Review: Fetish School’s 3rd Anniversary Fetish Ball

Fetish School 3rd Anniv. Ball

The beautiful Isabeau, of Fetish-School organized yet another lavish Fetish Ball on Saturday January 27th, in honour of the 3rd anniversary of her F-S website. Many of my kinky friends and I were looking forward to the event and planned to meet up there.

Because it was so horribly cold and I did not feel like driving, I arranged for my male submissive toriko to pick me up and drive me to the Fetish Ball. For the evening, I decided to wear my black leather corset with long draping sleeves, elbow length black velvet gloves, a long black skirt that matched the sleeves of my corset and my antique top hat.

This was to be Lady Nikki‘s first major fetish event, and I had promised that I woud meet with her and that she could stay with me for the duration of the night, if she wished. Unfortunately, it took a while to find her in the darkness of the Bain Mathieu‘s interior, compounded by the fact that I kept getting stopped by many people greeting me. I momentarily lost track of my submissive toriko in the crowd, and had to remind him to stay very close by my side for the entire evening, unless he had permission to wander around.

When I finally found Lady Nikki, we made our way down the staircase into the pool area, which now forms the dance floor, and then even further downstairs into the lounge and BDSM dungeon area. Luckily, it was not long before we met up with our old Club Fetish friends, Domina Jade and Sir Marc.

Domina Jade was accompanied by a male sub for the evening, who had purchased a beautiful new outfit for her earlier that weekend. It was a gorgeous black PVC skirt and PVC corset-style camisole in black with deep blood red trim. Seeing as I had not see her since her birthday in late January, I had brought her a small birthday token — a necklace with a large silver key pendant, signifiying a “Chastity Keyholder”, and which matches my own key necklace. I adjusted the length so that it nestled very provocatively within her deep cleavage.

Key Necklace

Sir Marc was also in attendance and was accompanied by the sissy maid sub, sabine, of which he was in control for the night’s fun. The two made quite an impressive pair as they were both dressed in black PVC and latex. I got a chance to say hello to Mistress Zyra and Malcolm, who are major fans of latex and mummification.

We managed to commandeer ourselves one of the inflatable couches for the majority of the evening. I directed my submissive toriko to fetch one of the stiff foam floor mats for him to sit on the floor at my feet, as the concrete was entirely too cold to sit on for an extended period. (I noticed several other people taking advantage of these new floor mats, and not all of them were subs.)

I had a chance to spend some time chatting with my friend Argaive, a local fetish photographer. I was also extremely pleased to cross paths with Lord Peter, a very dear friend of mine who I’ve known for almost 2 decades. I was approached by a gentleman halfway through the evening, whom I did not recognize — however it turned out to be “Roisin’s hands”, an online acquaintance from ALT, whom I had never had a chance to meet in person. What a delightful surprise!

There was some amazing eye candy to be seen throughout the evening, with a variety of leather, latex, PVC, goth, uniforms, cross-dressing, naughty schoolgirls and general fetish wear. I was pleased to see a large increase in the number of gay leather men in attendance for this particular event. In fact, Sir Paul, of the DOM-MS Academy was also there and we spoke briefly. I introduced him to my newest stable sub, toriko, and he commented on what a good boy he was and patted his head affectionately.

Actually, my submissive toriko is quite young looking for his age and can be considered quite the “pretty boy” by some. I noticed a trio of large leather “bears” pointing him out to each other and eyeing him for a while. I discreetly nudged him closer to my feet and let him rest his head on my knees, so as to show them that he was already spoken for…

Later on, I gave toriko permission to walk around on his own, to meet up and say hello to some of his own friends at the Ball. He brought them back to me and introduced them to me; they were very polite and kissed my hand in greeting. (Lady Nikki took note of it and mentioned that they did not do that to any of the other Ladies to which they were introduced.)

The dungeon play zone was rather crowded in the later part of the evening. It made it very difficult for any of the serious BDSM people to play, as clueless people would be crowding right behind them and often in the strike zone of the floggers and such. Many of them gave up after a while, or did not even bother playing because it was not suitable for their space and safety needs. We are planning to discuss this with Isabeau, in the hopes that this might be able to be remedied for the next major April Fool’s Fetish Ball.

Towards the end of the night, Domina Jade, Lady Nikki and myself left the dungeon to join the dance floor and check out some of the action. I even danced a bit, despite my knees aching due to the cold weather outside. I stationed my submissive boy nearby, to guard my toybag and my top hat while the three of us Ladies danced. DJ and I even had a fun and sensuous girl/girl dance to Portishead’s Glory Box.

Some people had already started leaving at around 3 am, in order to catch their late night buses, but that still left a large enough contingent of the more hard-core partiers, who had access to their own vehicles or rides with friends. The three of us Ladies, with our 2 submissives in tow, decided to leave at around 4 am, and drove in a convoy of vehicles to the nearest Tim Hortons to warm ourselves up with some French Vanilla, hot chocolate and coffee. We were in luck that they were starting breakfast at 5 am, so we all grabbed a bite before heading off to our respective homes.

After ensuring that toriko was still in good enough shape to drive, I had him drive me back home to the West Island, where it was close to 6 am by the time I got in the door. Needless to say, I spent most of Sunday catching up on my sleep. All in all, a very enjoyable night of fun — I am looking forward to the next one on March 31st!

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