I’m still in shock — Shooting at my old school in Montreal this afternoon

Dawson shooting

I’m still in shock at this hour; I received a phone call from my best friend — who called to let me know about this afternoon’s shooting at Dawson College here in Montreal, one of my alma maters.

My friend works in an office building across the street from Dawson College and had just come out of her building for lunch around 12:30 pm. Shortly afterwards, her colleagues and herself found themselves in a crush of people running through the streets, particularly young students and she realized that it must have something to do with Dawson.

Unsure of the situation, and because talk at the time was that there was still one or more shooters loose, my friends and her co-workers attempted to return to their office and were caught in a panicked mob of people who rushed into their elevator — which really did not do my friend any good as she is claustrophobic…

The strange thing is — I was going to call her on her cell phone earlier this afternoon, as I was thinking about her and something we were considering getting together for tomorrow… But I put it off, thinking that I should call her when she got home instead. I often get “feelings” about friends when stuff goes wrong — was it one of my gut feelings again? (I must have second-guessed myself again, when what I was feeling was actually right…)

My friend said that the cell phone lines were absolutely jammed to the point of being overwhelmed and no signals could have gotten through anyway. Several metro stations around the area were closed during the afternoon, as the cops continued the search, which also expanded to include the adjacent mall and the “Old Forum”, Montreal’s old hockey arena, which is now an entertainment and restaurant complex.

My best friend is safe and is at home right now, but she is still very shaken by her experience. I am so glad that she is okay, but it also leaves me wondering if anyone else I know has been affected…

I called my Mom in Nova Scotia immediately afterwards, as I know she would have heard it on the news and would be worried; she was literally about to call me herself when she got my call and was so happy to hear my voice and know that I was safe. I also spoke with Michael’s Mom afterwards to reassure her we were safe.

This, combined with some other not-good-stuff that happened to us here at home earlier today has truly left me shaken and upset. I thought I would be okay, but I guess maybe because it happened at my old school it really hits much closer to home that I thought it would….

All I can do right now is say some prayers that none of my friends or their families have been hurt, and that somehow we will all come out of this tragedy allright…

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  1. Prayers and thoughts go out to you and to all those affected by this.


  2. Jade,

    It’s been an upsetting day here too. My daughter, who was accepted at Dawson, elected to go to John Abbott this year. She has numerous friends and we have numerous family friends at Dawson and we’re still not sure that none of the 20 victims are people we know.
    The Mom of one of my daughter’s best friends is a reporter for the Gazette and filed a report about her daughter being trapped in the college. I posted some if it on my blog at: “A snippet of a horrific day”. I’ve been following this all day and keep wiping tears from my face as I think about how it just as easily could have been my kid who was there.