Memories of my “Aha” moment…

Lake Moon

Even though I haven’t had the time to do much blogging of my own these past few weeks, I’ve tried to keep up with the blogs on my “watched” list.

I was reading a blog entry by mink52, and it reminded me of a very important moment in my life, that I posted as a reply, however I thought that I would like to share it here in my blog as well. So here goes:



Your story brought back memories of my “aha” moment…

It was around the time of my sixteenth birthday, and my father took me aside to speak to me privately. He said that he had a gift for me. The young child portion of my brain had hopeful visions of brightly wrapped presents, but the old soul in me seemed to grasp that there was something more to this…

He took me outside and we stood near the banks of the Bras D’Or lake and watched the reflection of the moon on the water as it slowly rose in the night sky. He put his hand on my shoulder and said “I am going to give you the greatest gift a father can give to his child.” He pointed to the sky and said “I am going to give you the moon.” And he turned to look in my eyes and said “There is only one catch though, you are going to have to go and get it yourself.”

In that brief moment, so many things became clear to me… That he knew I had the maturity to understand his gift, to understand that it meant he knew I had infinite potential, but that I only had to put in the effort to be able to achieve that potential. *That* was the gift, to understand that he knew I had it in me to achieve anything that I would set my heart to.

Even the remembrance of that moment is enough to bring tears to my eyes, because it is such a poignant memory of my late father. Two weeks ago marked two years since he passed away unexpectedly, after having survived several years of heart attacks, a pacemaker, and colon cancer. He was a survivor to the end. I miss him dearly, and I will always treasure his wisdom and how he managed to instill it in me at such a young age, as it allowed me to handle life in a very mature manner and has stayed with me to this day…and is something that I have strived to share with others, both young and old.

Having such a wonderful mentor as a parent is a treasure; even if we do not realize the true importance of it in our youth. I am sure that your son will grow even more appreciative of the time you took to communicate and share with him as he grows older and will undoubtedly strive to pass that on to others in his life.

Keith, thank you for sharing with us, and for bringing that memory back to me so clearly…

~ Mistress Jade

One response to “Memories of my “Aha” moment…

  1. Dear Jade,

    I’m glad to read you again, you stopped on my Birthday, you know. My pleasure in this place is always heightened when I get a memory from another’s post or cause one. That you are a recipient is doubly satisfactory, and you shared, thank you.

    If you ever need lighting help, let me know. I worked Hollywood for 25 years and actually have involvement in two Emmy awards for lighting.