First Day of Spring!

Spring blossoms

Yesterday was the first day of spring and it was a rather auspicious one for me…

As some of you are aware, I have been working very hard on a major contract for client; designing and producing a multimedia CD. Normally a project of this scope would have taken two months, but due to the client’s end of fiscal year, we’ve had only a little over three weeks to do all the design and coding work. And to top it off, the client sent over 100 more files to be included on the CD than they had said there would be, and a number of them were corrupt, so I had to manually go through every page over 350 PDFs — some of which were over 200 pages long! Ack! It’s been a grueling and stressful month because of this project…

Anyways, we spent a good part of Friday doing the final testing for the CD on PCs (I run a Mac-only studio), which then required some last-minute tweaking. Saturday morning, it was off to Fedex the master CDs to both the client and our production house. (What a rip-off, they charged me an extra $20 each, for a total of $80 for two CDs in envelopes, just because I was dropping them off on a Saturday — not for Saturday delivery, or even a Saturday pickup, no… just for the privilege of being able to drop them off myself on a Saturday. It never mentioned this on their website when I went to get a quote. Seriously *not* impressed.)

Just before lunchtime, I got *the* phone call from our client, as we went over some of the points of the CD’s design and interface. She was happy with everything and I was able to then call the production house to tell them they could finally go to press with everything. What a great moment of relief! It felt as a great weight was taken off my shoulders… Now I just have to wait for the production run to be complete and then have it shipped to the client’s office before the 31st.

So today was spent mostly de-stressing — with a few catnaps thrown in because I just felt so exhausted — but in a happy and relieved sort of way. I was finally able to go through some of my backlog of email and even read through some of the submissive applications that have been piling up… This evening, I even spoiled myself by playing one of my favourite computer games for a few hours.

To top everything off, when Michael came back from visiting his father (who is still in ICU at the local hospital), he brought me back a surprise — seems the local Dairy Queen had opened up and he brought me a large French Vanilla Moolatté (one of my favourite treats)! What a great way to end the day…

~ Mistress Jade

6 responses to “First Day of Spring!

  1. Now if the weather would just cooperate and warm up a bit! I can’t wait for my daffodils to bloom and for the crocus to flower. I’ve seen the little green bits poking up for a couple of weeks, so I know it’s coming!

    Happy Spring to you!

    Wistful Wench

  2. Dear Jade,

    Kudos for the job, sounds like you put in the hours for a great result. De-stressing is the way to go now, have another nap or two, you earned it.

    Later, Keith

  3. Wistful,

    Here in Montreal, the only thing we’ve really seen is that the snow is starting to disappear; revealing the brownish-green grass below. Surprisingly, my home’s lawn is one of the first to melt in the spring, even compared to my next door neighbours. We get the same amount of exposure to sunlight and such, so it’s not that. Over the years, we’ve joked that it’s because I have a dragon spirit who lives in my yard (based on some Chinese feng shui beliefs)…

    I’m looking forward to when all the snow disappears and I can start raking my yard and cleaning up the winter debris — then I can start planning for my gardening…

    ~ Jade

  4. Keith,

    Thank so much for the kudos… And yes, it feels so good to be able to relax, now that I don’t have that project hanging over me.

    I even slept in past noon today and have spent this afternoon catching up on small things.

    Hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring as well!

    ~ Mistress Jade

  5. Mistress,
    You have it all together, I’m envious. I find the winter just makes me hibernate and stagnate…you have so much energy and organization, help me?!?!


  6. Soft,

    I have my lazy days as much as the next person, I’m sure… It just happens to have been a busy past couple of months – normally this time of year is pretty quiet in my business. I was fairly lucky to have two large contracts back-to-back fall into my lap.

    I love it when the snow melts — according to my laptop weather it’s actually 20 degrees celcius outside today and yet I haven’t even gone outside yet to enjoy it. Just been so tired out from all the virtual running around this past month.

    I do however enjoy attending the various fetish/kink events in town when I have a chance; it allows the *true* kink side of me to come out into the open and not have to be so careful in my discussions and conversations — which can be such a relief at times.

    ~ Mistress Jade