Last Minute Trip to Toronto

Apple MacBook Pro

Only a few days ago, I got the final confirmation from one of my major clients in Toronto, regarding a last minute project that they wanted my company to work on once again this year — only this time they left everything until the last minute. Since it is a major event, I managed to clear some room in our schedule and we made the preparations for the long drive.

I was able to bring Lady Katana along for the drive, as she has a good friend in Toronto that she wanted to visit and she made for excellent company along the way. We were lucky in that we missed almost all of the miserable weather during the drive east and only hit some major snowfall just as we entered the downtown area.

Because of the complexity of this work project, we decided to purchase a second laptop for the household and studio. So we stopped by the Eaton’s Center Apple Store to pick up an Apple MacBook Pro — this one is a 17″ one and is fully loaded. They had the order ready and waiting for us at the cash, which was great since we were short for time. Sir Michael is also looking forward to trying out some of his favourite computer games on it, since it is much faster than his existing Mac desktop.

While we were in the mall, we stopped at a lingerie store, since it was the night before Valentine’s Day, and I found a wonderfully cute and saucy black corset-like bustier for Lady Katana that I made her try on. Of course she looked absolutely fabulous in it, so I had to buy it for her on the promise that she would wear it to the next fetish event that I dragged her to…

The photoshoots for the client were extremely strenuous and exhausting; I don’t think I would have survived the first day if I hadn’t specifically picked a hotel with a great whirlpool hot tub. Followed that up with take-out from the “Lucky Dragon” restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown. The second day of photoshoots started off on the wrong foot, as shortly after I woke up, I got the most horrible back spasm – no doubt from the previous days work. Luckily, 45 minutes with a heating pad and two Robaxacets helped enough to get me (barely) back on my feet, but were were running late and with a tight schedule it was going to be another crazy day. Back again to soak in the hot tub again that night to try and loosen tense muscles…

The next morning, it was off to have a business breakfast with another potential design client while I was still in the city, then pick up Lady Katana on our way out. Thankfully we made it out of Toronto and most of the way home to Montreal before the worst of the night’s weather hit us.

I had been sniffling for a day or so before the trip, but whatever bug I caught hit full force upon my return to Montreal, undoubtedly worsened by the strain and stress of the project as well as all the driving. At least I hope that I can try to recuperate now that I am home safe and sound…

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