Friday night with pizza and a friend


On Friday night, my friend Sir Marc came by for an impromptu visit. I had been working quite hard during the course of the day on one of my client’s web projects and was really due for a break. So, literally within minutes of putting away the project for the night, I get this phone call — it’s Marc and he’s bored…

Well, I was in the mood for a bit of socializing, but not quite up to heading out of the house — my earlier adventure this week to Northbound Leather with Lady Katana took quite a bit out of me. So we decided that he should come over here and we’d catch up on stuff over a pizza. I managed to keep my voice going all night by constantly sipping on hot tea, along with the help of lots of cough drops.

We ended up spending several hours chatting about geeky stuff; mainly about website design, marketing and publicity. As he put it, he wanted to “pick my brain” on ideas on how to make his upcoming website work well with some of the ideas he has.

I brought out my sexy Apple laptop to show him some stuff I’ve been working on recently. He was caught off guard at first until I explained that we have the house and studio equipped for wireless high-speed internet access with my Airport Express.

I also showed him my newly revamped blog. He really liked the look of it a lot and it seems to have inspired him to catch up on his blog entries as well. Sir Marc’s blog is now listed in my “Kinky Blogs” blogroll on the right hand side.

We also discussed about some of his recent purchases of new latex clothing. I showed him a pic of the new red leather corset that I have ordered and that I hope to get in time for next weekend’s big April Fool’s Fetish Ball.

Speaking of which, we also did some last minute brainstorming. Our group of kinky friends, Club Fetish, has been coordinating with the Fetish Ball organizer, Isabeau, on how we can help to improve the BDSM dungeon area of the event. Hopefully by implementing some of our tips, it should make for a safer and more enjoyable playzone for everyone, as well as improving the overall traffic flow in the downstairs lounge area.

We also commiserated how little we’ve had the chance to practice our bondage techniques since we both graduated from Midori’s Rope Dojo last fall. We both hope to remedy that in the near future though.

All in all, Sir Marc ended up leaving at around 3:30 am to drive back home. I’m really glad he dropped by; it was an enjoyable evening with a kinky friend that did me a lot of good mentally. (I’m not too sure how much good it did for my throat though, as my voice has been rather rough all day Saturday and I’ve had to let several phone calls go to voicemail since I was not in any shape to talk very much…)

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