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A Lovely Lazy Friday in June

Sheet lightning

My handsome dark-haired and blue-eyed houseboy toriko arrived late Thursday night after work rather exhausted. So I let him sleep at the foot of my bed once more; in order that he could get a good night’s sleep. I, however, stayed up into the wee hours of the morning puttering on my laptop in bed.

Friday was my pet’s day off and we had hoped to start the day early in order to get many of the errands on my to-do list done. However, since we were both so tired out, I had allowed us the luxury of sleeping late with absolutely no alarm clock – so it was early afternoon by the time we woke up.

When we finally did get up, we were both quite famished; so I showed toriko how to make pancakes while he took care of all the dishes and tidied up the kitchen for me. We had a wonderful feast of buttermilk pancakes and delicious Quebec maple syrup. (I discovered that my orange cat, who has quite a sweet tooth for certain fruits, apparently likes maple syrup too — what a strange little cat at times!) I then caught up on a bit of email and other stuff on my laptop, while my houseboy tidied up after our very late breakfast.

By late afternoon, we were finally ready to start running errands. I did have one last assignment for toriko before we left… I told him to wear his new snug black cargo-style pants, the kind that zip off into shorts. They are made of very lightweight parachute material so they are very comfy and cool, and they show his cute ass off to perfection. The worst part for him is that I ordered him to wear them “commando-style”, meaning totally nude underneath — no underwear at all.

Now, my pretty dark-haired pet is quite generously endowed, but he is rather self-conscious about it. Before me, he had never worn any clothing commando-style, because he was afraid of how it might look, especially if something aroused him in the slightest (which is bound to happen in a city full of gorgeous women, such as is Montreal).

Which is why I take great joy in his embarrassment at being forced to wear such lightweight shorts with nothing underneath. Really, I find that it is not even all that obvious unless one were actually staring at his crotch — he, however spends the entire time slightly nervous and extremely aware of his condition.

Of course, I don’t help the situation at all, because I often caress his cute little ass or “accidentally” nudge his package while we are shopping. In fact, he was almost mortified when I discreetly tucked my fingers into the top of his pocket and lightly rubbed his hipbone while we waiting in line at the cash at the Canadian Tire store.

Hehe — I can be *so* wonderfully wicked at times…

Afterwards, I also decided that we would go to one of the local men’s stores to pick him out some new clothes to wear to some of his upcoming interviews. I selected a gorgeous, if somewhat expensive, pale grey Italian dress shirt for him to try out. (Of course, I had to lightly tease and torment him when I peeked into his dressing room to see how things were going…) Picking a tie was not so easy though, as he gets distracted very easily by any loud patterns or designs – so we settled on a beautiful black tie with a subtle pattern woven into the fabric. He looked very professional in the combination, without looking overly “generic corporate”, so overall I was quite pleased with my choices.

By then it was late and the stores were closing; since I was hungry once again, I decided to have my pretty-boy chauffeur me to one of my favourite little summer hang-outs. So off we drove to the far western tip of the island of Montreal, to Sainte Anne de Bellevue, which is located right on the waterfront and even has an old-style wooden boardwalk along it’s canal and marina.

We are both storm buffs and had sensed a large storm approaching in the air, so we found a bench to sit on so that we could enjoy the sheet lightning in the distance. The colours were magnificent, ranging from a bright lavender, to a deep electric blue and indigo. The wind continued to pick up and since it was a fairly open area, it whipped through the treetops loudly; it felt like being on the prow of a large ship slicing through the storm-tossed waters.

My boy and I both felt energized by the rapidly growing storm, but our instincts told us it was time to eat and to seek shelter from the approaching rain. So we wandered back down the boardwalk and I selected a new restaurant to try out called “Cheaters”. Our timing proved excellent, as we had hardly been seated for only a few minutes before we saw the rain come pouring down outside and the pedestrians scattering for cover!

Dinner was delicious and we were tempted by the excellent selection of desserts but realized that we were both stuffed and would have to come back again soon, in order to try out their chocolate fondues and other treats. We trotted back to the car in the rain and were both more than a bit chilled by the time we got inside. So back off to home to get dried off and warmed up.

I ordered toriko to bed early in his new spot on the floor at the foot of my bed, as he had to be *at work* for 7am the next morning and we had a fetish party to attend that evening as well. Being the “night creature” that I am, I stayed up most of the night catching up on work on my laptop and slept most of Saturday, so that I would be well rested for the party.

Kinky leather shopping…

Kinky Shopping

Yesterday was the first day of spring and it was a rather beautiful day here in Montreal. The sky was blue and clear of clouds, the sun was out and it was relatively warm, as long as you were out of the wind.

I’m still feeling under the weather, but I’ve also been starting to go stir-crazy… Since I was having a better day than most, health-wise, I decided to take the opportunity to “make a break for it” and escape from the house, if even for a few hours. I loaded myself up with my cold medication and brought along a small hoarde of cough drops so that I could keep my voice going.

My co-conspirator for the afternoon would be my best friend, Lady Katana, who is also a member of the Montreal FemDomme Society. We haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time together these past few months, so it seemed like a perfect chance to head out to do some kinky leather shopping and catch up with each other.

We first dropped by Le Melange Magique; it’s been years since I had been here and it was nice to check it out again. I picked up some wonderful scented oils both for use in my henna blends as well as for aromatherapy.

From there we decided to take the scenic route to our next stop by driving along Ste. Catherine street, since it was such a beautiful day. We headed out to Montreal’s Gay Village district, to check out Northbound Leather‘s big going out of business sale, as they are closing their Montreal location.

We spent about an hour there, checking out what stock was left. The store had already been picked clean of all the smaller accessories, so I didn’t have any luck with any of the stuff that I was looking for. I did, however, come across an absolutely gorgeous floor-length black leather coat. It had a very slim fitted waistline that flared out to a very full and flared skirt. The zippered front came up to a very flattering cowl-style hood.

There was only one left and I convinced Lady Katana to try it on. It was a bit snug with her sweater’s bulky sleeves so I found a fitted leather lace-up bodysuit instead to try out under it. My jaw dropped when she came out of the fitting room, as she looked absolutely stunning in the combination! I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics to capture the moment. Even the young salesman thought she looked great in it.

However, even at half-price, it would be almost $700 with tax; which was rather over our budget for the day… I joked that we will have to find her a rich sub to help sponsor her excellent taste in fetish clothing!

Lady Katana did pick up her ticket for next weekend’s April Fool’s Fetish Ball. Several of my kink friends plan on going and we are really looking forward to a night of kinky fun. We stayed for a little while after the store closed and chatted with the friendly young salesman for a while before heading out to find a bite to eat.

We decided to splurge for a nice fancy dinner, since we didn’t find anything we wanted to buy, or could afford to buy at Northbound. So we headed off to one of our favourites – Bâton Rouge. Lady Katana’s side ceasar salad was huge, so we split it. For our main courses, she had filet mignon and I chose the chicken breast and ribs combo. Their ribs are magnificent; smoky and sweet and so tender they literally fall off the bone. As a final luxury we treated ourselves to a nice drink — she selected a Tropical Blitz and I had a non-alcoholic Strawberry Daquiri (I was still on my cold meds after all). However, due to the remnants of my “bug” I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I was, especially after the big salad, and only ate about a quarter of my dinner; so I ended up bringing the rest home.

We were both feeling quite full and rather tired out, so I drove Lady Katana back to her place and headed back home myself. My afternoon’s escapade had definitely taken it’s toll on me and I could barely keep awake and headed off to my comfy bed, to sink into my fluffy duvet and pillows and drifted off to sleep.

Last Minute Trip to Toronto

Apple MacBook Pro

Only a few days ago, I got the final confirmation from one of my major clients in Toronto, regarding a last minute project that they wanted my company to work on once again this year — only this time they left everything until the last minute. Since it is a major event, I managed to clear some room in our schedule and we made the preparations for the long drive.

I was able to bring Lady Katana along for the drive, as she has a good friend in Toronto that she wanted to visit and she made for excellent company along the way. We were lucky in that we missed almost all of the miserable weather during the drive east and only hit some major snowfall just as we entered the downtown area.

Because of the complexity of this work project, we decided to purchase a second laptop for the household and studio. So we stopped by the Eaton’s Center Apple Store to pick up an Apple MacBook Pro — this one is a 17″ one and is fully loaded. They had the order ready and waiting for us at the cash, which was great since we were short for time. Sir Michael is also looking forward to trying out some of his favourite computer games on it, since it is much faster than his existing Mac desktop.

While we were in the mall, we stopped at a lingerie store, since it was the night before Valentine’s Day, and I found a wonderfully cute and saucy black corset-like bustier for Lady Katana that I made her try on. Of course she looked absolutely fabulous in it, so I had to buy it for her on the promise that she would wear it to the next fetish event that I dragged her to…

The photoshoots for the client were extremely strenuous and exhausting; I don’t think I would have survived the first day if I hadn’t specifically picked a hotel with a great whirlpool hot tub. Followed that up with take-out from the “Lucky Dragon” restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown. The second day of photoshoots started off on the wrong foot, as shortly after I woke up, I got the most horrible back spasm – no doubt from the previous days work. Luckily, 45 minutes with a heating pad and two Robaxacets helped enough to get me (barely) back on my feet, but were were running late and with a tight schedule it was going to be another crazy day. Back again to soak in the hot tub again that night to try and loosen tense muscles…

The next morning, it was off to have a business breakfast with another potential design client while I was still in the city, then pick up Lady Katana on our way out. Thankfully we made it out of Toronto and most of the way home to Montreal before the worst of the night’s weather hit us.

I had been sniffling for a day or so before the trip, but whatever bug I caught hit full force upon my return to Montreal, undoubtedly worsened by the strain and stress of the project as well as all the driving. At least I hope that I can try to recuperate now that I am home safe and sound…

A quiet Christmas…

Montreal City Hall in winter

Overall, it was a very quiet holiday season and I never really had any free time to put up my tiny Xmas tree or any of my decorations. My older sister and her husband often come to Montreal at this time of year to visit with friends up in the Laurentians. However, things did not work out for them this year and so no family visit…

Michael’s older brother came up from the States for the holidays; it was a very toned down Xmas at his family’s place, as everyone really feels the loss of the father, especially at this time of year.

I decided to spoil Michael and got him a really nice and comfy new computer chair to replace his old one; which was in miserable shape, with a cracked seat back. He got me some new RAM for my laptop (yeah, more power!).

I was lucky enough to receive some gift money; so I splurged and picked out a few presents for myself, including a new winter jacket, a new digital camera and several bottles my favourite hard-to-find perfume “Eau de Mer“.

Spending the day in Halifax & Dartmouth

Ferris Wheel small

Quick notes from my trip, continued:

On Wednesday, I drove my sister and her best friend (who is also visiting from Quebec) to Halifax, as a belated birthday gift. Visited some of her favourite stores during the day and then I drove then to the waterfront, since her friend had never seen the city before. We decided to park and take a stroll along the boardwalk during the early evening before sunset. Also dropped into a restaurant and enjoyed a great dinner; I stuck with salad, but had a taste of the other dishes — a maple glazed salmon fillet grilled on a cedar plank served with garlic mashed potatoes, and a platter of bacon-wrapped scallops with Cajun dust.

On our way back home, we passed through Dartmouth and decided to stop at the small travelling fair we had noticed on our way in. It was brightly lit up and looked so pretty against the skyline and I wanted to get some pics. Got some nice shots of carousel horses and other rides. My sister and her friend got a little crazy and went on the Twister on a whim and came off giggling like fiends and then she talked me into going on with her. We had great fun and it reminded me of another memory of that particular ride was about 20 years ago — also with my sister and her same friend, when I visited her in Montreal one summer.

I also discovered that I can actually fill up the 1GB card in my camera — I ended up taking 343 high resolution pics that day – a new record for me!

(Photo is a night view of the Ferris Wheel in Dartmouth)

~ Mistress Jade

Rewarding myself with a sleek little black toy…

Video iPod bondage

I still find myself more tired than usual; although I kind of figure it has to do with the hectic and stressful schedule from the past two and a half months. My multimedia CD project finally shipped from the production house and actually arrived a day earlier (Wednesday) than we had promised in our original proposal timeline — the client was quite impressed to say the least, not only because we beat their deadline with two days to spare, but also by the quality of the product.

The other good news is that because I am now “in the system” according to them, there is a far greater likelyhood that I will be asked to put in bids and proposals on other design projects. According to one of the people connected with the project, I was one of the very few to put in a decent bid and proposal, as well as being the only one that bid on the entire project — not just the graphic and multimedia design of the CD, but the actual production of the CDs themselves. At least I have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to similar government projects in the future and can better prepare myself as a result.

In many ways, I felt as if I had been holding my breath this past week; waiting to see the final product myself, as well as wondering what the client’s reaction would be to the final CD as well. So I was quite relieved when the whole thing was complete. (Of course, I am now waiting for payment, which, of course because it is government, could take a few weeks…)

In the meantime, I promised myself that I would reward myself after the project was completed, to some really nice “treat” that I had been wanting for a while. Since I already got myself a new Apple laptop a few months ago, and a new cellphone for Christmas; I decided to go with a top-of-the-line Apple iPod, the black one with video capabilities. I dropped by a local reseller a few days ago to have a look at it in person and to make the decision as to whether I wanted to go for the 30G or 60G model — considering it is only about $100 difference in price; I’ve decided to go for the larger model, so that I can store more photos and videos on it, as well as use it as a storage backup for some of my laptop files.

I’m really looking forward to being able to listen to my entire 10+GB of music from the comfort of my car’s great stereo system while I am on my longer trips, as I already have an FM transmitter to send the music from the iPod to the stereo.

Heck, it will even be great to bring along my own “dungeon mixes” and my mini-speakers for various play sessions — I like having certain types of music when I am playing, as it helps to put me in the right mood. Do you have particular preferences in kink-music that you like to scene to?

~ Mistress Jade

My newest little toy…

Sony cellphone

Well, I just had a nice late brunch and I’m now enjoying a French Vanilla Cappuccino, so I can finally set aside a few minutes to update my blog…

Michael’s father is still in the Intensive Care Unit, with very little change in his condition. He did have a serious fever last week, but luckily that seems to have passed. He is still relatively unresponsive to those around him.

Michael’s mom spends the majority of her days at his side and Michael goes in for a few hours every night. I try to go in with him now and then, but I still find it very hard to deal with, as it continues to remind me too much of the loss of my own Dad.

I went in with Michael during around Christmas and found tears streaming down my face the whole time… I did much better this last time, but I still find that if affects my whole mood for several days afterward.

I always spend the better part of my time there putting lotion on his hands, arms, feet and legs, as his skin gets so dry otherwise. I believe that on some level he must be aware of it, and it gives me something caring to do and helps keep my mind occupied. I also give him a bit of a reflexology foot massage while I am there.


Christmas was extremely quiet — no lights, no decorations, and I never did get around to putting up a tree. My sister visited for a few days, and it seemed so much more important to treasure that little time I had with her than stressing over getting up a few decorations…

We managed to get in a good day’s shopping in while she was here. It did her a lot of good, she doesn’t get to do much leisurely shopping where she lives out in the Maritimes as she doesn’t drive. We do great as a shopping team as I tolerate her need for a coffee and a cigarette and she understands my need to take a few breaks to get off my feet so that my knees don’t give out, especially in cold weather.

I received some money as Christmas gifts; some of it went towards buying new winter tires for the car — we both feel so much safer now, especially with some of the dangerous icy weather we’ve been having here in Montreal lately and even more so with Michael driving to the hospital every evening.

I also bought myself a wonderful little cell phone for myself; Michael will be getting another one soon as well — as our old one is really on it’s last legs. Mine is a Sony Ericsson Z520 that has lots of great features, many of which I am continuing to explore. It has a colour screen and a blue light along the rim that lights up when it rings, as well as show a saved pic of the person calling. You can even have it voice dial; very handy when driving, especially since it also came with a Bluetooth headset.

Best of all it came with an integrated VGA camera — I really thought that I didn’t need one since I already have my high-end Nikon digital camera, but this one has proven very handy since it’s always with me.

I found it to be great when I’m out on errands or shopping, since I can take a pic of something that I would like to show Michael or that I would like to think about before purchasing… The quality of the pics really surprise me considering the size of the camera; it can even take night shots and small video clips!

All in all, a wonderful little phone that helps to make my life just a little bit easier. I’m rather glad I got it after all!

So, how was everyone else’s holidays? Get any neat gifts? Do tell…… (grin)

~ Mistress Jade Dragon