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Private Play Party at Maitre Ex’s dungeon

For the past while, Maitre Ex has been hosting private play parties at his excellent dungeon on the South Shore. They are usually double-night affairs, for both the Friday and Saturday nights and usually winds up in the wee hours of the morning.

The Friday play party ended up being on the small side; which was not bad at all because it allowed me to do some much needed socializing with my kinky friends and leather family.

Saturday’s was much more busy with quite an assortment of guests; some older familiar faces and a number of new ones. It was a shame that a few people I was hoping to see were not able to make it…

We arrived around 11:30pm (myself, my two submissives toriko & g, and my occasional painslut JF). It was nice to see several friendly faces were already there, so I “made the rounds” to greet them all.

I ended my evening with an hour and a half heavy play session with my painslut JF; comprised mainly of flogging with a variety of implements (including my favourite chrome flogger), some very intense hot wax play, alternated with ice play, then more flogging and finally sensuously scraping the wax off with a blade. The both of us were “flying” after that and feeling extremely mellow after it was all done…

All in all, a wonderful weekend of kinky fun!

Review: Fetlife – Social Networking kink-style!

Social Networking

A few months ago, I joined a new website founded a fellow Montreal kinkster known as John Baku. It is called Fetlife and is a social networking site in the vein of Facebook or MySpace, except it is geared exclusively for BDSM, fetish and kink folk!

The place was a little sparse when it first started up, however John is very open to suggestions for improvement and with that in mind, the place has flourished in a relatively short time, with plenty of new members and lots of new features. It is free to join and there are absolutely no advertising banners and such, which is such a refreshing change.

This is my invitation to you to drop by and join Fetlife and while you are there, I also extend an invitation to join one or more of my discussion groups on there:

Montreal & Ottawa BDSM, Fetish & Kink
Montreal FemDomme Society
FemDomme Society of Canada

Looking forward to crossing paths with you over on Fetlife, my ID is “HeadMistress_Jade“, so drop me a note to say hello if you are one of my blog readers and you do join!

Canadian Panel May Rule If Sex Practices Protected

BDSM Rights Flag

Tue Apr 8, 2008 7:08pm EDT, Vancouver, BC (Reuters)

A Canadian man who claims he was discriminated against as a pagan who practices a form of sadomasochism will get to take his complaint to a human rights tribunal. An appeals court rejected a bid by Vancouver police on Tuesday to block a hearing on whether Peter Hayes’ rights were violated when an officer refused to grant him the permit he needed to get a chauffeur’s job.

Hayes complained to British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal that he was discriminated against because he is a pagan who practices a “BDSM lifestyle” and deserves protection under the human rights code, based on sexual orientation. BDSM refers to bondage, discipline and submission and sadism and masochism, according to the court documents.

Police went to the courts, arguing the tribunal and a lower court judge erred in agreeing to hear Hayes’ complaint because the laws designed to protect the sexual orientation of gays and lesbians did not extend to protecting types of sexual practices.

A B.C. Court of Appeal panel ruled unanimously that the police motion was premature since the tribunal’s hearing was to decide what, if any, sexual practices deserved legal protection, and even the tribunal’s chairwoman was unsure if the human rights code did that. “How can the tribunal determine if BDSM falls within the meaning of ‘sexual orientation’ if it does not have a full understanding of what BDSM means?” Justice Anne Rowles wrote for the three-judge panel.


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