I hate being sick!

Sick in bed

If there is one thing that annoys me more than anything else, it is being sick, especially when I have so many things to get done!

As mentioned recently, I’ve had a low-grade bug of some sort since early last month. Generally it hasn’t been too bad; more of a hassle than anything. However, these past two weeks it has been growing stronger and has kept me from attending several activities that I had planned with friends.

This week, I was supposed to drive down to the Maritimes, both for business as well as for pleasure. I was going to visit my Mom, and had hoped to attend some local BDSM munches in both Fredericton and in the Halifax-Dartmouth area. I had *really* been looking forward to seeing some old kink friends, as well as meeting new kinksters.

However, on Wednesday night this bug decided to send me into several coughing fits that were nasty enough to give me a nosebleed and leave me feeling totally exhausted. I was in absolutely no shape to drive the 9 hours or so to Fredericton, and would have been totally useless at the conference I was to attend. So, unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel my trip and instead spend the time resting and trying to let my body recuperate.

Of course, I have a hard time just sitting around and doing nothing… Thank goodness for my laptop and working from bed; as I will probably still try to catch up on some web-related design work for my clients when I feel up to it during the next few days.

My apologies and regrets to my Maritime kink friends — I hope to schedule another trip “back home” later on in the year…

Beverage of the moment: Jasmine Green Tea

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