Michael and I have tickets to attend the two Midori workshops and play party at Le Chateau. The first is “Psychology of Rope Bondage” and the second is “Humiliation & Embarrassment”. We are hoping to go out to dinner after the workshops and before the play party; which should have a really good crowd that night!

On Sunday night, there is a “Freak Show” being held, but I’m not too sure I want to attend — the DJ is one that I don’t care for because he always blasts the music soooooo loud that you end up having your ears ringing. I really have a problem with going to a club and coming out with some long term hearing loss, so I will probably give it a pass… Otherwise, it sounds kinda interesting.

BTW, if any of you are interested in any of these events and are in Montreal, you can check them out on the Club Fetish BDSM & Fetish events calendar that is on my other site.

Anyways, hope everyone has lots of kinky fun this weekend, I know I will!

~ Mistress Jade Dragon