Daily Archives: May 17, 2005

Review: Friday the 13th Fetish Play Party in Montreal

Blue Dragon

Well, on Friday the 13th, I attended the “Fetish Play Party” at Montreal’s Club L’Eclipse, in order to check it out. It used to be held on the same Friday as the Club Sin events, so I had never been there, as I prefer Club Sin Fetish Fridays. They had also apparently changed the location to a different club from the old Stereo Bar.

I attended with my Dom partner, Master Michael, and my male sub jon. We arrived shortly before 11 PM and the place was terribly quiet, with maybe 20 people in total with very few wearing anything remotely fetish-looking. Closer to midnight, more people started arriving, with more fetish type clothing, but still nothing tremendously impressive.

The bar itself was rather nice with very high ceilings, which proved good in reducing the smokiness of the air. When we arrived, two of the tables were encroaching on the dance floor, which nobody was using. It was only shortly before midnight that the staff moved the tables over (Duh!), which encouraged people to finally venture out to dance. The music was very techno/disco/pop with a very heavy backbeat that really didn’t change from song to song. It was a bit more light-hearted and cheerier than the industrial/techno/goth stuff they play at Club Sin, but got very tiring after an hour or so, as all the tunes sounded almost exactly the same.

Probably the only thing that saved the evening from boredom was the arrival of one of my very old friends, Master Peter (whom I’ve known for over 15 years) and a local Pro-Domme, Mistress Yvanka. At least we were able to chat for a while to keep ourselves entertained.

All in all, for an event that promotes itself as a “fetish play party”, there was absolutely no play furniture or equipment and no places set off specifically for play. The atmosphere was not conducive at all to any play either. We only saw one Domme leading a male sub around in a rope bondage harness, and there was a very light 10 minute flogging in one corner – that was it for the night! It was most definitely a “see and be seen” type event, but even the level of fetish wear was very disappointing, especially since they advertised they had a fairly strict dress code and yet we saw several guys in check shirts or polos and a girl in a tube top and jeans. At least other clubs have a minimum “black dress” code, if you do not specifically have any fetish garb, so as to keep the distracting vanilla look to a minimum.

I walked around and did a final head count and there was a maximum of only 80-85 people in the club at it’s most busiest. The three of us were so disappointed that we left at only 2 AM. All three of us gave it a rating of only 5/10, and the only reason I didn’t give it a 4/10 is that the place was relatively smoke-free for a club. All I can say: “Been there, done that, wasn’t impressed!” I certainly wouldn’t recommend it very much to other local kinksters, unless it was right in their neighbourhood, as it wasn’t worth the drive.

Have you ever been to a BDSM or Fetish event that proved disappointing? What was it that failed your expectations? Do you have a “worst event ever” story? If so, please feel free to share…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon