The Journey Continues…


This past Victoria Day Weekend was also the annual Tulip Festival in the little maritime town where I am staying. (See pic above.) Lots of rain though, so I didn’t venture out too much…

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday), I have to drive about an hour south to Halifax for a meeting, then back here. Then we leave again that evening for Cape Breton, another 4 hour drive for another meeting on Thursday and then back here for Friday…. ugh. Lots of driving.

Personally, I feel like curling up with my laptop and playing “Diablo 2” or some “Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds“, rather than spending the day driving around the province.

So, what’s your favorite computer game? How do you waste your time when you are not online? Looking forward to feedback and/or comments, so I have something to check when I get a chance to get back on the Net and check my email and my blog…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

5 responses to “The Journey Continues…

  1. Oh, also, I build speakers and amplifiers and other electronics when I am not online, stuff to put in my car’s sound system. I draw a lot too (as well I should, I am working for a BFA in computer animation), so I look forward to playing something that I made, one of these days!


  2. intrepid_fad

    Favorite computer game? Civilisation (I, II or II)

    How do I waste time? I paint miniatures or play RPGs

    THEN when I have real time, I do my hobbies (like practicing my knots).

    Entered the s/m world because my hobby became my work and I needed a new hobby. I can now imagine a professional dominant doing weaving as an hobby….

    So if you want a game to play with your mom, don’t hesitate I can recommend quite a few.. We get to test most of the new ones.

    You should take care of playing too much computer games, I used to be an Everquest addict and it almost destroyed me. Even today, faced with a chat room and minimal graphics I could be lost for hours or even days. I do not play any multi-player games anymore via the web because of that!

    Did you go to Shippagan? There are some nice tourist attaction nearby and to eat fish there is to go to heaven. It used to be cod, I really wonder what they eat there now!

  3. Opteron,
    I used to a lot more drawing too, as I have a degree in “Illustration & Design” but now find myself doing more creative stuff in the digital world.


    I used to call my Civ games the “blackholes” because it was so easy to get sucked into a game for hours at a time. That is one of the reasons that I like playing Galactic Battlegrounds, because if I put the settings right my games only last an hour or so. I only play Diablo on a weekend when I can spend a few hours doing it because you really need to have a few hours to clear a particular dungeon level properly.
    I used to do AD&D way back when and had a huge collection of painted figs. I kept only my extensive pewter and painted dragon figurine collection from those days…

    ~ Mistress Jade Dragon

  4. intrepid_fad

    Depending on the age of those miniatures, you could be keeping a very expensive collection. You should check if they are made by “Ral Partha”, if so you can sell most of them for a small fortune as they are rare and collectable now! (Especially the dragons, but I’m guessing that they are your precious!! If you want somebody to buy you another dragon for your collection, write to me, I’ve got catalogs.)

    You seem to have your gaming experience well in hand.

    For D&D, I know a couple of s/m players who actually plays RPG’s as an hobby! Including 2 at local shops. I could probably find a full 6 player party. LOL

    I should organize a special “One shot” game with s/m interested people! a “play munch” or something similar.

  5. I used to work at two different hobby stores in Montreal years ago, and that is how I was able to afford my collections — as they used to give staffers a bit of a discount.

    Yeah, some of them are Ral Partha & other major names. I also have a box of figs of the wolf elves of Elfquest – those were pretty rare back then, I would imagine that they are even more collectible now…

    I have always been attracted to Dragons, but strangely enough I did not find out that I was born in the Year of the Dragon till I was a teenager — then it sort of made sense why they were so special to me. I’ve been slowly collecting nice dragon pieces over the years, from lead figs and pewter, to pottery and fine porcelain.

    ~ Mistress Jade Dragon