A transition from friend to servant


Last summer, I ran into one of my old friends at one of the local Fetish Balls. It was quite a pleasant surprise, since we hadn’t seen each other for about 8 or 9 years!

We had originally met through an organization that I headed back in the early to mid-90s. At the time, this person became a valuable asset both to me and the organization because of their eagerness and willingness to help out in a volunteer capacity.

Fast forward to this winter and all the various difficulties and obstacles that I have been encountering in my personal and private life; I found myself needing to go out and be with my kink friends on a regular basis in order to keep some level of sanity.

My old friend had already a passing familiarity with the local scene, but had not been active in it for quite some time and was interested in getting back into it. I offered my friend the opportunity to accompany me to several local BDSM & fetish events and he gladly took me up on it. Although rather nervous at first, he did quite a fine job of serving myself and my best friend, Lady Katana, at a several outings to the Loft Le Chateau. He has continued to do so on a regular basis and has fit in quite well with my circle of kink friends.

It’s been a rather strange transition for me — to overcome the feelings I have for seeing one of my previously vanilla *friends* serving me. In some ways, it didn’t seem quite right. However, over the past while, I have managed to come to terms with it on a personal level. I looked back and remembered how much this friend of mine would be so eager to help me and the organization I headed. I started to really make the connection of how deep the need to serve was built into his psyche and that it had manifested itself even way back then.

Both of us were very different people back then, and our relationship was in a much more vanilla (if still somewhat unorthodox) setting. However, I was able to look deeper and realize that much of the same dynamic D/s was there, just couched in a different setting. I was a leader, he was one of my most fervent volunteers. I consider myself a FemDomme now, and I find that my friend is now of my most devoted servants. It’s the same — but different.

We’ve managed to spend more together as of late, and he has assisted me in helping to lift many loads from my shoulders, by taking on many smaller tasks that had been stressing me and that was taking time away from higher priority things in my life. I find it has really helped me in so many ways… So it is with great pleasure that I have decided to accept him as my personal submissive, servant and most importantly, as my personal assistant.

I have named him “tomo”, which is a Japanese term — it is most commonly translated as “friend” or “companion“, but it also has a dual meaning of “follower” or “attendant“. It seems so perfect and we are both delighted with the choice.

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