My newest little toy…

Sony cellphone

Well, I just had a nice late brunch and I’m now enjoying a French Vanilla Cappuccino, so I can finally set aside a few minutes to update my blog…

Michael’s father is still in the Intensive Care Unit, with very little change in his condition. He did have a serious fever last week, but luckily that seems to have passed. He is still relatively unresponsive to those around him.

Michael’s mom spends the majority of her days at his side and Michael goes in for a few hours every night. I try to go in with him now and then, but I still find it very hard to deal with, as it continues to remind me too much of the loss of my own Dad.

I went in with Michael during around Christmas and found tears streaming down my face the whole time… I did much better this last time, but I still find that if affects my whole mood for several days afterward.

I always spend the better part of my time there putting lotion on his hands, arms, feet and legs, as his skin gets so dry otherwise. I believe that on some level he must be aware of it, and it gives me something caring to do and helps keep my mind occupied. I also give him a bit of a reflexology foot massage while I am there.


Christmas was extremely quiet — no lights, no decorations, and I never did get around to putting up a tree. My sister visited for a few days, and it seemed so much more important to treasure that little time I had with her than stressing over getting up a few decorations…

We managed to get in a good day’s shopping in while she was here. It did her a lot of good, she doesn’t get to do much leisurely shopping where she lives out in the Maritimes as she doesn’t drive. We do great as a shopping team as I tolerate her need for a coffee and a cigarette and she understands my need to take a few breaks to get off my feet so that my knees don’t give out, especially in cold weather.

I received some money as Christmas gifts; some of it went towards buying new winter tires for the car — we both feel so much safer now, especially with some of the dangerous icy weather we’ve been having here in Montreal lately and even more so with Michael driving to the hospital every evening.

I also bought myself a wonderful little cell phone for myself; Michael will be getting another one soon as well — as our old one is really on it’s last legs. Mine is a Sony Ericsson Z520 that has lots of great features, many of which I am continuing to explore. It has a colour screen and a blue light along the rim that lights up when it rings, as well as show a saved pic of the person calling. You can even have it voice dial; very handy when driving, especially since it also came with a Bluetooth headset.

Best of all it came with an integrated VGA camera — I really thought that I didn’t need one since I already have my high-end Nikon digital camera, but this one has proven very handy since it’s always with me.

I found it to be great when I’m out on errands or shopping, since I can take a pic of something that I would like to show Michael or that I would like to think about before purchasing… The quality of the pics really surprise me considering the size of the camera; it can even take night shots and small video clips!

All in all, a wonderful little phone that helps to make my life just a little bit easier. I’m rather glad I got it after all!

So, how was everyone else’s holidays? Get any neat gifts? Do tell…… (grin)

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

2 responses to “My newest little toy…

  1. Loss of relatives frequently directs heavy memoirs… But that would not happen, all to the best.. The Main thing to trust in the best.. The rain cannot go every day, night cannot lasts eternally… Again there will come morning


  2. Thank you for the kind wishes, kirill; it is much appreciated during these difficult times…

    ~ Mistress Jade