A Screwy Night…

Battery Cables

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Well, things were totally screwy last night… and not in a good way!

It started off when I was on my way to run some errands late in the day and discovered that the car battery was dead because something was left plugged in overnight (and not by me – grrr).

So that meant waiting until Michael’s mom came home from the hospital and arranging with her to borrow his dad’s car, which was buried under almost 3 feet of snow since early December when he went into the hospital.

We had to take a cab over there and discover that there is only a very short shovel and a snowbrush in horrible condition to use to clean off the car. Not very encouraging. Michael tried calling CAA, but they had no idea of the waiting time, so we decided to go ahead and start clearing off the car, which must have taken the better part of an hour. I was thouroughly chilled and tired out by then.

We then head to Canadian Tire (and made it in just before they closed), to see if we could pick up longer booster cables, since our car is parked headfirst into the garage and is a wagon, so you need the extra length to actually get to the battery. We picked up a set of 16 foot long cables, apparently the longest they had in stock, as well as one of those MotoMaster charging/boosting mobile boosting stations.

Well, it turned out that even 16 foot cables are not long enough to reach from our battery to the battery of a car parked bumper to bumper with us. Damn! And the charging station takes a good 24 hours to charge up.

I had been wanting to attend Club Sin’s Fetish Friday, as I was hoping to see Domina Jade and Maîtresse Malycia there, since we had spent some time together at last week’s Fetish 4Play event.

However, I didn’t want to take any chances driving Michael’s dad’s car downtown, since I’m not insured for it. Besides, after all these escapades it was already close to 10pm and I was already sweaty from shovelling, tired out from the whole experience and wanting nothing better than to take a long hot shower and then curling up in my waterbed to warm up my bones.

It must have tired me out more than I thought; I fell asleep much earlier than usual, which meant that I was up much earlier today. I’ve spent most of the day doing “housekeeping” on my old laptop, in preparation of switching over the remainder of my files to my new laptop.

I am really in the mood to head to Le Chateau tonight, as giving some good whoop-ass to a deserving sub would certainly do me some good. However, I haven’t made any arrangements with anyone ahead of time, so I would probably be out of luck if I just headed there anyway. Besides, I also got a phone call from one of my old friends from Ottawa, who is running errands near the Quebec border and is considering coming into town for a quick visit this evening…

I seriously need to get me some subs that are either A) not working two jobs B) a student that has no free time. Goes to show you that having a stable does not guarantee you someone to play with… gotta add some new recruits soon.

I do have a backlog of about a half dozen submissive applicants, and now that the holidays are over, I should be able to work my way through their applications and see which are worth a bit more investigation… Wish me luck!

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

8 responses to “A Screwy Night…

  1. Sorry I missed Le Chateau. I finally got a chance to sleep, 12 hours last night. Yay! I am feeling refreshed now.

    I am sure you will be able to find a compatible submissive, best of luck to you.


  2. gentle george

    Oooh, are those car jumper cables?

    At first glance I thought they were something else!

    — gentle george

  3. Yikes, car troubles .

    It’s usually pretty easy to remove a battery from a car and then short booster cables can do the job. You can also put the car in neutral and push it out of the garage (if the driveway is level.)


  4. DJ,

    Malycia said the show at Cleo’s was pretty good, I’m peeved I didn’t get to see it…

    I am glad however that you are getting better sleep for a change!

    I always find that having some very soothing instrumental music playing when I go to bed to act as a good form of “white noise” and helps me to let my mind focus on it, rather than the multitude of other thoughts that are always going through my mind. I could make up a nice CD of music for you if you’d like?

    See ya soon I hope!

    ~ Jade

  5. gentle george


    Well, either they are booster cables or the world’s largest nipple clamps!!

    ~ Mistress Jade

  6. Well Saruman, it’s a bit more complicated than that…

    Our vehicle, as you’ve seen before, is a Saturn wagon, so it’s rather long. Our garage is one of those narrow and very long garages that can fit two cars end-to-end, along with the driveway.

    Because of how narrow the garage is, you have to drive the car in nose-first, otherwise you really can’t get in or out of the car very easily, especially if you carrying anything.

    With that extra length, apparently a 16 foot set of jumper cables is about 2 feet short of being able to connect both batteries. Since the other car is not ours, we were very hesitant of disconnecting the battery, as it is a modern one and might mean you need to reset some of the electronics.

    Lastly, we discovered the hard way last year that if the battery is totally drained, you can’t even put the car into neutral, as apparently the power brakes need to be engaged in order to put it into neutral and you need power for that. The only way you can disengage it is to actually take apart some of the shift box through the shift stick control area, which is pretty complicated and tricky. Bad enough in the summer with enough light, horrible in the miserable cold winter night…

    We finally did get the new mobile boosting box charged up and it worked like a charm! Neat thing about it is that you can actually recharge it via the cigarette lighter when the car is driving on a long trip, so you don’t necessarity have to have access to a wall plug for 12 hours to recharge it — which is a nice reassurance if I ever do another long trip in the winter…

    ~ Mistress Jade

  7. gentle george

    Quoting Mistress Jade: “Well, either they are booster cables or the world’s largest nipple clamps!!”

    Dear Jade,

    Please do let us know, when you find the one they fit

    — gentle george

  8. Hmmm… can’t find a sub and where is that New Years resolution, Lets see a sub that does not work is usually free and is an excellent way of a Domme getting her frustrations out — boy they must be hard to find.

    Have you noticed that I like to tease, especially Dragons when I am out of reach. Kidding aside, sorry to hear about the car and your disappointment. I unfortunately will be pretty booked through January, but my birthday is in February and if you still have pent up frustration well I just might be able to offer you an ass to take it out on.