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I hate being sick!

Sick in bed

If there is one thing that annoys me more than anything else, it is being sick, especially when I have so many things to get done!

As mentioned recently, I’ve had a low-grade bug of some sort since early last month. Generally it hasn’t been too bad; more of a hassle than anything. However, these past two weeks it has been growing stronger and has kept me from attending several activities that I had planned with friends.

This week, I was supposed to drive down to the Maritimes, both for business as well as for pleasure. I was going to visit my Mom, and had hoped to attend some local BDSM munches in both Fredericton and in the Halifax-Dartmouth area. I had *really* been looking forward to seeing some old kink friends, as well as meeting new kinksters.

However, on Wednesday night this bug decided to send me into several coughing fits that were nasty enough to give me a nosebleed and leave me feeling totally exhausted. I was in absolutely no shape to drive the 9 hours or so to Fredericton, and would have been totally useless at the conference I was to attend. So, unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel my trip and instead spend the time resting and trying to let my body recuperate.

Of course, I have a hard time just sitting around and doing nothing… Thank goodness for my laptop and working from bed; as I will probably still try to catch up on some web-related design work for my clients when I feel up to it during the next few days.

My apologies and regrets to my Maritime kink friends — I hope to schedule another trip “back home” later on in the year…

Beverage of the moment: Jasmine Green Tea

Oscar Weekend Domme PJ Party

Oscar Awards

This week is the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death. I miss him dearly and I try hard not to be morose about it at this time of year, as I know he would not have liked that, he would have rather that I celebrate his life, not his death. With that in mind, I had my houseboy toriko come by to tidy up the house in preparation for a visit on the weekend.

So I was quite pleased when my dear friend Domina Jade arrived on Saturday. We spent a wonderfully lazy evening, watching my “Bon Cop, Bad Cop” DVD while nestled in piles of pillows on my waterbed. It was great fun recognizing the various landmarks from both Montreal and Toronto, as they showed up during the movie, especially as some of the Montreal ones don’t even exist anymore! Since we were having such a good time, DJ and I decided it would be fun to have her stay overnight.

The next morning, all three of us made a huge breakfast feast in our kitchen; eggs, pancakes and *real* maple syrup, hash browns and toast with really good orange juice. It’s always more fun cooking and dining with friends!

Michael had to run a few small errands for his Mom, so DJ and I continued to stay in and spent the afternoon in bed, watching Sunday afternoon interior design, house makeover and house selling/flip shows. It continued late into the night, as we also watched this year’s Oscar presentations. Things went extremely late, so I ended up driving her home at around 1 am in the morning. We both really had a great time and hope to do something similar again in the future.

Review: Fetish School’s 3rd Anniversary Fetish Ball

Fetish School 3rd Anniv. Ball

The beautiful Isabeau, of Fetish-School organized yet another lavish Fetish Ball on Saturday January 27th, in honour of the 3rd anniversary of her F-S website. Many of my kinky friends and I were looking forward to the event and planned to meet up there.

Because it was so horribly cold and I did not feel like driving, I arranged for my male submissive toriko to pick me up and drive me to the Fetish Ball. For the evening, I decided to wear my black leather corset with long draping sleeves, elbow length black velvet gloves, a long black skirt that matched the sleeves of my corset and my antique top hat.

This was to be Lady Nikki‘s first major fetish event, and I had promised that I woud meet with her and that she could stay with me for the duration of the night, if she wished. Unfortunately, it took a while to find her in the darkness of the Bain Mathieu‘s interior, compounded by the fact that I kept getting stopped by many people greeting me. I momentarily lost track of my submissive toriko in the crowd, and had to remind him to stay very close by my side for the entire evening, unless he had permission to wander around.

When I finally found Lady Nikki, we made our way down the staircase into the pool area, which now forms the dance floor, and then even further downstairs into the lounge and BDSM dungeon area. Luckily, it was not long before we met up with our old Club Fetish friends, Domina Jade and Sir Marc.

Domina Jade was accompanied by a male sub for the evening, who had purchased a beautiful new outfit for her earlier that weekend. It was a gorgeous black PVC skirt and PVC corset-style camisole in black with deep blood red trim. Seeing as I had not see her since her birthday in late January, I had brought her a small birthday token — a necklace with a large silver key pendant, signifiying a “Chastity Keyholder”, and which matches my own key necklace. I adjusted the length so that it nestled very provocatively within her deep cleavage.

Key Necklace

Sir Marc was also in attendance and was accompanied by the sissy maid sub, sabine, of which he was in control for the night’s fun. The two made quite an impressive pair as they were both dressed in black PVC and latex. I got a chance to say hello to Mistress Zyra and Malcolm, who are major fans of latex and mummification.

We managed to commandeer ourselves one of the inflatable couches for the majority of the evening. I directed my submissive toriko to fetch one of the stiff foam floor mats for him to sit on the floor at my feet, as the concrete was entirely too cold to sit on for an extended period. (I noticed several other people taking advantage of these new floor mats, and not all of them were subs.)

I had a chance to spend some time chatting with my friend Argaive, a local fetish photographer. I was also extremely pleased to cross paths with Lord Peter, a very dear friend of mine who I’ve known for almost 2 decades. I was approached by a gentleman halfway through the evening, whom I did not recognize — however it turned out to be “Roisin’s hands”, an online acquaintance from ALT, whom I had never had a chance to meet in person. What a delightful surprise!

There was some amazing eye candy to be seen throughout the evening, with a variety of leather, latex, PVC, goth, uniforms, cross-dressing, naughty schoolgirls and general fetish wear. I was pleased to see a large increase in the number of gay leather men in attendance for this particular event. In fact, Sir Paul, of the DOM-MS Academy was also there and we spoke briefly. I introduced him to my newest stable sub, toriko, and he commented on what a good boy he was and patted his head affectionately.

Actually, my submissive toriko is quite young looking for his age and can be considered quite the “pretty boy” by some. I noticed a trio of large leather “bears” pointing him out to each other and eyeing him for a while. I discreetly nudged him closer to my feet and let him rest his head on my knees, so as to show them that he was already spoken for…

Later on, I gave toriko permission to walk around on his own, to meet up and say hello to some of his own friends at the Ball. He brought them back to me and introduced them to me; they were very polite and kissed my hand in greeting. (Lady Nikki took note of it and mentioned that they did not do that to any of the other Ladies to which they were introduced.)

The dungeon play zone was rather crowded in the later part of the evening. It made it very difficult for any of the serious BDSM people to play, as clueless people would be crowding right behind them and often in the strike zone of the floggers and such. Many of them gave up after a while, or did not even bother playing because it was not suitable for their space and safety needs. We are planning to discuss this with Isabeau, in the hopes that this might be able to be remedied for the next major April Fool’s Fetish Ball.

Towards the end of the night, Domina Jade, Lady Nikki and myself left the dungeon to join the dance floor and check out some of the action. I even danced a bit, despite my knees aching due to the cold weather outside. I stationed my submissive boy nearby, to guard my toybag and my top hat while the three of us Ladies danced. DJ and I even had a fun and sensuous girl/girl dance to Portishead’s Glory Box.

Some people had already started leaving at around 3 am, in order to catch their late night buses, but that still left a large enough contingent of the more hard-core partiers, who had access to their own vehicles or rides with friends. The three of us Ladies, with our 2 submissives in tow, decided to leave at around 4 am, and drove in a convoy of vehicles to the nearest Tim Hortons to warm ourselves up with some French Vanilla, hot chocolate and coffee. We were in luck that they were starting breakfast at 5 am, so we all grabbed a bite before heading off to our respective homes.

After ensuring that toriko was still in good enough shape to drive, I had him drive me back home to the West Island, where it was close to 6 am by the time I got in the door. Needless to say, I spent most of Sunday catching up on my sleep. All in all, a very enjoyable night of fun — I am looking forward to the next one on March 31st!

Spending New Year’s with kinky friends

New Year’s Day champagne

On January 2nd, several of my kink friends and I attended a local “open house” being held at the home of a local kink couple. Several people brought various dishes to share and there was plenty to eat. It was a fairly quiet night, but I did have fun giving my pretty boy toriko a little challenge for the evening. I had him undress down to his thong and put my set of “spider chains” on him; considering that he did not have a collar on, I needed to drape one of the strands around his neck, which caused him to have to hunch over.

Then of course I gave him a few tasks to do, such as to fetch me a full cup of coffee from the kitchen *without spilling a drop*. It was interesting to see how my boy managed a solution by covering the top of the cup with a saucer, as well as using one under it!

Most of us left around midnight, and since it was nearby; I offered our home for my friends from Club Fetish (Sir Marc, Domina Jade and Lady Nikki) to drop by for a bit more time together. This was a bit outside of my comfort zone; as I rarely have people over. This is probably because my older sister is a bit of a “Martha Stewart” and has always impressed me with her extraordinary housekeeping and interior design skills and I ended up feeling that I could never live up to those standards and that my house would never be truly “ready” for visitors.

However, with the beginning of the New Year, I decided to try and overcome this discomfort and that I should instead try to enjoy the good times that I could with my circle of friends. I did explain this to them, telling them to be forgiving of the surroundings (which were still a bit chaotic from the Christmas holidays) — and so, like the great friends they are, they did, and so I welcomed them into my home.

tea and shortbread

I had my houseboy toriko make some tea for everyone, and we shared the delicious shortbread cookies that Lord Michael and I had made for the holidays and made sure that everyone had some to take home afterwards.

Godiva liqueur

I also broke open the special bottle of Lady Godiva Chocolate Liqueur that Michael had given me as a gift for Christmas. Between that and a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream, we had a great time chatting and sharing stories until about 5 in the morning, when it was decided that it might be a good idea if we all got some sleep. All in all, I’m so glad that I had my friends over and will make a conscious decision to try and have them over more often in the months and years to come.

On My Way Home…

Covered Bridge

The day I left from Nova Scotia, my Mom was also packing up for a trip to Cape Breton, so the house was a bit chaotic. After another late night, I tried getting up early enough to be on time for the opening of the online registration of Midori’s Rope Dojo that is being held on the weekend of October 28 & 29th in Montreal.

I had a touch of panic when the registration wasn’t operating yet, as it stated that it would open at 6am Pacific time. I would be heading on the road soon and wouldn’t necessarily have another chance to try until I got home. I remember how fast Midori‘s previous Rope Dojos had sold out and wanted to make sure that I could register for our two spaces.

I remained calm and ran a few last minute errands around town; including picking up a handful of good quality riding crops and two dressage whips from the local agricultural Coop for some friends back home. When I returned to finish packing my wagon, I tried the registration process one more time — Success! What a relief! So, Michael and I are now registered for Midori’s Rope Dojo and we are really looking forward to it.

I left on the road at the same time my Mom left and we waved again as we went our separate ways. Although I did not manage to get as many things done on my to-do list that I would have liked (primarily due to the weather and my car key crisis); it had still been very enjoyable to spend time with my Mom and my older sister.

The first leg of my trip to Fredericton was relatively uneventful and I pulled up to Dooleys at around 8:45 pm. I had made last minute arrangements to meet with some of the local kink community on my way back home. I was greeted by two friendly locals, Bob & Mad and we sat in the comfy couches near the fireplace to exchange some stories and share experiences. We had some interesting discussions including comparing & contrasting our respective kink communities — quite the difference! It was a fun experience and I am looking forward to the next time I have the opportunity to stop there again, hopefully with more lead time so that more people could make it out for an informal munch type gathering.

I stopped for a quick bite to eat before continuing on the road around 11 pm. About a half hour afterwards, it started to rain, a little while later and it was an absolute downpour. Even with my Rain-X rain repellant on the windshield it quickly became undriveable, so I found a safe rest-over place at a 24hr truck stop/restaurant/gas station and slept in the back of my wagon until morning.

Continued on my way, enjoying the countryside with the early morning fog. Found a lovely spooky abandoned farmhouse along the way, so I stopped to do some photography. I even enjoyed a breakfast of handfuls of wild raspberries from amidst the masses of wildflowers; what a nice way to start the morning. Stopped briefly in Hartland, New Brunswick to refill my Tim Horton’s French Vanilla Cappucino and to photograph the world’s longest covered bridge in the morning fog. (See my blog photo on the top.)

As usual, I crossed the border at the Edmunston NB & Madawaska ME border, in order to fill up on relatively cheap gas (at least compared to Canadian prices). Stocked up on some of my favourites – Sobe Green Ice Tea, as it is hard to find back in Montreal.

The last leg of the trip across the province of Quebec was extremely hot and muggy; thank goodness for air conditioning! I was originally planning to stop in Quebec City to do some more photography but the heat made me decide otherwise, since it would have made for too much of an exhausting day, especially since I still had three more hours of driving back to Montreal. I’m glad I skipped my excursion, as I was already very tired when I pulled into my driveway at around 4 pm, with not even enough energy to unpack the car.

I was very glad for my new iPod during this trip to the Maritimes and back. There are several parts of the journey when there are few if any decent radio stations; and it allowed me to listen to my own collection music with absolutely no commercials or annoying announcers, and without having to change my CDs all the time. Strangely enough, the last song that played on my iPod as I drove the last few streets home was entitled “I’m Going Home” by Chris de Burgh; the opening line of which is “I left my home by the ocean…”

Michael was a sweetheart and had burned some of my favourite scented oils for my return, so the house smelled so sweet and inviting when I walked in the door; to be welcomed by him and the cats. I do love travelling and exploring, but there is nothing quite so nice as returning home to your own comfy bed…

Weekend Adventures – Dinner with a friend & my sub’s first munch

Last weekend, I was invited by a new friend of mine “J”, a female sub that I met a few weeks back at a local munch, to come over to her place. We planned to go over her music library — in order to add to my collection and have an even greater selection for when I play “iPod DJ” at some of the upcoming private dungeon parties.

I arrived there in early evening and we had a delightful dinner of fresh salad with balsamic vinegar dressing, baked tortellini, an oven-baked loaf and luscious mille-feuilles pastries for dessert. I really enjoyed it, and it certainly helped that I didn’t have to cook for a change.

We spent some time going over her music, but we spent most of the evening, night and even into the wee hours of the morning just talking. We shared many of our life experiences together and discovered that we have a lot in common. I ended up leaving there at around 7am!! I had a great time and hope that we get to spend more time together in the future.

When I got back home I went to bed to try and catch some sleep before that afternoon’s Sunday munch. My youngest sub “m” had finally agreed to attend a munch and I wanted to make sure I was rested up. I arrived around 5 pm and my sub arrived a bit later — he had forgotten it was Father’s Day and was trying to look for a card at the last minute. I told him that it was indeed important for him to do so and that he could be a bit late as a result.

The munch group was a relatively small one, considering it was downtown, as that usually attracts many more people. However the combination of the nice weather and Father’s Day undoubtedly had some of the regulars otherwise occupied. So, including a few late-comers, we had about 11 people for the munch.

Seeing as the waitress was there when my sub arrived, I had to introduce him as my “friend”, however since I had mentioned who was coming beforehand to the others, they knew what I really meant. He was a bit shy and nervous at first, mostly because he was unsure about his younger age, since he is only 20. Several of us reassured him that there are indeed many younger members of the local kink community; however it is very hard to judge who will be at any particular munch and that it is a pretty random sampling of age groupings. Sometimes it will be many more younger people, sometimes older, and most often, a general mix of ages. We also explained to him to not let that intimidate him, since everyone had something in common, and as a result it is usually pretty easy to get along, especially since so many of them are so friendly.

There was a couple who arrived a bit later who had a gorgeous little golden labrador puppy with them. The puppy is in training to be a MIRA dog; a guide dog for the blind; so part of his training is to accustom him to a variety of environments, including travelling on the metro and public venues like restaurants. The puppy’s name was Rainbow and he stole everyone’s heart as he was such an absolute darling. They sat only a seat away from us and I was lucky enough to have the puppy crawl into my lap and shower me with puppy kisses all over my neck and ear — it brought a huge smile to my face as it’s been such a long time since I’ve cuddled a puppy. (I know that at least one of the other women at the munch expressed a mild jealousy out loud, as it was obvious that she wished she could have been in my place… *grin*)

Towards the end of the munch, one of the people seated across from us, “Y” ordered this amazing hot brownie dessert with ice cream and whipped cream. He invited me to have a taste and I obliged. Oh. My. Gawd. It was like having a chocolate orgasm; so I caved in and ordered one to share with my babyboi. It was definitely an indulgence, but I usually only order a dessert once a month when I am at a munch — everything is fine, as long as it is in moderation. I would definitely bring a friend back to that restaurant to share that dessert once again…

All in all, my little sub really enjoyed his first munch. I was very glad, because I’ve been trying to talk him into going to one for quite some time now. He was impressed at how fun and low-key the whole thing was, and how friendly everyone was. So much so that he is now looking forward to attending more of them in the future.

We swung by my place to look at my “Greeting Card Box”, since he had been unable to find a card for his father at the store before it closed. So I found him a selection of blank ones to pick from and I did a nice calligraphic greeting inside it for him and he signed it. I dropped him off close to his home, so that he could get there by a reasonable hour to spend some time with his Dad. I found out later that his Dad *really* liked and appreciated the card, so I was pleased that we took the extra time to do that.


Since Michael and I are now both “fatherless”, it is a bit harder to deal with the whole Father’s Day thing. However, I found that by keeping myself busy the whole weekend, that it didn’t overshadow my thoughts as much as I thought it would. When I was reading through the various ALT blogs, I noticed that foulmama used the angel pic I sent her on June 1st, for her Father’s Day entry and that really touched me — it hit a soft spot and brought a tear to my eye. I guess I was just surprised to find my little “gift” of an angel pic come back to me in such a poignant and timely manner…

~ Mistress Jade

Lots of kink activities in May…

Black iPod

I attended a private dungeon party in early May and it was quite enjoyable as many of my kink friends were also in attendance. Daemonica was also able to join me and it was her first time at the dungeon. I also got to spend some time hanging out with my good friends Domina Jade and Sir Marc.

I wore a new outfit, a sort of “Naughty School Mistress” look; I wore my long hair up in a bun, with a dark navy pleated skirt, short leather “granny boots” with a square heel, black pleated blouse with a long pearl necklace and jeweled brooch, and to complete the look, I had a wooden yardstick. (Since then, I’ve picked up a small pair of reading glasses so that I can do that intimidating “over the glasses” stare.) My yardstick proved extremely popular as many people asked me where they could get one too!


On May 21st, I attended the Knotty munch at Moe’s Deli out near the Olympic Stadium. I wasn’t too sure I was going to make it at first because I was feeling a bit under the weather and rather tired, as the almost constant rain for two weeks was starting to wear on my joints a lot.

There were a good 22-25 people in attendance, which was a surprise to some — but I figured that the rain had deterred many from driving up north for the Victoria Day long weekend.

I had a new dinner companion, a sweet lady nicknamed “Jools”. Since she was relatively new to the Montreal scene, I invited her to join me the following weekend at the big supper munch being organized by Maitre Pierre and Mistress Catharine.


The supper munch on May 27th was quite successful and there must have been at least 40 odd people in attendance. Jools arrived at almost the same time as I did and some people were nice enough to shift around so that we could sit together, as well as being near to my friends Sir Marc and Domina Jade. A few seats down were Cloud and Mistress Lisa, and even farther down were Lady Kate and her male sub, and ever farther down I found Maddog.

Many of us were invited to a fairly impromptu after dinner get-together at a nearby friend’s dungeon. Although I brought my corset, I was feeling so comfortable in my black pants, spaghetti strap tank top and emerald green silk shirt that I decided not to change. I was lucky enough to commandeer the big chaise lounge for most of the night, even though I did share it with several others. It is one of my favourite seats there because it allows me to tuck my feet up underneath me, or to stretch them out.

I shared some of my foot massage skills with the “Other Jade” and she seemed to enjoy it because my tiny fingers can manipulate her tiny toes much better than any man’s. I was lucky enough to benefit from Maddog’s foot massage skills, although he has a slightly heavier touch than I am used to. I did return the favour with some back scritchies, which seemed appreciated as well.

Although there was a bit of playing that went on, most of my core circle of friends lounged around and talked the night away about a multitude of topics. I had brought my new black video iPod with me and shared a few of my latest video finds. Several of them had Domina Jade giggling and laughing out loud.

I noticed the dungeon finally has a small AM/FM/CD stereo, so I also discussed the idea of bringing my new iPod to next weekend’s dungeon party and playing iPod DJ for the night, so we could do without the radio announcer and commercials from the local radio station. Besides, I could bring much more appropriate music for our overall tastes. I have an FM transmitter for my iPod that I use for my car, so I won’t have to fiddle with hooking up any other cables — I prefer to keep things simple whenever possible.

I was considering making 3-4 playlists for the evening. The first playlist will be fairly upbeat but lighter music and last an hour or two, as people are trickling in and greeting each other and begin to socialize. The second will have a wider range but will be more upbeat and faster paced, ranging from pop, R&B and some classic rock. The third playlist will go in effect around midnight and will be more geared towards scene music, often with a heavier beat and more moody feel. The fourth and last playlist will lighten up to more mellow “aftercare” type music for the last half hour to 45 minutes while people are wrapping up and getting ready to head out — which is often around 3 to 4 am. In all, I’m probably looking at anywhere from 5 to 6 hours of music — which should be no problem since I used to program for a 6 hour radio shift.

*** In case you are wondering, I used to work as a professional DJ at a radio station in the Maritimes, at the tender age of 16. From what I understand, I was the youngest professionally employed radio announcer in the province, if not the entire country at the time (early 80’s). I really *loved* that job and I was planning on going to Broadcast School, but just before I finished high school, the CBC did massive layoffs of staff across Canada and I realized the job market would be saturated for years to come, so I decided against it. Still, it was a fabulous learning experience and it opened a lot of other opportunities for me through the years. I still miss working with music, but the field has changed so much since those days… So it will be kind of fun to play DJ once again after all these years!

So, what are some of your music favourites? Do you have any music genres, artists or albums that you prefer to play or scene to? Any suggestions of anything that is available on iTunes? Or, if you are local, do you have any music you’d like to trade? (Remember, in Canada it is *not* illegal to trade music!)

Looking forward to reading some of your musical suggestions,

~ Mistress Jade