Cast of Players

Here is a brief summary on some of the people that are mentioned in my blog. Hopefully it will give you a bit of background history, and help you make a bit more sense as to how everything and everyone is connected.


My Partner Oudjat: A slim and handsome male Switch, known for his warm smile and friendly demeanour; with a playful stubbornness and strength of character to match My own. Has a great love for leather and latex clothing and enjoys the opportunity to “dress up” to attend events at local kink clubs and dungeons. We met at a playparty at Maître Ex’s dungeon in March 2012 and have been blissfully happy together ever since!

My Stable of submissives (past & present):

• Teishi: male kinkster, 23 years old. An attractive and muscular young man; he is learning to become a better Dom through My on-going mentoring. He has much potential and I look forward to seeing him further develop his skills and knowledge.

• samantha: fem sub, 35 years old. Her work schedule does not allow for much in-person time — however, she is still quite helpful when it comes to helping me handle the loads of kink-related correspondence that arrives in my email box.

• kitsune: male sub, 36. Temporary service during 2010. He served Me well during a week-long outdoor summer festival; helping to make sure I was well taken care and that I did not overwork Myself, as I am prone to under those circumstances. His name means “fox” in Japanese and represents the large body tattoo that he wears with pride.

• tomo: male sub, 41. Former submissive. The name that was chosen for him is a Japanese word signifying “follower or attendant” but it also has another meaning of “friend or companion“. Seeing as I also previously knew him as a vanilla friend, it seemed most appropriate for our specific relationship at the time.

• toriko: male sub, 40 years old. My former alpha submissive. The name chosen for him is a Japanese word signifying “slave, captive or prisoner“. We met at a local dungeon party in the summer of 2006 and were together for over two years. Considered quite the “beautiful boytoy”, his slim figure, black hair and striking blue eyes help made him look considerably younger than his actual age.

• minimike: male sub, 25 years old. (My nickname for him was to differentiate him from the larger and older housemate Mike.) We were together for two and a half years starting in early 2005. Since he was a full-time university student we didn’t always have much time together, as I always stressed the importance of real-life education over fetish fun. We still occasionally see each other at events.

• jon: male sub, 45 years old. jon was a playsub of mine for a good part of 2005. He was a Brit (lovely accent & typical dry witty humour), living in Germany, working temporarily in Canada. He accompanied me to a variety of clubs and kink events that year and helped me to expand my repertoire of play techniques. He has since returned to Europe.


My Leather Family:

There are many definitions of “leather family” floating around in the kink community. Some of them date back to the “Old Guard” perioud and refer strictly to gay culture. However, things have continued to evolve in the BDSM, fetish and kink community over the years, and many other people have modified the original terminology to various other personal meanings.

My personal definition is that my Leather Family is my “chosen family”; close friends from within the community with whom I have developed an intimate and close kinship over the years, or have shared some incredible bonding experiences or even intense play scenes.

Our relationships within our family can vary greatly; from considering and referring to each other as Brothers or Sisters, to Aunts, Uncles or Cousins. We may specifically act as Mentors to other family members, however we are also always open to learning from each other. We know that family members will watch out for us, will be there to support us emotionally, and sometimes even physically, in times of trouble or stress. Family members are our closest kinky friends that we can turn to and discuss pretty well any subject. Less experienced family members know that they can ask for advice or pose questions that they would be too intimidated to turn to just anyone in the community; without feeling embarassed or being patronized.

We also share a set of common traits; we all have a rather subtle and warped sense of humour and we do not take ourselves *too* seriously (unlike some folk in the community).

My Club Fetish Friends:

Club Fetish is a private group of friends interested in alternative lifestyles. We tend to hang around together at the various kink events, gatherings and play parties. Here are some of my Club Fetish friends (and of course all my current serving submissives are also considered members):

Lady Katana: Leggy, long-haired and looks stunning in leather and fetish wear; always seems to attract the foot fetishists for some reason. Even if she is not a pro model, she has been asked to pose as one on several occasions. One of my oldest and dearest friends, we have always been very supportive for each other and have a history that goes back to our youth.

Domina Jade: A young, curvacious and experienced asian Domme with a sensual and sadistic side. Not only do we share the same name, but a lot of other interests as well. We jokingly refer to each other as “the Other Jade”. (Our kink friends sometimes refer to us as JD & DJ.)

Lady Nikki: A local Domme with a variety of kink interests, who is slowly venturing out into the local public kink scene. Introduced by a mutual friend years ago, we hit it off very well as we have so much in common.

Maddog: A tall (6′ 5″), dark-haired and handsome switch, and an absolute gentleman. Thoughtful, intelligent and able to hold his own in almost any conversation.

Sir Marc: My closest “Leather Brother”, who has truly been there for me on numerous occasions during the past few years. A serious lover of both latex and rubber who dabbles in photography. We enjoy opportunities to catch up with each other over good food and we invariably stay up until the wee hours, discussing various kink topics. I’ve managed to get him addicted to Tim Horton’s French Vanilla and my secret source of hand-made double-dipped dark chocolate truffles…

Lady Roxy: An absolutely lovely lady friend who has allowed me the privilege of wrapping her with ropes and doing naughty things to her at events. Tall, slim and sexy with a heart of gold.

jf: One of my favourite “pain-slut” submissives to play with, he can take some of my most severe floggings and heavy wax sessions with such enjoyment that he is a joy to watch. I’ve always enjoyed the opportunities of playing with him! Had stepped back from the community for a few years, but recently returned, to a hearty welcome!

sylvain-sabine: Starting off as a cross-dresser and now a self-identified transvestite, sylvain-sabine has been assisting and serving me at a variety of events during 2007. He has also served as a play partner to my leather-brother Sir Marc on a regular basis.


Other Kinky Friends:

Midori: A renowned author and sexual educator from San Francisco and owner of Fire Horse Productions. I consider her to be a wonderful Mentor and Teacher. Our friendship has developed over the past several years, during which time I’ve attended almost all of the various workshops that she has offered. I’m a proud graduate of her Montreal Rope Dojo which was held in October 2006. I always try to take Midori out for a relaxing bite to eat whenever she visits Montreal.

Maîtresse Malycia: A gorgeous and sensual Pro-Domme whom I’ve known for several years, however, it has only been during the past 4 years that we’ve gotten to spend a bit more time together. I enjoy her fun-loving personality and her openess to learning and sharing with her peers.

Maître Gargouille: Also known affectionately as “Gargoyle Toes”, this gentleman creates some of Canada’s most wonderful hemp bondage ropes, with the help of a small gargoyle that is kept in his dungeon. He definitely has a warped sense of humour! Was living overseas, recently returned to Montreal.

Master André and Lady Vivian: One of my first contacts in the local kink community, I met this lovely couple through the old D/s Club in Verdun. The late Master André was a talented and experienced whipmaker who passed away in 2012. His presence is greatly missed in the Montreal community.

Maître Pierre & Mistress Catharine: Well-regarded in the local community, they are probably best known for their BDSM Circle website and for having appeared in the “Kink” TV series on Showcase.