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Unholy Harvest – Oct. 10-12th, 2008

Unholy Harvest

My dear friend Andrea, the former Montrealer now living in Toronto, otherwise known as the Sex Geek, has been mentioned in an article regarding the upcoming Unholy Harvest. It’s a very cool women’s only event which is happening this coming Thanksgiving long weekend (yeah, we Canadians celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday a month before Americans).

The Unholy Army’s early goal was to queer kinky spots by inviting a critical mass of lesbians to play spaces on quiet nights. Building on that success, St-Urbain and co-organizer Andrea Zanin launched Unholy Harvest in Ottawa last year. It’s a weekend getaway for lesbians and transfolk into BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism.)

To read the complete article and more about this event, check out the Ottawa Xtra online version: “Leather Dykes Revel in Unholy Harvest“. And here’s a link to the website for the Unholy Harvest; weekend memberships are $110, contact them through their website to see if there are still any spaces available.

Off to Ottawa to a Midori bondage workshop…

Midori in black latex

I was lucky enough to get a call yesterday from the “Venu Envy” store in Ottawa — apparently there were two cancellations received for Midori’s previously sold out “Intro to Japanese Bondage” workshop and since I was at the top of the waiting list, I got them!

That was good news, since for some strange reason Midori is not offering that particular workshop when she arrives in Montreal in a little over a week’s time. I wasn’t in town when Midori was here last year.

I’ve already picked up her book on Japanese Bondage, and have been practicing when the opportunity presents itself, but I am looking forward to watching this Rope Diva doing her stuff in person.

Wish me some “knotty” fun!!

~ Mistress Jade