Service day for my submissive houseboy

Houseboy in mirror

My submissive toriko arrives at his usually scheduled timeslot of 1 pm. Before he even enters the house, he shovels the walk and driveway of snow and puts down salt. After all, we don’t want the Mistress slipping now, do we?

When one of my boys is serving as houseboy, he is expected to wear his working apron as well as his training collar; so the first thing he does upon entering the house is to put them on.

toriko checks in with me to see if I have any special requests before he begins the list of tasks I have set out of him. Seeing as I’ve been feeling under the weather this week, I am tucked into my cosy waterbed, trying to catch up on some work on my laptop. I have him make me a fresh cup of Irish Breakfast tea and briefly go over his task list for the day while it is steeping.

A few weeks ago, I tried to give toriko free rein when it comes to doing the housework and using his judgement as to what needs to be done. However, he does not seem sufficiently adept at making these sorts of decisions yet — so I have returned to posting a list for him, as this seems to work best for him.

toriko will require continued training in remembering exactly how I expect certain tasks to be done. Strangely enough, he remembers certain tasks on some days, but not on other days. A bit of a slow learner at times, however, he does put in a full effort on his tasks.

In the kitchen, all the dishes are cleaned and put away in their places. The stove top, counters and sink are scrubbed. Lastly, the mat is shaken out and the floor is swept and washed.

The bathroom is next on his list; scrubbing the sink, tub and toilet, washing down all the walls and ceiling, refilling the supplies, sweeping the floor, shaking out the mats and emptying the wastebin. Onto more general cleaning duties; from dusting surfaces and tidying to vacuuming. I also gave him an extra task this week — climbing up onto a stepladder to give a thorough cleaning to both my ceiling fans.

Over the past few months, having toriko as my houseboy has helped to lift some of the stresses of everyday life. It is very pleasant to walk into a freshly cleaned kitchen or to see one’s living room vacuumed and tidy, without having lifted a finger.

My boy made me even happier, as he brought an offering for me, on top of his weekly service. A small card was placed discreetly beside my cup of tea and in it was a sizable contribution towards getting one of the leather corsets that I have been eyeing these past few months.

For all his good work, toriko was allowed the privilege of curling up at my feet for a half hour, while I continued to work on my laptop. I also went over some new topics of discussion with him, including the latest lesson that he has been assigned to work on in his private journal. After putting away his collar and apron, my pet left quite late that night, after putting in a full day’s service to his Mistress and Owner.

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