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A Gay & Transgender Mosque in Halifax?


A small group of Muslims in Halifax want to start a unity mosque — a space where openly gay and transgender Muslims can be themselves while they pray and women would be allowed to lead followers in prayer.

However, several imams in Halifax said everyone is welcome in the city’s five mosques regardless of their sexual orientation. They told CBC News they have not heard of or met a gay or transgender Muslim in the city.

All mosques, everybody is welcome in the mosque regardless of race, colour, gender, whatever,” said Imam Ibrahim Alshanti, of the United Muslims of Halifax. “To open a new mosque specially for these people, maybe it’s not necessary.

Read the full CBC article

It’s a Mad, Mad World

Mad Mad World!

My life has been crazy these past few weeks since I returned from Nova Scotia…

First of all, the trip itself proved to be very hard on my health, as I had pushed myself way too hard — between working the PowWow entirely by myself in extreme heat as well as the twice daily set-up/tear down just took a big toll on me. I seem to still be suffering from that Post-Viral Syndrome from a few months back; I still overestimate my ability in terms of what I am physically and emotionally able to handle. I still get tired out fairly easily and take much longer to recuperate.

So, of course what did I do? I organized a very last-minute Kinky Soirée & Fuckerware Party for some dear friends of mine who are coming up from the Maritimes for the Montreal Fetish Weekend. I didn’t get confirmation regarding all the details for the rental of the Loft Le Chateau until a few days ago; so the invites only got sent out a day and a half ago. As I said, a very last minute party indeed!

I was very stressed out about so many aspects of it that by last night it was starting to show. When I went to pick up my submissive toriko after his work, he said that he could feel my arm quivering under the stress and that it showed in my body language when I was driving. We were both hungry and I really needed a “break” so we decided to grab a bite at one of my favourite places “Restaurant Beijing”, a few minutes drive over in Chinatown.

We were barely seated when I received a call on my cellphone regarding an aspect of the get-together. So as to not disturb the nearby patrons, I went outside to take care of it. I did feel a bit more relieved when I returned and we were able to enjoy our meal. I *really* did need something out of the usual at that point and my sweet boy toriko did his best to keep my mind on more positive things and to cheer me up.

So today, I am much less stressed than I was at this time yesterday. I still have no idea how this evening’s little get-together will turn out — however I have told myself that I did the very best that I could under the circumstances and the rest is pretty well out of my hands as this point. I still have to pack various party stuff and run a few errands before this evening’s set-up… so I’m off for now!

Brain dead and exhausted

After a week of preparations and packing, then a 12 hour drive by myself and working my booth for 3 days straight at the annual PowWow in New Brunswick — I am brain-dead and physically exhausted…

Friday was rainy when I arrived and the activities were cancelled for the day; but I still set up my tent and tarps. So much for rushing down; but at least my relatives were kind enough to save my usual space for me. Saturday was a bit better weather-wise, but still damp from the previous day. Sunday was inordinately hot, with temperatures soaring up to 38.5°C in the shade!

It’s now Monday and I am trying to recuperate somewhat before I have a meeting this afternoon with some of my web clients – they wanted to meet with me since I was in the province. I did warn them that I will not be running at full capacity, so I hope that I can present myself somewhat legibly…

After that, it is the final packing of the car and then another 5 to 6 hour drive to my Mom’s place in Nova Scotia, where I will be staying to visit for a few days before heading back to Montreal.

Capuccino in the Afternoon

Frothy capuccino

What a gorgeous late spring afternoon — it’s a balmy 25°C in the shade. I’m comfortably set up on my wifi Apple laptop on my lounge chair overlooking my yard and enjoying some light classical music, with the sounds of the neighbourhood birds in the background. I’m enjoying the luxury of a frothy french vanilla capuccino, along with a pair of sinfully delicious imported biscotti – in double chocolate and orange cranberry flavours. Yum!

My oldest cat, Tigger, has decided to keep me company and is amusing herself watching the birds and the local wild suburban bunny that visits my lawn from time to time. All in all, a wonderful way to relax and catch up on my blog for my faithful readers…

Let’s see, on the evening of Wednesday May 2nd, I had a personal interview scheduled with a potential submissive. I was interested in him because he was a fan of chastity and even had his own chastity device. Unfortunately, he was not much of a social person and it didn’t look like it would be a good fit, compatibility-wise. Which is a shame, because I was looking forward to locking up some poor unfortunate sub or slave and having control over his cock and balls… especially one who cannot control his masturbation habits!

On Thursday May 3rd, I was also lucky enough to enjoy a delightful dinner with Kate & Jeanne of Halfway Creations, from the Maritimes, as they were travelling through Montreal on their way to Ontario. They are also well-known from their appearance on the fifth season of Showcase’s Kink TV show. It was wonderful to finally meet them in person, as I had been looking forward to doing so when I was supposed to go to the Maritimes back in March; but that had to be cancelled when I got sick. (I picked up a few toys from them, but will discuss that further in another blog posting.) I am looking forward to visiting their place the next time I drive out to Nova Scotia.

On Friday May 4th, several of my kinky friends and I were planning on going to see the new Spiderman 3 movie. Unfortunately, things got delayed and some had to drop out, and by the time we got the movie theater, the night’s screenings were already sold out. So a change of plans was in order; Sir Michael, myself and my submissive boy toriko drove downtown to check out the launch of the new Fétiche Store. This is a new enterprise by Isabeau, the lovely lady who organizes some of the best Fetish Balls the city of Montreal has ever seen (see some of my previous reviews).

There was quite the crowd in attendance at the store launch, and we were treated to some mango martinis as we arrived. We perused the store and checked out the wonderful variety of kinky toys, implements and leather and latex clothing that were for sale.

Sir Michael and I spent quite some time in the back of the store, checking out some of the floggers and paddles — he finally decided on a smaller and more portable leather flogger to add to his personal collection. My eye was caught by some of the gorgeous toys in the glass display case and succumbed to the temptation — again, I’ll be doing a special post on my newest kinky toy acquisitions in the very near future.

The next morning, I came down with a really nasty cold — just as I was getting significantly better from my original virus attack. My submissive toriko also caught the same bug and it showed up the same morning, so we spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy. Closest I can figure is that we must have caught it the last time we were together at that wild playparty in late April — however I seemed to have caught it much worse, since my immune system is still not up to par. Again, spent the better part of the week in bed, stuffed up and coughing again.

By Friday May 11th, I was feeling a tiny bit better, so I ventured out for a casual quiet picnic lunch in the park with submissive “r”, the one I spent a bit of time with at last month’s play party. As I mentioned before, he was recently let go by his previous Owner and has been having a difficult time coping with it all; and I had offered a friendly ear for him to talk some of it out his system. It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon in the park and we watched the many pigeons and squirrels, as well as the many people walking all sizes and shapes of dogs. We caught sight of a rare white albino squirrel and laughed when we saw a “subbie squirrel” who seemed to have a soft hair scrunchie around his neck — because it looked like a tiny collar!

We finally wrapped things up as the sun was going down, as it was starting to get quite a bit cooler. My toes and feet were quite chilled, so “r” rubbed my feet to warm them up before putting my sandals back on for me. We talked about many things that afternoon and I quite enjoyed his company. I hope that we will be able to have many more discussions in the future, as I believe that he could use a little bit of gentle guidance as he gets back on his life path.


Well, the sun is setting now, with delicate drifting clouds of pale blue and pink — and the evening air is slowly cooling off, so I really should be heading inside before I get too chilled and have something to eat as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed the afternoon’s account of this month’s kinky adventures so far, as much as I enjoyed the time I spent writing them.

Kinky friends from Montreal, the Maritimes & California


I’m still not feeling 100%. The past few nights, I keep getting coughing fits which don’t let me get any sleep at night, so my sleep cycle is pretty well upside down for now. I’m managing to get at least some work done, but I still find that I need an awful lot of sleep to feel fully rested. For now, I’m just listening to my body’s cues and taking care of myself the best I can — I *really* want to make it to the big April Fool’s Fetish Ball this coming Saturday.

Let’s see, got to catch up with a few friends over the weekend. As mentioned previously, Sir Marc dropped by on Friday night and we chatted primarily about geeky and kinky stuff. I also had a chance to talk briefly with my good friend Domina Jade; I hope to see her at the Fetish Ball as well. I’m still behind in some of my email correspondence and phone calls though — my throat is not always up for long phone calls.

I was also lucky enough to catch a good kinky friend of mine from the Maritimes, Lady Shade, in one of the online chat rooms; it was real nice to talk to her again. It’s been such a long time since I got to spend time with her. If I remember correctly, it was probably Halloween 2005, when I attended the big weekend-long party at the Top Floor dungeon. It was a magnificent event, where I got to meet tons of wonderful local kinksters, including several nice subs that I got to play with.

I think one of the reasons we originally hit it off is that we are both of such small stature. I’ve never met anyone else whose hands were as tiny as mine; hers looked like a mirror image of mine! If I remember correctly, she also really liked my hugs. There is something so perfect about hugging someone the same height as you, especially when you are only 5 feet tall; I guess because it is so rare — that it feels like you can just fit into each other’s arms nicely and rest your head on their shoulder too… Yep, I like short people hugs.

Our friend from San Francisco, Midori, arrived in Montreal today; she’s got 5 workshops that she will be presenting during the coming week. I’m hoping that we might have a chance to take her out for dinner like we have in the past, but it will depend greatly on her tight schedule, and of course, on how my health is doing.

I hate being sick!

Sick in bed

If there is one thing that annoys me more than anything else, it is being sick, especially when I have so many things to get done!

As mentioned recently, I’ve had a low-grade bug of some sort since early last month. Generally it hasn’t been too bad; more of a hassle than anything. However, these past two weeks it has been growing stronger and has kept me from attending several activities that I had planned with friends.

This week, I was supposed to drive down to the Maritimes, both for business as well as for pleasure. I was going to visit my Mom, and had hoped to attend some local BDSM munches in both Fredericton and in the Halifax-Dartmouth area. I had *really* been looking forward to seeing some old kink friends, as well as meeting new kinksters.

However, on Wednesday night this bug decided to send me into several coughing fits that were nasty enough to give me a nosebleed and leave me feeling totally exhausted. I was in absolutely no shape to drive the 9 hours or so to Fredericton, and would have been totally useless at the conference I was to attend. So, unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel my trip and instead spend the time resting and trying to let my body recuperate.

Of course, I have a hard time just sitting around and doing nothing… Thank goodness for my laptop and working from bed; as I will probably still try to catch up on some web-related design work for my clients when I feel up to it during the next few days.

My apologies and regrets to my Maritime kink friends — I hope to schedule another trip “back home” later on in the year…

Beverage of the moment: Jasmine Green Tea

On My Way Home…

Covered Bridge

The day I left from Nova Scotia, my Mom was also packing up for a trip to Cape Breton, so the house was a bit chaotic. After another late night, I tried getting up early enough to be on time for the opening of the online registration of Midori’s Rope Dojo that is being held on the weekend of October 28 & 29th in Montreal.

I had a touch of panic when the registration wasn’t operating yet, as it stated that it would open at 6am Pacific time. I would be heading on the road soon and wouldn’t necessarily have another chance to try until I got home. I remember how fast Midori‘s previous Rope Dojos had sold out and wanted to make sure that I could register for our two spaces.

I remained calm and ran a few last minute errands around town; including picking up a handful of good quality riding crops and two dressage whips from the local agricultural Coop for some friends back home. When I returned to finish packing my wagon, I tried the registration process one more time — Success! What a relief! So, Michael and I are now registered for Midori’s Rope Dojo and we are really looking forward to it.

I left on the road at the same time my Mom left and we waved again as we went our separate ways. Although I did not manage to get as many things done on my to-do list that I would have liked (primarily due to the weather and my car key crisis); it had still been very enjoyable to spend time with my Mom and my older sister.

The first leg of my trip to Fredericton was relatively uneventful and I pulled up to Dooleys at around 8:45 pm. I had made last minute arrangements to meet with some of the local kink community on my way back home. I was greeted by two friendly locals, Bob & Mad and we sat in the comfy couches near the fireplace to exchange some stories and share experiences. We had some interesting discussions including comparing & contrasting our respective kink communities — quite the difference! It was a fun experience and I am looking forward to the next time I have the opportunity to stop there again, hopefully with more lead time so that more people could make it out for an informal munch type gathering.

I stopped for a quick bite to eat before continuing on the road around 11 pm. About a half hour afterwards, it started to rain, a little while later and it was an absolute downpour. Even with my Rain-X rain repellant on the windshield it quickly became undriveable, so I found a safe rest-over place at a 24hr truck stop/restaurant/gas station and slept in the back of my wagon until morning.

Continued on my way, enjoying the countryside with the early morning fog. Found a lovely spooky abandoned farmhouse along the way, so I stopped to do some photography. I even enjoyed a breakfast of handfuls of wild raspberries from amidst the masses of wildflowers; what a nice way to start the morning. Stopped briefly in Hartland, New Brunswick to refill my Tim Horton’s French Vanilla Cappucino and to photograph the world’s longest covered bridge in the morning fog. (See my blog photo on the top.)

As usual, I crossed the border at the Edmunston NB & Madawaska ME border, in order to fill up on relatively cheap gas (at least compared to Canadian prices). Stocked up on some of my favourites – Sobe Green Ice Tea, as it is hard to find back in Montreal.

The last leg of the trip across the province of Quebec was extremely hot and muggy; thank goodness for air conditioning! I was originally planning to stop in Quebec City to do some more photography but the heat made me decide otherwise, since it would have made for too much of an exhausting day, especially since I still had three more hours of driving back to Montreal. I’m glad I skipped my excursion, as I was already very tired when I pulled into my driveway at around 4 pm, with not even enough energy to unpack the car.

I was very glad for my new iPod during this trip to the Maritimes and back. There are several parts of the journey when there are few if any decent radio stations; and it allowed me to listen to my own collection music with absolutely no commercials or annoying announcers, and without having to change my CDs all the time. Strangely enough, the last song that played on my iPod as I drove the last few streets home was entitled “I’m Going Home” by Chris de Burgh; the opening line of which is “I left my home by the ocean…”

Michael was a sweetheart and had burned some of my favourite scented oils for my return, so the house smelled so sweet and inviting when I walked in the door; to be welcomed by him and the cats. I do love travelling and exploring, but there is nothing quite so nice as returning home to your own comfy bed…