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A long-time member of my “Leather Family”, I consider her to be my closest sister.

When pain is not a good thing…


For those of you who may be wondering why my blog has been so silent the past while…

It was Saturday November 10th, only two days after my birthday and I had not even had a chance to really celebrate it with any of my friends. I was on the phone with my best friend Lady Katana and started to feel a pain in my upper abdomen and I couldn’t even finish my phone call with her.

Originally I thought the pain was my gallstones acting up; but after an hour of shooting pain I realized that this was a very serious gallstone attack and asked my housemate Lord Michael to drive me to the local hospital. Now you must realize that I really despise hospitals and for me to ask to be brought to one means that things are seriously wrong… Despite the lineup at the emergency, when the triage nurse saw the severe pain I was in, they ushered me in quickly to begin processing and diagnosis.

Problems began when they wanted to insert an IV; you see all my life I have had a hypersensitivity to most pain; but most particularly those involving piercing my skin, such as with any needles — be they a blood drop test, an injection, or worst of all, an IV. I have particularly tiny veins and they are hard to “tap” and so even the most skillful of blood technicians end up trying to pierce me a half dozen times or more trying to simply find a vein. When they do find one, they invariably end up having to “wiggle” around trying to get it in, and all while I am in absolute agony, trying my darnest not to move or to swear like a sailor. Unfortunately, the vein often collapses, causing them to start the process all over again, and leaving me with extensive subcutaneous bruising.

IV insertions

Now, combine that torture with the existing extreme pain in my abdomen and I was starting to sound like someone with Tourette’s Syndrome, as I tearfully tried to find some way to deal with the ordeal of multiple painful IV punctures by several different nurses and technicians, none of which could successfully find a workable vein.

Finally, one of them smartened up and gave me some sort of sub-lingual painkiller, but it did take a good 30-45 minutes to begin to have an effect, but combined with the exhaustion caused by the pain, I eventually lost conciousness.

The next memory I had was waking up in a strangely familiar room, but from a unusual perspective. It was then that I realized that I was in an intensive care unit room (ICU).

(I should explain that almost 2 years ago Lord Michael’s father was very ill for several months before he passed away in the hospital. I had come to visit him several times while he was in the ICU of that very same hospital. The sight was so familiar and yet strange because my viewpoint was from the hospital bed this time, not sitting beside it. )

Even though I was rather dazed by the painkillers, I was truly surprised to find myself in the ICU rather than a regular hospital bed, because I didn’t think that things were that bad; however it seemed that I had acute pancreatis caused by my gallstones; and apparently “about 20% of acute pancreatitis cases are severe with a mortality of about 20%”.

I distinctly remember seeing several things upon my return to conciousness that truly made me happy. The first was to wake up and see Michael entering my ICU room carrying an armful of my pillows from home — he remembered how I sleep so much better when I am in pain when I am supported properly with my favourite pillows, and had gone through all the trouble to drag them all the way to the hospital. What an absolute sweetie for thinking to make me more comfortable!

The second was to see that my faithful submissive toriko had already been quietly sitting at my bedside, anxiously waiting for me to wake up. I remember that his face was so clouded with worry, but lit up when he realized that I was finally awake and spoke his name and held out my hand for him to approach.


I had some rather strange episodes while I was in intensive care, but I shall continue those in a later post… it is still a bit difficult to relive some of those memories and I find myself rather weary at the moment, as I still get tired out quite easily these days.

Attending the April Fool’s Fetish Ball

Fetish Fool’s Ball

On March 31st, Isabeau hosted another of her fabulous Fetish Balls. This one was held once again at the Bain Mathieu, here in Montreal. I was originally supposed to be attending with my good friend Lady Katana, but unfortunately she was side-lined by a nasty migraine, so she was not able to come with us.

I had been feeling not up to par earlier in the day, due to another one of my coughing attacks; so I opted for a restful nap with my submissive houseboy toriko attended to various household duties. I was gently awoken by my boy, who brought me some freshly-made hot mint tea to my bedside, to soothe my achy throat.

I have not had much of an appetite these past few weeks while I have been fighting this virus, but I do realize that I need to eat in order to keep up my energy. So toriko brought me a light meal to enjoy with my tea, and then went off to draw a hot bubble bath for me and lay out my evening’s wardrobe. After my bath, I had my boy give me a light foot and leg massage with one of my favourite lotions, to lock in the moisturizing softness.

I began my preparations for the evening, ranging from my make-up and perfume and including putting my hair up in my trade-marked long braid which hangs to past my waist. I also wore a small black jeweled metal headband and chose to trim my braid in red, to match the gorgeous new red leather corset that my boy had bought for me and which had arrived the day before.

Since this was the first wearing of the corset, it took a little while to get the corset lacing adjusted just right, but once it was, I found it to be *extremely* comfortable and not constricting — like a snug and sexy leather hug around my body. I wore my elbow length black velvet fingerless gloves and an elegant floor length black skirt with decorative draping trim.

Earlier last week I had picked up a new matching collar and leash for my boy; it is made of a chic reflective neon green material, which would make it perfect for keeping an eye on him in the dark environment of a club or dungeon. On to the collar was added one of my special marks of ownership, a shiny customized gold dogtag inscribed “Property of Mistress Jade Dragon“. I also had toriko help pack and carry one of my smaller toybags, as I was not sure how much playing I would be doing, depending on my energy levels.

In keeping with Montreal clubbing traditions, we arrived at around midnight and I began to make the rounds of the Fetish Ball, with my pretty-boy submissive in tow behind me on his leash.

Immediately I noticed that Isabeau had arranged for the majority of recommendations that our Club Fetish group had made regarding improvements that could be made to the dungeon play space area. Unfortunately she was unable to obtain the downstairs area of Bain Mathieu this time ’round, so the playspace was in a marked off in an elevated area behind the dance floor. There were tall railings around two of the sides, with a 8-10″ deep bar top for people to lean against and to put their drinks.

The third side was roped off, leaving only two smaller entrances to the actual playzone itself. This meant that there were no casual walk-throughs of the play scenes from any of the non-players. In the past, many fetish people who are not aware of good play scene etiquette tended to crowd the players too much, sometimes to the point of being with the strike zone of a flogger’s back swing. Many serious BDSM players simply did not feel comfortable in such surroundings and would not play in conditions that they could not feel in control, both for the comfort of themselves and their bottom, as well as for those around them who might inadvertendly get in their way.

There was also a sign-up sheet for the various playstations, to make sure that nobody would “hog” a particular area for the whole night, and that one could sign up for a spot and wander off to return at the designated timeslot to find it ready to use. This proved to be quite a popular change and meant that there was a nice turnover of players over the course of the night — which was quite the treat for the multitudes of observers who crowded the railings for practically the entire night.

Kudos also go to the various playzone monitors who made sure that things ran smoothly and that the established rules and guidelines were kept by all, including the new “no breakable glass or bottles” in the play area. Last time, it was noticed that there were a number of broken bottles littering some corners, which can be dangerous with so many near-naked or latex-clad bodies wandering about or playing.

There was a comfy lounge area at the opposite end of the building, elevated on the far side of the DJ area and dance floor, which is of course located at the bottom of the former pool floor bottom. There were numerous couches, including some inflatable ones; and many were congregating there throughout the evening to socialize.

One of the visual highlights of the Ball were several performances by talented fire-dancers on the dance floor. A variety of fire implements were used by the performers; much to the delight of the observers. One female performer used a kind of large metal hula-hoop with a half dozen flaming tips on it, which she proceeded to not only spin around her waist and her outstretched arm, but also around her neck — which alarmed several of us who wondered how she managed to not burn her hair while doing so. There was another who danced on tall stilts, with a large flaming headpiece and elongated finger wands and another with large fire fans. Of course, there was also the traditional fire poi dance, which is fiery balls which are spun around on ropes or chains. All in all, a beautiful visual treat enjoyed by all!

Partway through the night, while I was watching the playzone from the observer railings, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned and discovered it my friend, the beloved “fetish diva” Midori stopping by to say hello. We hugged and then chatted for a while; Sir Michael and I had been hoping to take her out to one of the local “cabane à sucre” during her stay here in Montreal, but it looked like Mario from Polymorphe Latex beat us to it. So, instead we made tentative dinner plans for Sunday or Monday night instead. I introduced Midori to some of my other friends who were nearby, as well as to my submissive toriko, before she continued on her rounds to check things out.

Finally found my friends Domina Jade & Sir Marc in the playzone, tag-teaming with their spanking and flogging techniques on the submissive sabine, who seemed to be in a absolutely blissful state. I would have to wait until they were finished to say hello and spend some time with them later.

I was pleased to cross paths with Master André and Vivian who were having lots of fun in the play zone introducing people to the pleasures and pains of the electrical wand. They were showing how the connection would flow through multiple people, as they and those they were playing with reached out to some of the observers for them to feel the ripple, buzz and shocks of the wand.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Maître Éric (AKA Gargoyle Toes) once again; as I had not seen him since the Club Fetish/FemDomme Society dinner back in February. By the way, Maître Éric has begun to make his own hemp rope, dyed in the most scrumptious jewel-tone colours and will soon be making them available for sale. I have been privileged enough to receive a gift of some of this rope, in a gorgeous deep green.

Let’s see who else I got to see and spend time with…. Argaive the fetish photographer and his lady friend, the thin and lithe J, one of my favourite ladies to tie up; we had been hoping to do a Midori-style rope dance, but I had not brought my rope bag and by the time someone found some for us to use, her ride had to leave for the 2 hour drive home. Damn, hopefully next time things will work out more to our advantage.

Met another old photographer friend of mine, who was doing press photos for the event and we chatted briefly. Got a sensuous hug and cuddle from ChainedV, a lovely lady sub of my acquaintance. I was once again introduced to “j”, a young submissive friend of my houseboy — he does knows how to charm a lady, as he never fails to kiss the back of my hand, this time with a deep bow.

In the latter part of the night, I needed to rest and get off my feet, but still wanted to stay near the playzone with my friends. So I decided to enter the playzone and stationed myself along one of the stepped edges, with my boy on the floor in front of me. We had a very hot and sensual play scene, but I’ll save that story for another time…

At around 3am, Domina Jade, Sir Marc and sabine were considering heading off, however I tempted them into joining us for one of our long-standing traditions of breakfast at Picassos after a night out of fetish and dungeon fun. It wasn’t hard to convince them, since it had been such a long time since we had the chance to do so. I also managed to convice my submissive toriko’s friend “JF” to join us as well.

It was about 3:30 am by the time we arrived, but we found a nice long table for the six of us. In almost any other town or city; we would have made quite the spectable — as I was still clad in my red leather corset and some of the others were also wearing latex and leathers, and sabine was dressed totally “en femme”. However, Montreal being the wonderfully kinky and eclectic city that it is, we barely rated a second glance from the other late-night patrons.

Breakfast at Picassos is a wonderful tradition; it allows us all to “wind down” from the night’s fun and to recap some of our adventures to each other. I believe that it has really given us a great sense of bonding as well because it is such a wonderful casual feeling to share our stories and experiences over a good meal — of course it doesn’t hurt that we are all usually starving by then!

“JF” told my boy that he only needed to be dropped off at a metro so that he could begin the long trek home (Picasso’s in in NDG and he lived in the north of Montreal, easily an hour and a half or more of travel at that hour). toriko wisely told him that the decision was not up to him, but rather rested in the hands of his Mistress. I, of course, would have nothing to do with that and stated flatly that I would have toriko drive him right to his door. “JF” seemed a little surprised but did not object to my decision; it also gave me a chance to chat with him during the ride and get to know him a bit better — something that is a little difficult to do in the rather loud environment of a Fetish Ball.

Afterwards, my submissive toriko chauffeured me home, as the sun rose in the eastern sky; it’s sunbeams making the early morning frost glisten and sparkle like diamonds. What a beautiful way to end a kinky night’s fun at yet another fantastic Fetish Ball!

Friday night with pizza and a friend


On Friday night, my friend Sir Marc came by for an impromptu visit. I had been working quite hard during the course of the day on one of my client’s web projects and was really due for a break. So, literally within minutes of putting away the project for the night, I get this phone call — it’s Marc and he’s bored…

Well, I was in the mood for a bit of socializing, but not quite up to heading out of the house — my earlier adventure this week to Northbound Leather with Lady Katana took quite a bit out of me. So we decided that he should come over here and we’d catch up on stuff over a pizza. I managed to keep my voice going all night by constantly sipping on hot tea, along with the help of lots of cough drops.

We ended up spending several hours chatting about geeky stuff; mainly about website design, marketing and publicity. As he put it, he wanted to “pick my brain” on ideas on how to make his upcoming website work well with some of the ideas he has.

I brought out my sexy Apple laptop to show him some stuff I’ve been working on recently. He was caught off guard at first until I explained that we have the house and studio equipped for wireless high-speed internet access with my Airport Express.

I also showed him my newly revamped blog. He really liked the look of it a lot and it seems to have inspired him to catch up on his blog entries as well. Sir Marc’s blog is now listed in my “Kinky Blogs” blogroll on the right hand side.

We also discussed about some of his recent purchases of new latex clothing. I showed him a pic of the new red leather corset that I have ordered and that I hope to get in time for next weekend’s big April Fool’s Fetish Ball.

Speaking of which, we also did some last minute brainstorming. Our group of kinky friends, Club Fetish, has been coordinating with the Fetish Ball organizer, Isabeau, on how we can help to improve the BDSM dungeon area of the event. Hopefully by implementing some of our tips, it should make for a safer and more enjoyable playzone for everyone, as well as improving the overall traffic flow in the downstairs lounge area.

We also commiserated how little we’ve had the chance to practice our bondage techniques since we both graduated from Midori’s Rope Dojo last fall. We both hope to remedy that in the near future though.

All in all, Sir Marc ended up leaving at around 3:30 am to drive back home. I’m really glad he dropped by; it was an enjoyable evening with a kinky friend that did me a lot of good mentally. (I’m not too sure how much good it did for my throat though, as my voice has been rather rough all day Saturday and I’ve had to let several phone calls go to voicemail since I was not in any shape to talk very much…)

Kinky leather shopping…

Kinky Shopping

Yesterday was the first day of spring and it was a rather beautiful day here in Montreal. The sky was blue and clear of clouds, the sun was out and it was relatively warm, as long as you were out of the wind.

I’m still feeling under the weather, but I’ve also been starting to go stir-crazy… Since I was having a better day than most, health-wise, I decided to take the opportunity to “make a break for it” and escape from the house, if even for a few hours. I loaded myself up with my cold medication and brought along a small hoarde of cough drops so that I could keep my voice going.

My co-conspirator for the afternoon would be my best friend, Lady Katana, who is also a member of the Montreal FemDomme Society. We haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time together these past few months, so it seemed like a perfect chance to head out to do some kinky leather shopping and catch up with each other.

We first dropped by Le Melange Magique; it’s been years since I had been here and it was nice to check it out again. I picked up some wonderful scented oils both for use in my henna blends as well as for aromatherapy.

From there we decided to take the scenic route to our next stop by driving along Ste. Catherine street, since it was such a beautiful day. We headed out to Montreal’s Gay Village district, to check out Northbound Leather‘s big going out of business sale, as they are closing their Montreal location.

We spent about an hour there, checking out what stock was left. The store had already been picked clean of all the smaller accessories, so I didn’t have any luck with any of the stuff that I was looking for. I did, however, come across an absolutely gorgeous floor-length black leather coat. It had a very slim fitted waistline that flared out to a very full and flared skirt. The zippered front came up to a very flattering cowl-style hood.

There was only one left and I convinced Lady Katana to try it on. It was a bit snug with her sweater’s bulky sleeves so I found a fitted leather lace-up bodysuit instead to try out under it. My jaw dropped when she came out of the fitting room, as she looked absolutely stunning in the combination! I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics to capture the moment. Even the young salesman thought she looked great in it.

However, even at half-price, it would be almost $700 with tax; which was rather over our budget for the day… I joked that we will have to find her a rich sub to help sponsor her excellent taste in fetish clothing!

Lady Katana did pick up her ticket for next weekend’s April Fool’s Fetish Ball. Several of my kink friends plan on going and we are really looking forward to a night of kinky fun. We stayed for a little while after the store closed and chatted with the friendly young salesman for a while before heading out to find a bite to eat.

We decided to splurge for a nice fancy dinner, since we didn’t find anything we wanted to buy, or could afford to buy at Northbound. So we headed off to one of our favourites – Bâton Rouge. Lady Katana’s side ceasar salad was huge, so we split it. For our main courses, she had filet mignon and I chose the chicken breast and ribs combo. Their ribs are magnificent; smoky and sweet and so tender they literally fall off the bone. As a final luxury we treated ourselves to a nice drink — she selected a Tropical Blitz and I had a non-alcoholic Strawberry Daquiri (I was still on my cold meds after all). However, due to the remnants of my “bug” I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I was, especially after the big salad, and only ate about a quarter of my dinner; so I ended up bringing the rest home.

We were both feeling quite full and rather tired out, so I drove Lady Katana back to her place and headed back home myself. My afternoon’s escapade had definitely taken it’s toll on me and I could barely keep awake and headed off to my comfy bed, to sink into my fluffy duvet and pillows and drifted off to sleep.

Review: 2nd Annual FemDomme Society & Club Fetish Dinner

Chinese New Year of the Pig

This year, we held our 2nd annual FemDomme Society Dinner in conjunction with Club Fetish, to celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Pig. Normally we hold try to hold it on a Saturday evening, however the Chinese New Year actually began on February 18th, so we thought it would be very appropriate to hold it that night.

Once again, the dinner was held at “Restaurant Hot & Spicy”, as it offers a wonderful “Taster’s Choice” menu which is very much like a buffet in terms of being all-you-can-eat, but each dish is made as you order it.

I made use of a great new online tool called “Eventbrite” in order to coordinate and promote the event. It also made it so much easier for people to register and send in their RSVPs and automatically receive their event confirmation emails. We had a few last minute drop-outs due to the weather, so we were 12 for dinner: myself, my submissive toriko, Lord Michael, Lady Katana, Lady Nikki, Sir Marc, Maddog, Maitresse Mai, Maitre Gargoyle and his lady friend, sextoysissy and one more.

Unfortunately, my dear friend Domina Jade was unable to attend as she was obviously spending Chinese New Year’s with her family. I had my submissive houseboy toriko pick up Lady Nikki and help attend to her her needs all evening, as she had recently broken her wrist and was wearing a cast and sling.

Dinner was very intimate, we had three circular tables pulled together into a larger circle. As a group we ate an amazing variety of dishes and I think we all ate a bit too much but everything was *so* good! I also brought some mandarin orange tea for everyone to share in addition to the usual pots of green tea.

fortune cookie and chopsticks

I did have some nice surprises for our dinner guests; I managed to obtain some beautifully decorated pairs of chopsticks for each guest to use for the dinner and for them to keep afterwards as kinky toys (combined with elastic bands they make interesting clamps!). There were also some “kinky fortune cookies” that I created, with an assortment of perverted sayings, which turned out to be very popular with everyone — I’ll have to be sure to make more of them for next year!

Last Minute Trip to Toronto

Apple MacBook Pro

Only a few days ago, I got the final confirmation from one of my major clients in Toronto, regarding a last minute project that they wanted my company to work on once again this year — only this time they left everything until the last minute. Since it is a major event, I managed to clear some room in our schedule and we made the preparations for the long drive.

I was able to bring Lady Katana along for the drive, as she has a good friend in Toronto that she wanted to visit and she made for excellent company along the way. We were lucky in that we missed almost all of the miserable weather during the drive east and only hit some major snowfall just as we entered the downtown area.

Because of the complexity of this work project, we decided to purchase a second laptop for the household and studio. So we stopped by the Eaton’s Center Apple Store to pick up an Apple MacBook Pro — this one is a 17″ one and is fully loaded. They had the order ready and waiting for us at the cash, which was great since we were short for time. Sir Michael is also looking forward to trying out some of his favourite computer games on it, since it is much faster than his existing Mac desktop.

While we were in the mall, we stopped at a lingerie store, since it was the night before Valentine’s Day, and I found a wonderfully cute and saucy black corset-like bustier for Lady Katana that I made her try on. Of course she looked absolutely fabulous in it, so I had to buy it for her on the promise that she would wear it to the next fetish event that I dragged her to…

The photoshoots for the client were extremely strenuous and exhausting; I don’t think I would have survived the first day if I hadn’t specifically picked a hotel with a great whirlpool hot tub. Followed that up with take-out from the “Lucky Dragon” restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown. The second day of photoshoots started off on the wrong foot, as shortly after I woke up, I got the most horrible back spasm – no doubt from the previous days work. Luckily, 45 minutes with a heating pad and two Robaxacets helped enough to get me (barely) back on my feet, but were were running late and with a tight schedule it was going to be another crazy day. Back again to soak in the hot tub again that night to try and loosen tense muscles…

The next morning, it was off to have a business breakfast with another potential design client while I was still in the city, then pick up Lady Katana on our way out. Thankfully we made it out of Toronto and most of the way home to Montreal before the worst of the night’s weather hit us.

I had been sniffling for a day or so before the trip, but whatever bug I caught hit full force upon my return to Montreal, undoubtedly worsened by the strain and stress of the project as well as all the driving. At least I hope that I can try to recuperate now that I am home safe and sound…

Life must go on…

My Powerbook Laptop

Beverage of the moment: Peach Apricot Honeybush Tea

Seems like I can never find a peaceful moment to catch up with my blogging lately; but I’ve finally carved out a hour’s time for myself, so here goes…

Once again, here I sit at my laptop, sipping my Peach Apricot Honeybush tea and nibbling on fresh clementines, while listening to some calming classical music (Delibes’ Flower Duet), putting my thoughts in digital form. The oldest of my cats, Tigger, has seen me settling in and has decided to join me, hoping for the occasional scritchie as I pause to collect my thoughts.

The past two weeks have had an undercurrent of tension, as my partner’s father has been in the hospital. He’s even undergone surgery, but is suffering from various complications and infections. He can’t really even speak since he is now hooked up to a respirator and has various tubes and such, so one can’t even hold a conversation with him. Michael has been visiting him every evening, tag-teaming with his mother who spends the majority of the day with him. His oldest brother is even flying in from the States this evening to spend the weekend here, so that he can see his Dad himself. He will be coming back up around Christmas, but wanted to see the situation for himself.

I have been hesitant to visit the hospital too much, as it still reminds me too much of my own father’s loss — one that is still rather fresh in my memories. I am fearful for Michael’s father, as his parents have been so very close and supportive to me over the years. I was also worried that I might be coming down with a cold, and since he was in isolation, and now in ICU, I didn’t want to take any chances, even with all visitors being gowned, gloved and masked…

On another note; I did enjoy a wonderful long phone conversation with one of my long-time best friend, Lady Katana, last night. I called her earlier in the evening, but she was on the line with her boyfriend and said she would call me back. Of course, that was more like 1:30am, but knowing me well enough, she was pretty positive that I would still be up — and she was right. We talked for more than 3 hours about all kinds of stuff in our lives, and it did me *so* much good to catch up with her. She has always been such a good friend with whom I can share so many secrets and have heart-to-heart talks with — I can’t imagine how my life would be without her…

Lady Katana and I hope to spend some time again together this coming week; but this time in person. Possibly to go shopping at the local big Chapters bookstore, so she can pick up some Christmas gifts for her extensive family. I haven’t been there in several months, so it will be nice to peruse the shelves once again. Bookstores can be so *dangerous* for me; I always want to bring so many of them home with me, but I have to watch my budget this year, as I still have half of my new laptop to pay off.

Speaking of which, the laptop that I ordered for myself as a combination birthday and Christmas present arrived on November 18th. It is a top-of-the-line custom-configured Apple laptop; with a processor speed of 1.67 Mgz, with 100 GB hard drive and 512 MB of RAM (I’ll be adding more RAM later); it also has a built-in CD and DVD burner. I’ve been happily playing around with it since; loading up all my various software applications, games and such; I haven’t even got around to transferring all my data yet as I’ve been so busy with web work. I’ve also loaned it several times for Michael to bring to the hospital with him, so that he could pass time more easily rather than trying to read old magazines.

The other day, as a treat, Michael loaded up Diablo II on the new laptop and networked the two laptops together, so that we could play for a few hours. (I think it’s been something like over 2 years since we last got to play a networked game together.) We propped ourselves up side-by-side, with tons of pillows in the waterbed and I stocked us up with some Glosette peanuts and mini Oh Henrys for nibbling. It was a wonderful evening of fun where we could just forget all our cares for a little while…

Well, I must be going for now; I still have so much web work to do. I still plan on reviewing my last weekend’s activities, when I have a bit more free time…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon