Back blogging at last… Life has been hectic!

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Yes, I am finally back — trying to get back into my blogging. The past 6 weeks have been absolutely hectic, due to two huge potential client contracts for which I had to write detailed proposals. However, the good thing is that I won both contracts!

The not so great aspect is the tremendous amount of work and energy that has gone into making them a reality. One involved a trip to Toronto for almost a week, doing some specialized publicity photography for a huge corporate event. (Sorry I can’t go into more details, but those of you who know me in person probably know what I am referring to by now…)

The client thoroughly appreciated our work efforts, especially considering the time constraints. There is a very good chance that they will be bringing us back again for a repeat next year. Which would be very cool, because it paid extremely well!

I’m still in the middle of producing the second project; which involved the design and production of 1,000 multimedia CDs for a major client. I also have to see that they are replicated, silkscreened, have inserts printed, jewel cases, shrink-wrapped and delivered to the client — all by March 31st! Ack!

Normally a project of this scope can take several months to coordinate, however, due to the end of their fiscal year, they have to have it done by the March 31st deadline, so it’s been incredibly crazy in my studio the past few weeks… I’ll be very glad when the master CD is off to the production house!

So, hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to take a bit of a breather and organize some other events for my FemDomme Society here in Montreal.

Gotta run, will post more later!

~ Mistress Jade

2 responses to “Back blogging at last… Life has been hectic!

  1. Hi, congrats. you know why March 31st? End of fiscal year — they need to spend their money or it goes back to the common purse.

    Glad they’re spending it on you.


  2. Hiya soft,

    Yeah, that’s what they explained to me as well — and yes, I’m very glad that my proposal got picked, it will make a great addition to my studio’s portfolio, which might mean more business down the line…

    There’s a munch next Sunday, do you think you might be able to make it? I posted the details on my ALT BDSM & Fetish Montreal discussion group…

    Take care,

    ~ Mistress Jade