All the ALT kinksters I’ve met in real life…

Circle of Friends

Over two weeks ago, back on March 11th, I was reading silkcontroller’s blog, as I had discovered that he is also a local Montrealer. He had written in Friendships or Polite Bullshit?, “I wonder how many genuine ‘friends’ grow out of this site.”

I replied that I had *actually* met in person a sizable number of my ALT kink friends, either at munches or other local events, and I proceeded to put them all down in a list. I was going to repost it in my own blog, but hadn’t gotten around to it… (I’ve since realized that I had forgotten to list a lot of them… but then again, I was posting at 4am my time…)

Now I’ve been reading on some other blogs where people have been discussing similar topics — about which ALT members they have actually met in real life and I think it has something to do with all the “~R” that I’ve been seeing attached to blog titles as of late?

Anyways, I thought that I would post an updated and expanded version of that list here in my blog, so that I can add to it in the future. ( I also thought of several others that I have met in real life, that I forgot to post in that original reply) Here goes, in alphabetical order: (** Denotes that person is from out-of-town, all others are local Montrealers)

backseatbebe (recently finally met in person at a local munch)


Daniel_X (haven’t seen in a long time, but know from way before my kink days…)

DominaJade One of my best kink friends!

Dom_inChicago74 ***


dungeonslave0 ***






Greathands54 (aka Masterstouch1954)

lilone85 ***

DommeInLove (aka Mistress Catharine)


julliianne (Mistress Julianne)

Maîtresse Malycia




MArc1 (Sir Marc) – see him at many local events…

SoftSkin4 (met briefly at Le Chateau)

Wyvernsnest (met briefly at Le Chateau, they make cool toys)


Oh my gawd, I hadn’t realized it was that many ALT people!!! I just went through my “Friends” list, as well as my group’s member lists to remind me and I can’t believe how many more I found! (Mind you, not all of them are bloggers; or else they have their blogs located elsewhere online…)

There might even possibly be more, since I don’t know if some of my other local kink friends are on ALT, and if so, what their member ID is. And, of course, I don’t always remember everyone’s name that I meet at the munches, because sometimes there are so many of them and I am horrible with names…

So, if you’ve crossed paths with me and I forgot to include you on my list — please feel free to post and remind me where we met, so that I can add you as well!

~ Mistress Jade

9 responses to “All the ALT kinksters I’ve met in real life…

  1. Tho I have yet to meet n greet any direct “Alt bloggers”, I’ve had the pleasure since before the ‘birth’of Alt and thru the years of Alt, I have met some truly wonderful people. Far, far too many from all corners of the globe to mention per name/profile.

    I’ve also had the opportunity to evoke some very fulfilling more personal relationships with those closest to Me. And now reside with a Lady over 3 years now I met in Alt. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to meet people!!…ty for the good post!


  2. You are more than welcome DStigmatta9; I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    I also very much enjoyed assembling my list — in some ways it became a “celebration” of my kink lifestyle these past few years since I’ve started exploring some of the existing online communities, such as ALT and CollarMe.

    I can only hope that this trend will continue and that I’ll be able to meet more ALT folks in the years to come…

    ~ Mistress Jade

  3. Wow, great list!

    I’ve also been able to meet a number of online friends over the years prior to Alt and have been able to meet some of my Alt friends also given that I often travel for business.

    I’ve only met up with a couple of Montreal-based D/s acquaintences but perhaps that will change this year.


  4. Dearest Jade, I hope to be added by the end of the year. You just get ready to eat well and laugh, after the tour, of course.


  5. Mistress Jade,

    I am taking your word on it, lately I am confused too. Yes I am sending and receiving comments which tells me people are there, I’ll see you too.


  6. Well thank you for listing my name, it proves I am alive. Just kidding now about that paddle hmmmm…


  7. Master's Touch

    Hi Jade – nice to see I still made that list, despite all the profile erasing (and reposting…sigh, you forgot Masterstouch51 and RobD243, my very first profile…) I still find bits of my old blogs, by linking through posts I made in the past…

    BTW, now that I think of it, do you remember the camel’s whip that I posted about last year? Do you know anyone who could repair it? It’s rather worn out and ripped (not by me unfortunately!) I was going to bring it to Northbound, but somehow I think they’re too big..


  8. drakkor,

    Of course I listed you! And at least you know why I have not been available as of late…

    ~ Mistress Jade

  9. Rob,

    I’m not sure I knew you under those other two profiles… which is why I didn’t include them I guess.

    As to your camel-whip-thingy; about the only person I could think of in Montreal who might be able to repair it would probably be Master André, as he makes all sorts of very beautiful braided whips, floggers and such. He’s got a website at Let him know I sent you as it might possibly put your request higher on the pile, as I know them personally.

    Let me know how it turns out…

    ~ Mistress Jade