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Meeting new friends and old during the holidays

Ever since I’ve gotten out of the hospital, I’ve been craving to get out and be with my friends. Although it was only two weeks; it really felt like I was away for a whole month. The drastic change of weather certainly did not help to make the transition any easier either. So although I am still recuperating, I’ve decided to slowly start attending events again, as the socialization really helps to cheer me up.

munch cup

On December 12th, my submissive toriko and I attended the Saturday Lunch Munch in Lasalle. I hadn’t been able to attend it in quite some time, so it was nice to see the organizers Laird Dave and Lady Renata once again.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lady Evyl and mellian at the munch. Discovered that we were all a bit geekish at heart and ended up staying another two and half hours *after* the munch ended, just chatting and getting to know each other.

My submissive and I were planning on attending a fetish party at the Sky Complex later on that evening and invited the two of them, but they were unable to make it. Hopefully we will be able to drag them out again in the future to other local BDSM and kink events.


On Thursday, December 20th, my boy toriko and I dropped by the Fétiche Store for a little “Martini Party” that was organized so that newcomers might have a chance to meet some of Montreal’s more experienced community members. It was a bit late by the time we arrived, but it was *so* very nice to see Isabeau again!

While we were there, I had my beautiful boy-toy toriko try on some of the latex t-shirts from Blackstyle. Some of them fit his slender frame quite nicely, but there was one model that looked particularly handsome on him as it complimented his shoulders very well. Most of the shirt was made from black lycra with the front panel in black latex, see-through netting shoulders, with a pair of horizontal net inserts on the chest.

Afterwards, toriko and I went out to dinner nearby with ricky and one of his friends. I find it’s very difficult to go to restaurants nowadays; since I got out of the hospital, I must watch my food intake extremely carefully as I am not allowed more than 8 or 9 grams of fat per day. That’s really hard to do with only a restaurant menu to go by! The waiter however, was extremely helpful in helping to customize a dish that would work for me.


The next night, I attended Isabeau and Sébastien’s Fetish Addiction play party at Station C, along with my submissive toriko. Since it was the holidays, I wore my favourite red leather corset but I couldn’t find a santa hat that fit me in time for the party. I met up with my friends Domina Jade and her partner Master Tommi, Sir Marc and ricky. I got to give some birthday spankings with my giant spanking paddle to a friend of mine, as her birthday had been only a few days earlier.

I met a few new people; including a new female switch “J” who is very new to the community, as well as dark curly-haired submissive “b”, who is apparently an excellent foot massager. I was in the mood to play a bit but my toriko still had a touch of a headache, so I asked ricky to see if he could find a suitable casual play partner for me. He brought “g” to me, whom I had been speaking to earlier in the evening and we negotiated a medium level paddling and flogging. It did me quite a bit of good to get out some of my “play energy” that night, even though it tired me out quite a bit.

After the play party, myself, Sir Marc and toriko walked over to the nearby Club Sandwich for a bite to eat and chat before heading home. I think we must have arrived home close to 6 am and I slept quite soundly and took it easy for the next few days before Christmas.

I hate being sick!

Sick in bed

If there is one thing that annoys me more than anything else, it is being sick, especially when I have so many things to get done!

As mentioned recently, I’ve had a low-grade bug of some sort since early last month. Generally it hasn’t been too bad; more of a hassle than anything. However, these past two weeks it has been growing stronger and has kept me from attending several activities that I had planned with friends.

This week, I was supposed to drive down to the Maritimes, both for business as well as for pleasure. I was going to visit my Mom, and had hoped to attend some local BDSM munches in both Fredericton and in the Halifax-Dartmouth area. I had *really* been looking forward to seeing some old kink friends, as well as meeting new kinksters.

However, on Wednesday night this bug decided to send me into several coughing fits that were nasty enough to give me a nosebleed and leave me feeling totally exhausted. I was in absolutely no shape to drive the 9 hours or so to Fredericton, and would have been totally useless at the conference I was to attend. So, unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel my trip and instead spend the time resting and trying to let my body recuperate.

Of course, I have a hard time just sitting around and doing nothing… Thank goodness for my laptop and working from bed; as I will probably still try to catch up on some web-related design work for my clients when I feel up to it during the next few days.

My apologies and regrets to my Maritime kink friends — I hope to schedule another trip “back home” later on in the year…

Beverage of the moment: Jasmine Green Tea

Review: 2nd Annual FemDomme Society & Club Fetish Dinner

Chinese New Year of the Pig

This year, we held our 2nd annual FemDomme Society Dinner in conjunction with Club Fetish, to celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Pig. Normally we hold try to hold it on a Saturday evening, however the Chinese New Year actually began on February 18th, so we thought it would be very appropriate to hold it that night.

Once again, the dinner was held at “Restaurant Hot & Spicy”, as it offers a wonderful “Taster’s Choice” menu which is very much like a buffet in terms of being all-you-can-eat, but each dish is made as you order it.

I made use of a great new online tool called “Eventbrite” in order to coordinate and promote the event. It also made it so much easier for people to register and send in their RSVPs and automatically receive their event confirmation emails. We had a few last minute drop-outs due to the weather, so we were 12 for dinner: myself, my submissive toriko, Lord Michael, Lady Katana, Lady Nikki, Sir Marc, Maddog, Maitresse Mai, Maitre Gargoyle and his lady friend, sextoysissy and one more.

Unfortunately, my dear friend Domina Jade was unable to attend as she was obviously spending Chinese New Year’s with her family. I had my submissive houseboy toriko pick up Lady Nikki and help attend to her her needs all evening, as she had recently broken her wrist and was wearing a cast and sling.

Dinner was very intimate, we had three circular tables pulled together into a larger circle. As a group we ate an amazing variety of dishes and I think we all ate a bit too much but everything was *so* good! I also brought some mandarin orange tea for everyone to share in addition to the usual pots of green tea.

fortune cookie and chopsticks

I did have some nice surprises for our dinner guests; I managed to obtain some beautifully decorated pairs of chopsticks for each guest to use for the dinner and for them to keep afterwards as kinky toys (combined with elastic bands they make interesting clamps!). There were also some “kinky fortune cookies” that I created, with an assortment of perverted sayings, which turned out to be very popular with everyone — I’ll have to be sure to make more of them for next year!

Weekend Adventures – Dinner with a friend & my sub’s first munch

Last weekend, I was invited by a new friend of mine “J”, a female sub that I met a few weeks back at a local munch, to come over to her place. We planned to go over her music library — in order to add to my collection and have an even greater selection for when I play “iPod DJ” at some of the upcoming private dungeon parties.

I arrived there in early evening and we had a delightful dinner of fresh salad with balsamic vinegar dressing, baked tortellini, an oven-baked loaf and luscious mille-feuilles pastries for dessert. I really enjoyed it, and it certainly helped that I didn’t have to cook for a change.

We spent some time going over her music, but we spent most of the evening, night and even into the wee hours of the morning just talking. We shared many of our life experiences together and discovered that we have a lot in common. I ended up leaving there at around 7am!! I had a great time and hope that we get to spend more time together in the future.

When I got back home I went to bed to try and catch some sleep before that afternoon’s Sunday munch. My youngest sub “m” had finally agreed to attend a munch and I wanted to make sure I was rested up. I arrived around 5 pm and my sub arrived a bit later — he had forgotten it was Father’s Day and was trying to look for a card at the last minute. I told him that it was indeed important for him to do so and that he could be a bit late as a result.

The munch group was a relatively small one, considering it was downtown, as that usually attracts many more people. However the combination of the nice weather and Father’s Day undoubtedly had some of the regulars otherwise occupied. So, including a few late-comers, we had about 11 people for the munch.

Seeing as the waitress was there when my sub arrived, I had to introduce him as my “friend”, however since I had mentioned who was coming beforehand to the others, they knew what I really meant. He was a bit shy and nervous at first, mostly because he was unsure about his younger age, since he is only 20. Several of us reassured him that there are indeed many younger members of the local kink community; however it is very hard to judge who will be at any particular munch and that it is a pretty random sampling of age groupings. Sometimes it will be many more younger people, sometimes older, and most often, a general mix of ages. We also explained to him to not let that intimidate him, since everyone had something in common, and as a result it is usually pretty easy to get along, especially since so many of them are so friendly.

There was a couple who arrived a bit later who had a gorgeous little golden labrador puppy with them. The puppy is in training to be a MIRA dog; a guide dog for the blind; so part of his training is to accustom him to a variety of environments, including travelling on the metro and public venues like restaurants. The puppy’s name was Rainbow and he stole everyone’s heart as he was such an absolute darling. They sat only a seat away from us and I was lucky enough to have the puppy crawl into my lap and shower me with puppy kisses all over my neck and ear — it brought a huge smile to my face as it’s been such a long time since I’ve cuddled a puppy. (I know that at least one of the other women at the munch expressed a mild jealousy out loud, as it was obvious that she wished she could have been in my place… *grin*)

Towards the end of the munch, one of the people seated across from us, “Y” ordered this amazing hot brownie dessert with ice cream and whipped cream. He invited me to have a taste and I obliged. Oh. My. Gawd. It was like having a chocolate orgasm; so I caved in and ordered one to share with my babyboi. It was definitely an indulgence, but I usually only order a dessert once a month when I am at a munch — everything is fine, as long as it is in moderation. I would definitely bring a friend back to that restaurant to share that dessert once again…

All in all, my little sub really enjoyed his first munch. I was very glad, because I’ve been trying to talk him into going to one for quite some time now. He was impressed at how fun and low-key the whole thing was, and how friendly everyone was. So much so that he is now looking forward to attending more of them in the future.

We swung by my place to look at my “Greeting Card Box”, since he had been unable to find a card for his father at the store before it closed. So I found him a selection of blank ones to pick from and I did a nice calligraphic greeting inside it for him and he signed it. I dropped him off close to his home, so that he could get there by a reasonable hour to spend some time with his Dad. I found out later that his Dad *really* liked and appreciated the card, so I was pleased that we took the extra time to do that.


Since Michael and I are now both “fatherless”, it is a bit harder to deal with the whole Father’s Day thing. However, I found that by keeping myself busy the whole weekend, that it didn’t overshadow my thoughts as much as I thought it would. When I was reading through the various ALT blogs, I noticed that foulmama used the angel pic I sent her on June 1st, for her Father’s Day entry and that really touched me — it hit a soft spot and brought a tear to my eye. I guess I was just surprised to find my little “gift” of an angel pic come back to me in such a poignant and timely manner…

~ Mistress Jade

Lots of kink activities in May…

Black iPod

I attended a private dungeon party in early May and it was quite enjoyable as many of my kink friends were also in attendance. Daemonica was also able to join me and it was her first time at the dungeon. I also got to spend some time hanging out with my good friends Domina Jade and Sir Marc.

I wore a new outfit, a sort of “Naughty School Mistress” look; I wore my long hair up in a bun, with a dark navy pleated skirt, short leather “granny boots” with a square heel, black pleated blouse with a long pearl necklace and jeweled brooch, and to complete the look, I had a wooden yardstick. (Since then, I’ve picked up a small pair of reading glasses so that I can do that intimidating “over the glasses” stare.) My yardstick proved extremely popular as many people asked me where they could get one too!


On May 21st, I attended the Knotty munch at Moe’s Deli out near the Olympic Stadium. I wasn’t too sure I was going to make it at first because I was feeling a bit under the weather and rather tired, as the almost constant rain for two weeks was starting to wear on my joints a lot.

There were a good 22-25 people in attendance, which was a surprise to some — but I figured that the rain had deterred many from driving up north for the Victoria Day long weekend.

I had a new dinner companion, a sweet lady nicknamed “Jools”. Since she was relatively new to the Montreal scene, I invited her to join me the following weekend at the big supper munch being organized by Maitre Pierre and Mistress Catharine.


The supper munch on May 27th was quite successful and there must have been at least 40 odd people in attendance. Jools arrived at almost the same time as I did and some people were nice enough to shift around so that we could sit together, as well as being near to my friends Sir Marc and Domina Jade. A few seats down were Cloud and Mistress Lisa, and even farther down were Lady Kate and her male sub, and ever farther down I found Maddog.

Many of us were invited to a fairly impromptu after dinner get-together at a nearby friend’s dungeon. Although I brought my corset, I was feeling so comfortable in my black pants, spaghetti strap tank top and emerald green silk shirt that I decided not to change. I was lucky enough to commandeer the big chaise lounge for most of the night, even though I did share it with several others. It is one of my favourite seats there because it allows me to tuck my feet up underneath me, or to stretch them out.

I shared some of my foot massage skills with the “Other Jade” and she seemed to enjoy it because my tiny fingers can manipulate her tiny toes much better than any man’s. I was lucky enough to benefit from Maddog’s foot massage skills, although he has a slightly heavier touch than I am used to. I did return the favour with some back scritchies, which seemed appreciated as well.

Although there was a bit of playing that went on, most of my core circle of friends lounged around and talked the night away about a multitude of topics. I had brought my new black video iPod with me and shared a few of my latest video finds. Several of them had Domina Jade giggling and laughing out loud.

I noticed the dungeon finally has a small AM/FM/CD stereo, so I also discussed the idea of bringing my new iPod to next weekend’s dungeon party and playing iPod DJ for the night, so we could do without the radio announcer and commercials from the local radio station. Besides, I could bring much more appropriate music for our overall tastes. I have an FM transmitter for my iPod that I use for my car, so I won’t have to fiddle with hooking up any other cables — I prefer to keep things simple whenever possible.

I was considering making 3-4 playlists for the evening. The first playlist will be fairly upbeat but lighter music and last an hour or two, as people are trickling in and greeting each other and begin to socialize. The second will have a wider range but will be more upbeat and faster paced, ranging from pop, R&B and some classic rock. The third playlist will go in effect around midnight and will be more geared towards scene music, often with a heavier beat and more moody feel. The fourth and last playlist will lighten up to more mellow “aftercare” type music for the last half hour to 45 minutes while people are wrapping up and getting ready to head out — which is often around 3 to 4 am. In all, I’m probably looking at anywhere from 5 to 6 hours of music — which should be no problem since I used to program for a 6 hour radio shift.

*** In case you are wondering, I used to work as a professional DJ at a radio station in the Maritimes, at the tender age of 16. From what I understand, I was the youngest professionally employed radio announcer in the province, if not the entire country at the time (early 80’s). I really *loved* that job and I was planning on going to Broadcast School, but just before I finished high school, the CBC did massive layoffs of staff across Canada and I realized the job market would be saturated for years to come, so I decided against it. Still, it was a fabulous learning experience and it opened a lot of other opportunities for me through the years. I still miss working with music, but the field has changed so much since those days… So it will be kind of fun to play DJ once again after all these years!

So, what are some of your music favourites? Do you have any music genres, artists or albums that you prefer to play or scene to? Any suggestions of anything that is available on iTunes? Or, if you are local, do you have any music you’d like to trade? (Remember, in Canada it is *not* illegal to trade music!)

Looking forward to reading some of your musical suggestions,

~ Mistress Jade

Catching up — funerals, munches and Beavertails…

Hooker’s Beavertails

Just relaxing in bed with my laptop, some nice quiet music and a cup of tea. I’ve been wanting to tackle my blog, but so much has happened that in some ways I didn’t know where to begin; so I guess I’ll just cover what I can…


Shortly after the funeral in mid-April, I ended up going to the Knotty munch because it was on the rotation that brought it closest to my home in the West Island. I wasn’t sure that I was up to it and hadn’t RSVP’ed but figured that I’d drop in anyway. I am so glad I did; I was able to spend time with many of my kink friends and it did me so much good.

Another friend of mine at the munch, Daemonica, had lost her grandmother only a few days before Michael’s father passed away. As a result, there was some discussions regarding losing family and friends, as well as death-related customs and traditions amongst our respective cultures and communities. It was very interesting and reassuring, all at the same time.

(Poor Maddog, he sat beside me during the munch and I’m afraid I really bent his ear during the latter part of the evening, but it felt so good to have a friend to talk to.) All in all, it was a good outing and I’ve been making an effort to go out and be with my friends again, because it has helped me to cope with the loss and loneliness…


My mother came to Montreal from the Maritimes for the funeral and stayed for about a week and a half; she headed back home but was back again in early May as she had a conference to attend in Ottawa. I drove her there and back and we were able to spend part of an afternoon enjoying the Ottawa Tulip Festival. My family lived in Ottawa when I was very young and so my Mom and I drove back to our old neighbourhood to see our old house and how everything had changed; it was quite a fun outing for the both of us.

We wrapped it up by going to the old Bywater Market and I picked up some “Hooker’s Beavertail” pastries for us. (See blog photo) It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the expression “Getting a piece of tail”…

Got some beautiful photos to add to my portfolio, including some great macros shots of the tulip blossoms. Maybe I’ll post some of them to share with you if any of you are interested…

~ Mistress Jade

Review of the 1st Annual Montreal FemDomme Society Dinner

Chinese Year of the Dog

Well, after so much organizing; I was quite pleased with the overall results and feedback from the FemDomme Society Dinner that was held on January 29th 2006 at the “Hot & Spicy” restaurant. The dinner was held to celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which is the “Year of the Dog“.

Originally the restaurant manager had promised that if I could guarantee 20 guests, that he could give me one of their private dining rooms for the dinner. He also thought that if it was a quiet enough night that he could still give it to me even with 15 guests. The evening of January 29th turned out to have a sizable snowfall and lots of blustering wind; something of a rarity with what has been the mildest Canadian winter on record! As a result, out of the 20 RSVPs, only 13 people were able to make it. Amongst them were some of my dear friends such as Domina Jade and Sir Marc, Lord Michael and Maddog.

Apparently, the restaurant had a small water problem and our downstairs private dining room had a flooded floor. They tried to clean it up but were not able to make it presentable in time for our dinner party, so we had to settle for upstairs in the main dining room. The staff had set up a very long table for us alongside the panoramic windows, overlooking the small Asian-style garden in the courtyard. Even with the winter weather, one could see the partially frozen koi pond and the tall golden grasses through the snow.

In order to help with introductions, there were discreet nametags for everyone, along with their Chinese horoscope animal listed in smaller writing in the corner. This was to go along with the first surprises of the evening — custom made chinese horoscopes scrolls for everyone, along with a compatibility chart so people could have fun comparing how compatible they might be with their dinner companions.

Once all our guests had been seated; I explained the legend of how the Chinese animal horoscopes came about. Then the last surprise was handed out; a traditional gift for the Chinese New Year – lucky red money envelopes each containing a replica of an antique Chinese coin, for good luck.

Chinese red envelope and coin

Dinner itself was rather interesting; especially with the variety of dishes being passed back and forth — it almost felt like a big family dinner! We even had a toast for those guests who had recently, or were about to celebrate their birthday. One of the funny moments was towards the end of the dinner, when one of the waiters came to announce that there was a phone call for someone named “Jade” and was there a “Jade” amongst us?.. Everyone started launghing out loud because there were actually *three* Jades attending dinner – myself (Mistress Jade Dragon), Domina Jade and Ms. Jade.

According to the feedback I received after dinner and by email afterwards, the dinner event was a success and everyone said they would be looking forward to attending the next one. I was very pleased to hear it and it has given me the encouragement I needed to continue organizing these dinner events.