Photo Gallery

Due to popular demand, I’ve created a little photo gallery to be able to share some of my pics with my blog readers… I’ll be adding some more photos as time allows. (Just click on the thumbnail to view a larger version.)

I’ve always been told that I have very striking eyes:

Mistress Jade Dragon

Mistress Jade Dragon’s eyes

The current gem of my kink collection and my favorite toy is a gorgeous red moosehide flogger, with a naughty chrome handle (totally insertable, BTW!). It is a very heavy flogger and can either deliver a very thuddy massage, or a very sadistic session — depending on on how I choose to handle it. This is one of the many wonderful designs made by the lovely Ladies at Halfway Creations.

My favourite red leather flogger

My chrome & red leather flogger is considered my “signature” piece and I can often be seen at local play parties with it over my shoulder, like this:


I have tiny but very naughty hands:

Self-portrait “Chrome Nails, Leather and Steel”

Mistress Jade Dragon’s tiny but naughty hands

Here are some pics of my tiny size 5 feet. I love being barefoot whenever possible:

Mistress Jade Dragon’s feet

I picked up some very cool silver nail polish and couldn’t resist having a matching manicure and pedicure for a recent BDSM fetish and play party here in Montreal:

Mistress Jade Dragon’s matching silver manicure & pedicure

Mistress Jade Dragon’s chrome pedicure

I’ve been enjoying the lovely summer weather outside in the grass and realized that my new foot jewelry were sparkling in the late afternoon sun, so I thought I would capture the moment and share it with you…

Mistress Jade Dragon’s foot jewelry 1

Mistress Jade Dragon’s foot jewelry 2

Here is a warm and sensual pic of my former alpha submissive toriko, sporting a “Dragonfly Tie” on his arms; it uses 50 feet of one of my favourite red ropes.

Some lovely ropework called a Dragonfly Tie, on my alpha submissive toriko.

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