A Hot & Spicy FemDomme Dinner!

Shibari style rope body harness

This past week has been rather hectic, but at least in a positive way. I have been working on several proposals for web and other projects from prospective clients. If all goes well, I should be able to pay off the rest of my new Apple laptop soon.

It has, however, kept me scrambling to keep on top of things and it certainly hasn’t helped with one of my pet projects with the Montreal FemDomme Society (which is the HQ for the “FemDomme Society of Canada” of which I am also HeadMistress) – but I did manage to get it off the ground anyway.

I’ve been planning on holding a FemDomme Society Dinner Munch for a few months now, but there has always been something in the way. It’s kinda hard to plan for anything when you are not even sure if you are going to be in the city for your own event! Then Michael’s dad went into the ICU in early December and then the holidays, however low-key they turned out to be.

Well, I still have a lot on my “dance card” but decided that if I did not get around to it soon, that it would just get me more frustrated. So I decided to take the plunge shortly after the beginning of January. I wanted to hold it at one of my favourite Asian restaurants in Montreal, called “Hot & Spicy”. It’s a bit on the pricy side compared to some places where I’ve been for munches, but it does features an amazing menu where you can pay a flat fee and eat all you want. It’s not a quite a buffet though – you order what you want from the menu and they make it to order and bring it right to your table! (So it never sits under heat lamps for hours, getting tired and dried out…)

Michael and I have brought many friends and family there over the past few years and everyone has thouroughly enjoyed it; so I thought it would be an excellent choice — especially since they also offer free parking and are right across the street from a Metro station. Can’t get much better for accessibility!

The only thing that delayed announcing it was that I wanted to get hold of the manager so I could see about getting a private dining room, so that people wouldn’t have to feel quite so self-concious if the conversation turned a little bit on the kink side. We don’t want to make any other patrons feel uncomfortable if they overheard anything a bit riské…

Well, after a week of playing phone tag, I finally got the manager and made arrangements for a group reservation. He was able to guarantee me a private dining room if I can manage 20 RSVPs. (He even said that if it was not too busy a night, he might be able to reduce that to 15 people.) It’s been only a few days since I’ve announced it on all the local lists, groups, clubs, etc. and I already have received about 16 RSVPs, so I am on my way to getting my private dining room!

The theme for the Montreal FemDomme Society Dinner is a celebration of the Chinese New Year, so it is being held on Sunday January 29th, which marks the beginning of the “Year of the Dog“. I am hoping to have a few themed surprises for our attendees, and perhaps a few ice-breakers to help with meeting new people and starting conversations…

If you are in the Montreal area and are interested in finding out more about this event and how to RSVP; please check out my event posting on my Club Fetish BDSM & Fetish Events Calendar. This event is open to *anyone* in the Kink Community (not just FemDommes); be they Tops, bottoms, Male Doms, FemDommes, subs or slaves and whether they consider themselves veterans, intermediate or newbies — they are all welcome to attend — the more the merrier!

Wish me luck with my first major FemDomme Society event!!

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

5 responses to “A Hot & Spicy FemDomme Dinner!

  1. Well count me in, I definitely look forward to this occasion. And Hot & Spicy is one of my favorite restaurants, you couldn’t have picked a better place!

    Domina Jade

  2. Wonderful!!!

    We will be soooo glad to be able to enjoy your company for the evening… It is looking to be a nice size group, with you included, we are currently looking at around 17 people — not too small but just large enough for some good variety.

    As long as it is not too busy a night, this number of people should still be able to get us the private dining room – which I think would really add to the atmosphere of the event and give us a bit more privacy, especially for our conversations. We will be able to celebrate your birthday as well, a bit late but better than never. We will also be celebrating Master Michael’s birthday a few days early.

    I am really looking forward to the whole thing; I think it will turn out great!

    ~ Jade

  3. Dear Mistress Jade,

    i hope it went well. May i say, Mistress, that photo turns me on. Is that the kind of work You do?


  4. Yes, softskin, the event was very successful and from the feedback I received, all the participants seemed to have enjoyed themselves very much.

    Unfortunately, no that is not one of *my* bondage pieces, but it is indeed the type of decorative ropework that I sometimes like to do. I just really loved the photograph and hope to do a similar rope harness when I get a chance with a suitable female form. I also enjoy Midori-style sensual rope dances with a playsub, but that is hard to capture in a photograph.

    ~ Mistress Jade

  5. Mistress Jade,

    You are so knowledgeable, and i hope i am not overstepping my bounds when i address You here publicly, but it would be very interesting to experience your…talents.