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Video: Ghost in the Shell’s Thermoptic suit

Adam Savage, of “Mythbusters” fame, hosts a brief but fascinating behind-the-scenes look into how the Thermoptic Suit from the upcoming “Ghost in the Shell” film was created out of silicone, as well as the many challenging fitting problems:

Ghost in the Shell’s Thermoptic suit

Amazing level of detail! Gorgeous work of costuming art!

For those who might not be familiar, this is the trailer for the film mentioned above:

Trailer for Ghost in the Shell

Darth Vader Statue Made Out of Sex Toys


Actress Kayla-Jane Danger, recently built a 7-foot-tall Darth Vader statue made entirely out of sex toys. “It’s easily the most unique thing I’ve done in porn,” she joked.

The statue, dubbed “Darth Vibrader,” used more than $3,000 US worth of sex toys, including 200 vibrators, 10 paddles, a whip, two rows of anal beads, a rubber fist and a pair of what Danger called “hooker boots.”

It took Danger and her co-creators, special effects artist Todd Devlin and porn producer Seth Beard more than eight hours to consummate the sex toy statue. “We had to do two additional sex toy runs because we didn’t have enough.” said Danger.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia – Fear of Friday the 13th


Friggatriskaidekaphobia is a fear, or phobia, of the combination of Friday and the 13th day of a month. The phobia’s name origins include ‘Frigga’ being the name of the Norse goddess after whom ‘Friday’ is named in English, and ‘triskaidekaphobia’ being a fear of the number 13. It’s roots date back to very ancient myths in Norse, Babylonian, Roman and Christian history.

The Norse myth is about 12 gods having a dinner party at Valhalla, their heaven. In walked the uninvited 13th guest, the mischievous Loki. Once there, Loki arranged for Hoder, the blind god of darkness, to shoot Balder the Beautiful, the god of joy and gladness, with a mistletoe-tipped arrow.

Balder died and the whole Earth got dark. The whole Earth mourned. It was a bad, unlucky day,” explained Dossey, a folklore historian and author of “Holiday Folklore, Phobias and Fun”. From that moment on, the number 13 has been considered ominous and foreboding.

Babylon’s ancient Code of Hammurabi purposely omits the number 13 in its list of laws.Meanwhile, in ancient Rome, witches reportedly gathered in groups of 12. The 13th was believed to be the devil.

There is also a biblical reference to the unlucky number 13. Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th guest to the Last Supper. As for Friday, it is well known among Christians as the day Jesus was crucified. Some biblical scholars believe Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit on Friday. Perhaps most significant is a belief that Abel was slain by Cain on Friday the 13th.

As to the fearful connotations with the number 13; numerologists consider 12 a “complete” number. There are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 labors of Hercules, 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 apostles of Jesus. As the number 13 is just beyond 12, it is “out of bounds” of the normal.

This fear of the number 13 is not bound by international boundaries; according to experts, more than 80 percent of high-rises lack a 13th floor. Many airports skip the 13th gate. Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13.

On streets in Florence, Italy, the house between number 12 and 14 is addressed as 12 and a half. In France socialites known as the quatorziens (fourteeners) once made themselves available as 14th guests to keep a dinner party from an unlucky fate.

Many triskaidekaphobes, as those who fear the unlucky integer are known, point to the ill-fated mission to the moon, Apollo 13. On April 13th, two days after the start of the mission, an oxygen tank exploded leaving the astronauts fighting for survival.

Then came Jason. In 1980, the popular horror movie “Friday the 13th” was released (tagline: “Fridays will never be the same again”), a slasher flick about a series of murders at a summer camp. Apparently Jason, born on Friday the 13th, chooses that date to take revenge on oversexed campers much like the ones who allowed him to drown in Crystal Lake. Friday the 13th grossed almost $40 million at the box office and inspired a long-running franchise.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia is still very much alive — to this day, the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute estimates that $700-$800 million dollars are lost every Friday the 13th because of people’s refusal to travel or fly, purchase major items, close a business deal on this date, while others refuse to conduct business or even leave the house.

And how will *you* deal with Friday the 13th?

Wolverine the Masochist

Wow, who knew Wolverine had a hard limit for nipple play? 😉


Dustin Hoffman on Tootsie and Gender Expectations

A brief but incredibly touching commentary by Dustin Hoffman on gender expectations and how they can affect us, and those around us. Definitely worth the 3 minutes it takes to watch it.

I love how emotional he gets about this topic at the end of the video…

Capuccino in the Afternoon

Frothy capuccino

What a gorgeous late spring afternoon — it’s a balmy 25°C in the shade. I’m comfortably set up on my wifi Apple laptop on my lounge chair overlooking my yard and enjoying some light classical music, with the sounds of the neighbourhood birds in the background. I’m enjoying the luxury of a frothy french vanilla capuccino, along with a pair of sinfully delicious imported biscotti – in double chocolate and orange cranberry flavours. Yum!

My oldest cat, Tigger, has decided to keep me company and is amusing herself watching the birds and the local wild suburban bunny that visits my lawn from time to time. All in all, a wonderful way to relax and catch up on my blog for my faithful readers…

Let’s see, on the evening of Wednesday May 2nd, I had a personal interview scheduled with a potential submissive. I was interested in him because he was a fan of chastity and even had his own chastity device. Unfortunately, he was not much of a social person and it didn’t look like it would be a good fit, compatibility-wise. Which is a shame, because I was looking forward to locking up some poor unfortunate sub or slave and having control over his cock and balls… especially one who cannot control his masturbation habits!

On Thursday May 3rd, I was also lucky enough to enjoy a delightful dinner with Kate & Jeanne of Halfway Creations, from the Maritimes, as they were travelling through Montreal on their way to Ontario. They are also well-known from their appearance on the fifth season of Showcase’s Kink TV show. It was wonderful to finally meet them in person, as I had been looking forward to doing so when I was supposed to go to the Maritimes back in March; but that had to be cancelled when I got sick. (I picked up a few toys from them, but will discuss that further in another blog posting.) I am looking forward to visiting their place the next time I drive out to Nova Scotia.

On Friday May 4th, several of my kinky friends and I were planning on going to see the new Spiderman 3 movie. Unfortunately, things got delayed and some had to drop out, and by the time we got the movie theater, the night’s screenings were already sold out. So a change of plans was in order; Sir Michael, myself and my submissive boy toriko drove downtown to check out the launch of the new Fétiche Store. This is a new enterprise by Isabeau, the lovely lady who organizes some of the best Fetish Balls the city of Montreal has ever seen (see some of my previous reviews).

There was quite the crowd in attendance at the store launch, and we were treated to some mango martinis as we arrived. We perused the store and checked out the wonderful variety of kinky toys, implements and leather and latex clothing that were for sale.

Sir Michael and I spent quite some time in the back of the store, checking out some of the floggers and paddles — he finally decided on a smaller and more portable leather flogger to add to his personal collection. My eye was caught by some of the gorgeous toys in the glass display case and succumbed to the temptation — again, I’ll be doing a special post on my newest kinky toy acquisitions in the very near future.

The next morning, I came down with a really nasty cold — just as I was getting significantly better from my original virus attack. My submissive toriko also caught the same bug and it showed up the same morning, so we spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy. Closest I can figure is that we must have caught it the last time we were together at that wild playparty in late April — however I seemed to have caught it much worse, since my immune system is still not up to par. Again, spent the better part of the week in bed, stuffed up and coughing again.

By Friday May 11th, I was feeling a tiny bit better, so I ventured out for a casual quiet picnic lunch in the park with submissive “r”, the one I spent a bit of time with at last month’s play party. As I mentioned before, he was recently let go by his previous Owner and has been having a difficult time coping with it all; and I had offered a friendly ear for him to talk some of it out his system. It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon in the park and we watched the many pigeons and squirrels, as well as the many people walking all sizes and shapes of dogs. We caught sight of a rare white albino squirrel and laughed when we saw a “subbie squirrel” who seemed to have a soft hair scrunchie around his neck — because it looked like a tiny collar!

We finally wrapped things up as the sun was going down, as it was starting to get quite a bit cooler. My toes and feet were quite chilled, so “r” rubbed my feet to warm them up before putting my sandals back on for me. We talked about many things that afternoon and I quite enjoyed his company. I hope that we will be able to have many more discussions in the future, as I believe that he could use a little bit of gentle guidance as he gets back on his life path.


Well, the sun is setting now, with delicate drifting clouds of pale blue and pink — and the evening air is slowly cooling off, so I really should be heading inside before I get too chilled and have something to eat as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed the afternoon’s account of this month’s kinky adventures so far, as much as I enjoyed the time I spent writing them.

Oscar Weekend Domme PJ Party

Oscar Awards

This week is the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death. I miss him dearly and I try hard not to be morose about it at this time of year, as I know he would not have liked that, he would have rather that I celebrate his life, not his death. With that in mind, I had my houseboy toriko come by to tidy up the house in preparation for a visit on the weekend.

So I was quite pleased when my dear friend Domina Jade arrived on Saturday. We spent a wonderfully lazy evening, watching my “Bon Cop, Bad Cop” DVD while nestled in piles of pillows on my waterbed. It was great fun recognizing the various landmarks from both Montreal and Toronto, as they showed up during the movie, especially as some of the Montreal ones don’t even exist anymore! Since we were having such a good time, DJ and I decided it would be fun to have her stay overnight.

The next morning, all three of us made a huge breakfast feast in our kitchen; eggs, pancakes and *real* maple syrup, hash browns and toast with really good orange juice. It’s always more fun cooking and dining with friends!

Michael had to run a few small errands for his Mom, so DJ and I continued to stay in and spent the afternoon in bed, watching Sunday afternoon interior design, house makeover and house selling/flip shows. It continued late into the night, as we also watched this year’s Oscar presentations. Things went extremely late, so I ended up driving her home at around 1 am in the morning. We both really had a great time and hope to do something similar again in the future.