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3rd Annual FemDomme Society Chinese New Year Dinner (Feb. 9th)

Year of the Rat

I have been very busy lately, organizing our 3rd annual FemDomme Society Dinner, which is being held in conjunction with Club Fetish. We will be celebrating the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Rat.

The event will be held at restaurant Hot & Spicy in the evening of Saturday February 9th, 2008, and is open to the entire kink community (Dominant, switch, submissive, slave, top, bottom, male, female, transgender, gay, lesbian, etc.).

We look forward to having you join us; full details and other information can be seen by clicking the RSVP button below:

When pain is not a good thing…


For those of you who may be wondering why my blog has been so silent the past while…

It was Saturday November 10th, only two days after my birthday and I had not even had a chance to really celebrate it with any of my friends. I was on the phone with my best friend Lady Katana and started to feel a pain in my upper abdomen and I couldn’t even finish my phone call with her.

Originally I thought the pain was my gallstones acting up; but after an hour of shooting pain I realized that this was a very serious gallstone attack and asked my housemate Lord Michael to drive me to the local hospital. Now you must realize that I really despise hospitals and for me to ask to be brought to one means that things are seriously wrong… Despite the lineup at the emergency, when the triage nurse saw the severe pain I was in, they ushered me in quickly to begin processing and diagnosis.

Problems began when they wanted to insert an IV; you see all my life I have had a hypersensitivity to most pain; but most particularly those involving piercing my skin, such as with any needles — be they a blood drop test, an injection, or worst of all, an IV. I have particularly tiny veins and they are hard to “tap” and so even the most skillful of blood technicians end up trying to pierce me a half dozen times or more trying to simply find a vein. When they do find one, they invariably end up having to “wiggle” around trying to get it in, and all while I am in absolute agony, trying my darnest not to move or to swear like a sailor. Unfortunately, the vein often collapses, causing them to start the process all over again, and leaving me with extensive subcutaneous bruising.

IV insertions

Now, combine that torture with the existing extreme pain in my abdomen and I was starting to sound like someone with Tourette’s Syndrome, as I tearfully tried to find some way to deal with the ordeal of multiple painful IV punctures by several different nurses and technicians, none of which could successfully find a workable vein.

Finally, one of them smartened up and gave me some sort of sub-lingual painkiller, but it did take a good 30-45 minutes to begin to have an effect, but combined with the exhaustion caused by the pain, I eventually lost conciousness.

The next memory I had was waking up in a strangely familiar room, but from a unusual perspective. It was then that I realized that I was in an intensive care unit room (ICU).

(I should explain that almost 2 years ago Lord Michael’s father was very ill for several months before he passed away in the hospital. I had come to visit him several times while he was in the ICU of that very same hospital. The sight was so familiar and yet strange because my viewpoint was from the hospital bed this time, not sitting beside it. )

Even though I was rather dazed by the painkillers, I was truly surprised to find myself in the ICU rather than a regular hospital bed, because I didn’t think that things were that bad; however it seemed that I had acute pancreatis caused by my gallstones; and apparently “about 20% of acute pancreatitis cases are severe with a mortality of about 20%”.

I distinctly remember seeing several things upon my return to conciousness that truly made me happy. The first was to wake up and see Michael entering my ICU room carrying an armful of my pillows from home — he remembered how I sleep so much better when I am in pain when I am supported properly with my favourite pillows, and had gone through all the trouble to drag them all the way to the hospital. What an absolute sweetie for thinking to make me more comfortable!

The second was to see that my faithful submissive toriko had already been quietly sitting at my bedside, anxiously waiting for me to wake up. I remember that his face was so clouded with worry, but lit up when he realized that I was finally awake and spoke his name and held out my hand for him to approach.


I had some rather strange episodes while I was in intensive care, but I shall continue those in a later post… it is still a bit difficult to relive some of those memories and I find myself rather weary at the moment, as I still get tired out quite easily these days.