The WishList

Definition: A “Tribute” is a gift, offering, donation or token that is freely given to a Domme, without any expectations of anything in return, often in appreciation and gratitude for the time She has or will spend with a submissive. Tributes and tokens can range in value from a service rendered, to gifts of little luxuries or more… Each Domme has her own favorites, hence the existence of Her “WishList”; to make it easier for a sub to choose an offering of something that She will enjoy.

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Small Luxuries:

• Flowers are appreciated any time of the year; small live plants or bouquets delivered in person – spider mums (white, yellow, pink), mini or regular carnations, freesia, calla lilys, pink stargazer lilys, tulips, gardenias, pink or purple dendrobium orchids, short stem roses (white, peach or yellow), mixed bouquets or arrangements

White Spider Mum flower

Arrangement of white Spider Mums and Freesia flowers

A lovely arrangement of pink Stargazer Lilies

Gardenias have an amazing scent!

A sweet arrangement of short stem roses in a large teacup.

• A David’s Tea gift certificate to David’s Tea in any amount is always appreciated.

• Twinings brand teabags or loose tea tins – “Lady Grey” or “Irish Breakfast“.

Twinings Lady Grey loose tea tin

Gonesh Incense Sticks no. 8 “Perfumes of a Spring Mist”, in a gold & blue package (can often be found at either Pier One Imports or even at a Walmart.)

Gift Certificates from any of the following:

Sephora – Makeup and Skincare Boutiques

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ gift certificates

Chapters /Indigo /Coles gift certificate

Wal-Mart (gift shopping card)

• Pre-paid fuel card from any major Canadian fuel retailer (Esso, PetroCanada, Shell, Ultramar, etc.)

For the more generous supplicants:

• Pewter or Silver Dragon chalices or goblets:
Cobalt Dragon Pewter Goblet (smooth version), from Fellowship Foundry
Crystal Dragon Pewter Goblet (smooth version), from Fellowship Foundry
Dragon Claw Pewter Goblet, from Fellowship Foundry

Gift certificate for Spafinder professional treatments (massage, spa day, etc.)

12.9″ Apple iPad Pro 256 GB model, with Wifi, in Silver or Space Grey, along with Applecare coverage, along with an Apple Pencil.


Fetish/BDSM Clothing & Toys:

• Credit note in any amount from Halfway Creations Leatherwork

• Butt plugs in either silicone, steel or glass. No “jelly” or latex models. (various sizes.)

• Leather chest & body harnesses, preferably adjustable (various sizes)

• Leather cuffs, padded & adjustable (feet & hands)

• Leather hoods (various styles)

• Nipple clamps & weights (various styles – japanese clover, c-clamp, screw, tweezer)

• Paddles, good quality leather & wooden styles

Thoughtful Gestures; require only time and effort:

An essay of 1000-2000 words (paying careful attention to grammar and spelling), on one of the following topics:

• How you discovered your submissive nature and what you have done to explore it.
• What previous experiences have you had in the BDSM world (online or real-time) and how have they affected you and your way of thinking
• How and why do you support the concept of Female Dominance and how can you put it into effect in everyday life?
• How do you define a submissive and a slave, and the differences between them? With which do you identify and why?
• “Safe, Sane & Consensual”; what it means within the BDSM community and to you personally

Philanthropic Gestures:
(Donations to any of the following organizations. Email a copy of your receipt)

• Any Womens’ Crisis Center or Shelter
• Native Womens Shelter of Montreal – (514-933-4688) (online donation, have an Honour Card sent to me to show your donation)
War Amps of Canada (tax deductible online donation, make your request for a receipt at the same time as your donation)
• Any major recognized non-denominational charity (such as Red Cross, Unicef, etc.)