on an politician’s laptop gets him in hot water!

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Recently found online, from the “DUH!” files:

Notice to elected officials: If you’re an alderman, use a city-owned laptop computer and are political enemies with the mayor, it might be best to avoid using the machine to access pornographic chat rooms.

Muskego Alderman Pat Patterson learned that lesson the hard way earlier this month when he brought his machine into the city’s information systems director to repair a battery that no longer held a charge.

Mayor Charles Damaske ordered the machine’s hard drive checked for child pornography, which wasn’t found, then produced a 61-page memo for the rest of the Common Council based on the bawdy material that was uncovered.

Five days later, Patterson, 58, announced he was ending his bid for an 11th term in office. Patterson and Damaske have clashed recently on several local issues, and Patterson is pushing to have the mayor’s job reduced to part time.

Patterson, who owes than $5,300 in delinquent property taxes and fees on his home, said Monday that his pulling out of the re-election campaign has nothing to do with either the property taxes or the computer memo. He said he is leaving the council because of his failing health.

Damaske said he heard “talk in the community” about Patterson misusing his city laptop during Common Council meetings. “I thought it was appropriate to see what he was on and when he was on,” Damaske said. “Just to make sure that there’s nothing like (child pornography) on there. There was no reason. That is just one area that seems to be of interest to people.”

What the computer was used for was visiting a site billing itself “The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet” ( and browsing a Web site advertising phone sex, according to the mayor’s memo and its 61 pages of documentation. The content was referred to police, who said nothing found on the computer was illegal.

Patterson, who plays Santa Claus at an annual Muskego children’s Christmas party, said any pornography on his computer was “mostly inadvertent” and declined to speak about Damaske’s memo. “I don’t think it’s all that big a story,” he said. “I don’t want to fuel this or anything else, so I’m not going to talk about it.

Hmmm…. another thing to add to the list of “Things You Should Be More Careful Of When You Are A Politician”…

6 responses to “ on an politician’s laptop gets him in hot water!

  1. Dear Jade, wonder if he ever posts here?


  2. I never use anything but my private computers to view Alt & other sites. That was a moron.


  3. ladyluck1000

    I am at work now looking at this site and catching up with my blogging. I always wonder if “big brother” is watching.


  4. Which ALT bloggers have stopped blogging recently? 😉


  5. Oy…what a clown. He really, really should have known better.


  6. Hmmmm…. Yeah, it makes you wonder if it was anyone who was active in the ALT community such as in the discussion groups or blogs…

    Either way, he really should have been more careful to at least cover his tracks, erasing his browser history and clearing his cookie and cache, especially if you are going to these kinds of sites on what is essentially a government-owned computer.

    I guess some people never learn…

    ~ Mistress Jade