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Enjoying the last few hours of summer…


Well, only a few more hours and summer will be no more…

So, I am trying to enjoy the last little bit while it lasts. It’s a fairly clear day, with a nice breeze blowing through the trees. None of them have starting changing colours yet, but I’m sure it will only be a matter of 2-3 weeks before that will begin.

I mowed my whole front lawn yesterday, and used my weed whacker to clear all kinds of excess plant growth from around the walkways, driveway and hedges. However, the tool is a bit large and heavy for my small hands — so it has stressed my right wrist a bit, as it is quite stiff and sore today. I’ve been wearing my wrist brace to help stabilize it and keep it from aching, but I need to take it off to type. Hopefully it will get better by the weekend…

I also washed my “baby” – my Saturn wagon was getting a bit dusty and needed some lovin’. I love that deep shade of midnight blue when it is freshly washed – it just glows. I still need to have the interior cleaned and vacuumed, but I will wait till I can get one of my subs to do that for me.

Speaking of which, I need to start making a list of all the things that need to be done to the house in preparation for winter. I don’t want to wait until the last minute for some of them, like in past years. Hedges need to be trimmed, outdoor stuff stored in the garage, gutters cleaned, etc…. I also want to finish some interior projects (like painting) while the weather is still warm enough to allow the windows to be opened for airing out.

So much to be done!

~ Mistress Jade

Going to a Kinky Corn Roast & Pool Party!

Corn Basket

It’s finally the weekend; and we have been invited to attend a “Kinky Corn Roast & Pool Party” being hosted by Maitre Pierre and Mistress Catharine (best known for their BDSM-Circle website and their appearance on the Kink TV series).

Last time I visited them earlier this summer, it was for a BBQ and Pool Party on Canada Day weekend and I had an absolute blast, so I am really looking forward to it. They have this great little hot tub in their basement too, which is wonderful to lounge in after swimming in the pool…

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend too!

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Choosing Zen over fetish…

Zen Moon

A quiet night.
Full moon.
Gentle summer rain.
The relaxing sound of crickets.

All the ingredients to take time out to enjoy a Zen evening for myself. I could have gone to the regular fetish event tonight, but decided against it; and now I know why…

This moment in time.

It is refreshingly cool out this evening; a welcome change after weeks of muggy summer weather. I take the time to bring out my luxuries; a curly sheepskin hide to throw over my lounge chair, a golden faux fur throw blanket, a half dozen candles to read by, and lastly, one of my oriental dragon mugs full of jasmine green tea.

The candles illuminate the pages of my book, as I slowly savour the taste of the tea as it warms my throat and it’s delicate jasmine scent fills my senses.

Two of my cats join me, sitting like mirror images of each other on both sides of the stone parapet — like ancient Egyptian guards, with their eyes reflecting both the candles and the moonlight.

I stop reading and put my book down on my lap.

The air smells so sweet after the rain.

I hear lone raindrops as they drip from the cedar and the pine trees. Wet diamonds sparkle among the grass in the moonlight.


Off to the movies… and a Moolatte

Dairy Queen Moolatte

One of my Domme friends is about to head out of the city again and won’t be back until early September, so we’ve decided to make it a Dom/Domme threesome and head out and catch a flick. It’s her choice this time, so we are catching “Land of the Dead” at the Dollar Cinema in central Montreal. She’s about the only one who will watch horror flicks with me!

Afterwards, we are gonna treat ourselves to some “Mega-Moolattés” at a local Dairy Queen. Gee, I’ve gotten several friends hooked on those this summer. Sooooo, much better than those iced caps over at Tim Hortons, although I do have a thing going for their regular hot French Vanilla cappuccinnos.

Gotta run and start to get ready; gotta beat traffic as the movie starts at 5:30PM.

~ Mistress Jade

Annual PowWow Trip


It’s been a very hectic two weeks… I had to prepare and pack for another trip to the Maritimes — and with a non-functioning air conditioner in the main living area of the house, it was extremely muggy and exhausting.

I left around 4 am Wednesday morning (July 13th), and at least that meant that it was marginally cool driving, since the air conditioner in the car was on the fritz again. The dealer had refilled it with coolant and added a tagger to trace the leak, and sure enough, it had started leaking again — so no more A/C on the drive down. Starting around the New Brunswick border, it rained off an on for the rest of the drive to Miramichi. Luckily, I had replaced my wipers while I stopped in Edmunston, as during the drive through the desolate Plaster Rock park, it rained extremely heavily. There is almost no shoulder on that back road, and very few places safe enough to pull over, so it was actually safer to keep on driving, albeit a very slow 50-70 km. The rain was so loud pouring down that I had to have the sound system blaring just to hear the music over the rain hitting the car’s exterior!

I arrived in Miramichi around 8pm Thursday the 14th, and dropped into my Aunt and Uncle’s place to see if anyone was home. No one there. Ok, off to the powwow grounds to find a good spot and at least set up my screen tent. Figures, it rains again while I am trying to put it up, but some very friendly neighbours helped me to get it up quite quickly. I also added the side tarps, to protect the interior from rain, so the ground wouldn’t be soaked the next day and I could put down my ground sheet. Finished up just as the last of the daylight was going and drove over to my relatives and spent the night recuperating from the long drive.

Next day I slept in a bit and ran some errands; such as going to the bank to make sure I had enough bills for change and picked up a Subway sandwich to eat later, as well as some Tim Horton’s French Vanilla, tea biscuits for a quick breakfast, as well as a half dozen muffins, also for later.

I must admit that Miramichi is one of my favorite powwows, because it is big enough to draw a good variety of people but not so huge as to become a major commercial style event. The organizers do a very good job and the grounds themselves, located beside the Miramichi river, are beautiful. They are also one of the few powwows left that do not charge either the vendors or the attendees, which certainly helps both in terms of variety of goods on display, as well as the growing number of visitors. I understand that this year drew about 3,000 people, practically twice as big as last year.

I didn’t get to see as much of the activities up close as I did last year, as there was more crowd between my tent and the dance circle. I also rarely had relatives drop by to spell me for bathroom breaks; my Aunt dropped by for an hour on Sunday so that I could actually take some photos of the dancers and their regalia — otherwise I pretty well would have missed the best of it. Did meet a hoop dancer from Maniwaki who turned out to be the niece of one of our very old family friends; pretty cool how small a world it is sometimes!

Saturday night had a fireworks show, quite tiny compared to the annual International Fireworks Competition we have in Montreal, but it is located much closer to the spectators, so comparitively speaking it seems quite large and impressive. Was quite fun to watch as I haven’t seen that many fireworks this year…

The entire weekend was extremely hot and muggy; at one point, my travel clock that features a temperature sensor, measured a high of 38.5 degrees Celcius in the shade of my tent. Outside in the sun, it measured 50 degrees Celcius or 120 degrees Farenheit. I even took a digital pic of the temperature reading, because I was sure that nobody would believe me later… So many people commented on how cool my tent was compared to outside, so the shade was definitely a bonus for attracting and keeping potential clients to look and shop for my charm bracelets that much longer…

I didn’t do quite as well as last year (about $100 less), but there were so many more vendors than last year that the visitor’s spending money was probably spread that much thinner as a result. Still, a good part of it will go towards the repair costs for the car’s A/C unit, as well as other expenses. It was also very nice to spend some time with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins, and my Mom took the train from NS to join us, so I drove her back and I am currently spending some time here in Nova Scotia.

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

St. Jean Day in Montreal


So, I ended up going to see a movie by myself after all… It was good to get out for a drive; the air felt quite fresh after the rain.

Went to my favorite little theater called Dollar Cinema, near the Namur metro station. Everything is a dollar — a buck for admission, a buck for a drink and a buck for a popcorn. And they flavour their popcorn just right, doesn’t need any extra butter or salt.

Watched “Sahara”, based on a novel by Clive Cussler. I’ve read one of his novels before and rather enjoyed it, so I was hoping some of his style would carry through. I understand he had a major dispute with how the filmmakers portrayed his novel. However, if you go there expecting the standard American B-flick action movie, you really won’t be too disappointed. Not bad for an evening’s mindless entertainment.

Also caught up on some of my videotapes when I came back late that night. Got through about 4 hours worth, but of course it’s shorter because of skipping the commercials – I just LOVE that my VCR knows how to do that on it’s own!

Today is a holiday in Quebec – St. Jean, the national francophone holiday. I believe the rest of Canada generally enjoys theirs on August 1st. What is great about it is that we also have Canada Day on July 1st, so it always means that we have two long weekends back-to-back.

I’m debating going outside to mow my lawns for a bit of exercise, if it’s not too hot and muggy…

(Added later: Yes, I did manage to get the back lawn mowed and used the edge trimmer to get all those nasty little weed shoots trying to poke through the patio stones. Then I hosed it all clean before I lost all the daylight. Now I have a good feeling of accomplishment to end the day with. My Dom partner, Master Michael treated us both to some Hawaiian pizza from Domino’s, since it is a long weekend…)