8 inches? Not necessarily a good thing…

Snowy trees and plow

Mother Nature has kindly decided to “bless” Montreal with a massive snowstorm late last night and continuing into today. There are times when 8 inches is really not something you were hoping for… (I’m sure the skiers, however, are absolutely gleeful about all this fresh powder.)

My sub toriko was scheduled to come by this afternoon to do his weekly housecleaning for me. Luckily, Michael reminded me of the horrible weather to come, so I sent toriko a note to cancel for the day. It’s just not worth the risk driving in these conditions unless you absolutely have to. Luckily, it’s my call and I’d rather not endanger one of my boys unnecessarily. If I want them to get hurt — I’m the one that’s going to be doing it!

The change in barometric pressure has got me a bit achy and creaky. It probably doesn’t help that I still seem to be fighting a low-grade cold for the past few weeks. I remember noticing subtle symptoms just before we left for Toronto. It’s not truly serious, just noticeable enough to be annoying, and I find myself tired out more easily than usual. Hopefully I’ll be able to shake it off soon. Ugh.

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