Review of the Montreal FemDomme Society Dinner

Chinese Dinner

Well, after so much organizing; I was quite pleased with the overall results and feedback from the FemDomme Society Dinner that was held yesterday on January 29th at the “Hot & Spicy” restaurant.

Originally the restaurant manager had promised that if I could guarantee 20 guests, that he could give me one of their private dining rooms for the dinner. He also thought that if it was a quiet enough night that he could still give it to me even with 15 guests. The evening turned out to have a sizable snowfall and lots of blustering wind; something of a rarity with what has been the mildest Canadian winter on record! As a result, out of the 20 RSVPs, only 13 people were able to make it.

Apparently, the restaurant had a small water problem and our downstairs private dining room had a flooded floor. They tried to clean it up but were not able to make it presentable in time for our dinner party, so we had to settle for upstairs in the main dining room. The staff had set up a very long table for us alongside the panoramic windows, overlooking the small Asian-style garden in the courtyard. Even with the winter weather, one could see the partially frozen koi pond and the tall golden grasses through the snow.

In order to help with introductions, there were discreet nametags for everyone, along with their Chinese horoscope animal listed in smaller writing in the corner. This was to go along with the first surprises of the evening — custom made chinese horoscopes scrolls for everyone, along with a compatibility chart so people could have fun comparing how compatible they might be with their dinner companions.

Once all our guests had been seated; I explained the legend of how the Chinese animal horoscopes came about. Then the last surprise was handed out; a traditional gift for the Chinese New Year – lucky red money envelopes each containing a replica of an antique Chinese coin, for good luck.

Dinner itself was rather interesting; especially with the variety of dishes being passed back and forth — it almost felt like a big family dinner! We even had a toast for those guests who had recently, or were about to celebrate their birthday. One of the funny moments was towards the end of the dinner, when one of the waiters came to announce that there was a phone call for someone named “Jade” and did we have a “Jade” amongst us?.. Everyone started launghing out loud because there were actually *three* Jades attending dinner – myself (Mistress Jade), Domina Jade and Madame Jade.

According to the feedback I received after dinner and by email afterwards, the dinner event was a success and everyone said they would be looking forward to attending the next one. I was very pleased to hear it and it has given me the encouragement I needed to continue with these dinner events. I am hoping to hold similar FemDomme Society dinners only about every 3-4 months, so that the stress of organizing them would not overwhelm me, as it would if I tried to do this more often. I’m thinking of planning one for sometime around the end of April; depending on how my studio’s schedule and workload ends up being…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

6 responses to “Review of the Montreal FemDomme Society Dinner

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time.

    I adore Montreal…I’ve been there many times.

    Boston Boi

  2. Well, BostonBoi, if you ever make it back up this way; remember to look up my Montreal ALT group to see if one of the FemDomme Society Dinners might be taking place — if not, you could also check to see what other local kink events are happening… Montreal is a pretty kinky city and we certainly know how to have a great time!

    ~ Mistress Jade Dragon

  3. Dear Jade, I love the sound of quarterly events. I hope to start a bit of travel in this coming year. I will get in touch later when I have better schedule planning time. I love oriental/spicy.


  4. Keith,

    If you are ever up this way, you must definitely let me know, so that I can make sure you get the “grand tour” of any of the local kink events that happen around here…


    ~ Jade

  5. Could there be any doubt?

    Mistress, You obviously have quite the social planning flare. I have some ideas I would like to propose to you, business wise. Let’s connect.



  6. Glad to hear it was a success even if it did not go exactly as planned. Astrology is something that interests me, even though i do not read my horoscope regularly. Maybe that is a trait of a snake, or just the Taurus in me.