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A Domme’s Review: Montreal Fetish Friday June 17th


It’s time once again to catch up on my journalling/blogging from the past week…

Last Friday (the 17th) I attended the Club Sin Fetish Friday by myself; all my usual kinky friends were unavailable or out of town. I was very lucky in finding a parking spot only a few doors down from the club, which is pretty unusual on a friday night in downtown Montreal.

I arrived a bit before 11 pm and the place was fairly populated, but certainly not the crowds one can usually expect on the first fridays of the month. I counted around 80-ish people and as the night progressed, more people trickled in until it reached a maximum of about 125 or so folk. Not terribly crowded, but then again it allowed people to circulate without having to bump into each other.

I snagged a table for myself on the upper level to the left of the stage, which allowed me a good view of the dance floor and the stage presentation later that night. It was Mistress Vanisha with Princess Murielle and Zia, a trio of very young (21 to 24 years) local pro-dommes. Unfortunately, their show was over an hour late and in the meantime they took up most of the dance floor with their props, so almost nobody could dance as a result.

Their show was uninspiring to say the least, rather predictable and certainly nothing new. It seemed a pieced-together piece of play acting supposedly based in a hotel room, designed to try to show off a few fetish type outfits they owned; which in itself was nothing spectacular compared to some of the stuff the audience itself was wearing… There was a fairly conservative teacher type, a bellboy, a bikini top and shorts, a housemaid (not even with the typical french maid outfit) and a nurse — nothing impressive. Overall, I’d give their “show” a 4/10.

I finally got a chance to dance later on. Noticed a very handsome and nubile male sub in tiny leather shorts kept glancing at me on the dance floor. I smiled and nodded at him in a friendly manner, as he seemed to be impressed with my outfit. I must mention that I finally got a chance to wear my antique top hat — and it garnered me a number of compliments over the evening. So I figured that is what he might have been looking at…

I also finally got a chance to introduce myself to “Jules” a local male cross-dresser extraordinaire, who gained a somewhat of a celebrity status after appearing on the recent Montreal season of the “Kink” series on Showcase. He was quite sweet and even gave me an invitation to the launch of a new local dungeon on July 9th. I’ll have to contact him again and see if I can bring a few of my kinky friends…

Late in the night, I noticed Bianca Beauchamp made an appearance; she is a very well-known latex fetish model from Montreal. . She is very tiny and pretty and is best known for her amazing cleavage, 32 DD if I remember correctly. She wasn’t wearing any of her more colourful or revealing latex or fetish outfits, just a skin-toned translucent latex skirt with a matching little jacket/top. She is quite the exhibitionist though, and did get up on the dance floor by herself and was quite wonderful to watch as she danced very sexily, with almost belly-dance style moves — it reminded me of a stage performance she gave at Club Sin several months ago.

Just before closing, that young male sub from the dance floor approached me and mentioned to me in french something to the effect that I had such a nice riding crop and it was such a shame that I did not get to put it to use that night. I replied that since both my male subs were now in Europe and my femsub is currently working two jobs, that I am temporarily “sub-less”.

We got to chatting for a bit; as best we could considering how loud the music was. I don’t think he had ever come across a Domme with a stable and he was very curious that I had one. He mentioned to me how one of his friends is a Dom and pointed him out to me. He is one that I had noticed earlier in the evening doing what seemed to be an extremely heavy flogging on someone’s sub or boyfriend, but he seemed to have no care for the boy’s kidney area — I hadn’t been impressed, but then again it was in a club and hard to tell from 25 feet away. Since it is not a true dungeon club, only a fetish night/play party — there are no official dungeon monitors.

He mentioned that he is quite interested in exploring his Dominant side, but to do so properly he wishes to explore the submissive side first, in order to better grasp what it is all about – something that I can understand. We talked some more before the lights came up and I gave him one of my fetish cards and he gave me his email address. We’ll see if anything more comes of it…

All in all, not a bad kink night, if a little toned down compared to most. It was good to get out, even if it was by myself.

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

St. Jean Day in Montreal


So, I ended up going to see a movie by myself after all… It was good to get out for a drive; the air felt quite fresh after the rain.

Went to my favorite little theater called Dollar Cinema, near the Namur metro station. Everything is a dollar — a buck for admission, a buck for a drink and a buck for a popcorn. And they flavour their popcorn just right, doesn’t need any extra butter or salt.

Watched “Sahara”, based on a novel by Clive Cussler. I’ve read one of his novels before and rather enjoyed it, so I was hoping some of his style would carry through. I understand he had a major dispute with how the filmmakers portrayed his novel. However, if you go there expecting the standard American B-flick action movie, you really won’t be too disappointed. Not bad for an evening’s mindless entertainment.

Also caught up on some of my videotapes when I came back late that night. Got through about 4 hours worth, but of course it’s shorter because of skipping the commercials – I just LOVE that my VCR knows how to do that on it’s own!

Today is a holiday in Quebec – St. Jean, the national francophone holiday. I believe the rest of Canada generally enjoys theirs on August 1st. What is great about it is that we also have Canada Day on July 1st, so it always means that we have two long weekends back-to-back.

I’m debating going outside to mow my lawns for a bit of exercise, if it’s not too hot and muggy…

(Added later: Yes, I did manage to get the back lawn mowed and used the edge trimmer to get all those nasty little weed shoots trying to poke through the patio stones. Then I hosed it all clean before I lost all the daylight. Now I have a good feeling of accomplishment to end the day with. My Dom partner, Master Michael treated us both to some Hawaiian pizza from Domino’s, since it is a long weekend…)

A Restless Domme…

Purple Dragon

I am kind of restless tonight… want to do something but I don’t know what.

I thought of playing some more Diablo 2 – last night I got my female Sorceress up to level 19.

I thought of watching some of my videotaped shows that are starting to be backlogged from the past 2 weeks…

And I am even debating going to see “Sahara” at the Dollar Cinema downtown. Maybe the drive would do me some good to get out of the house. It’s refreshingly cool out this eveing, with the light afternoon rain having cleansed everything…

Hmmmm….. what to do?

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Back from the Sunday Munch…


Was nice to meet some of the old regulars and some new faces. The restaurant was “La Cage aux Sports” in downtown Montreal — most of us weren’t impressed because the waiter kept screwing up our orders or waiting forever for them… We ended up calling over the manager to try and straighten everything out.

Met a local sub who has graciously volunteered for some of our upcoming “Montreal FemDomme Society” events later this summer and fall. I’m particularly looking forward to organizing some of our “Mistress High Teas”.

Gotta admit though, dessert was pretty decent. My fellow Femdomme, Lady August and I shared a double brownie with ice cream. She and I are “dessert buddies”; we always seem to aim for the same desserts and have the same tastes, so we share one between the two of us so it’s not as sinful. We save the sinful stuff for when we’re Domming…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Heading out to a Sunday Munch…

Caesar Salad

It’s Sunday and I am heading out to one of the monthly Montreal munches in about an hour. I’ll be picking up my Domme friend Lady August Joy, that is, if she gets over her migraine in time. I’m bringing some Motrin for her, just in case…

It will be nice to sit down with people over a meal and chat about everything and anything. Usually there is a good 20-odd people, but those numbers might be lower due to Father’s Day — we’ll see.

Be back to review the proceedings later…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Tired out but happy…

Dragon Nap

Went to Fetish Friday last night, didn’t get back till around 4am or so… I’m still rather tired out today, so I think I will nap and laze some more. I’ll try posting a more detailed review of my night’s activities sometime later on when I’m a bit more clear-headed…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

A Hot & Knotty Saturday…

Male bound in black rope

Since I didn’t make it to the June 3rd Fetish Friday event, I’ve been real antsy to get out and have some kinky fun. Both of my male subs are gone to Europe, and my femsub is working 2 jobs and therefore unavailable, so play-wise, I am currently temporarily sub-less.

Got to chat over the phone with my FemDomme friend Lady August Joy and we decided to attend “Le Chateau” together. We’ve already done some scenes together, particularly on my sub jon and really play quite well together.

Saturday the 11th was also the day of one of the local munches, but it was supposed to be a picnic munch and with all the hot muggy weather, neither I nor any of my friends felt up to it, and decided to skip it and rest up for the evening’s fun instead.

So I picked up August Joy in my car (finally got the A/C fixed – Yeah!), so we had a nice refreshing drive out to the eastern part of the island to “Le Chateau”. Luckily we found parking right across the street, which was a good thing, since I was hauling a fairly hefty pack with a large part of my kinky toy collection inside and it was rather heavy. (Never mind the half dozen riding crops sticking out one end…)

Hmmmmmm… they rearranged some of the interior of Le Chateau, including several large drape/curtains across the doorway entrances to some of the rooms, to keep the air conditioned air contained within. The back “comfy room” as I’ve taken to calling it, has been transformed into a sort of mini-theater, with a projection screen showing kinky films. The ones they were showing were without sound and relatively short and were on repeat. Unfortunately, it is now too dark in the room to even see others in order to have a decent conversation. I did find some tealights set out and lit them, which helped a bit…

I dug out my trio of new books to share with Lady August while we waited for more folk to arrive. Also showed her my new riding crops and my new set of beautiful black bondage ropes. A francophone gentleman sitting across the way was also quite interested so I let him see them too. A conversation ensued where he discovered that we were “sub-less” for the evening and offered himself for our use. He was gentle-natured and quite pleasing to the eye and so after some discussion, we decided to take him up on the offer.

The three of us went upstairs, where I had discovered one of the other play rooms was now much better lit and much cooler. Since he was a relative newcomer to the scene, we decided to take it quite easy on him as we were not familiar with all of his reactions, etc.

August and I decided to use the sawhorse for our play and I proceeded to use my new ropes to restrain him, binding his wrists and wrapping his waist/ lower back area to both hold him and protect his kidneys from any flogging. We noticed he had a mild sunburn and put a cool wet cloth across his shoulders to keep him from overheating. I also kept one nearby for myself, as the room tended to warm up from people coming in and out of the room to watch, letting the cool air escape.

I blindfolded him to keep him on the alert and to heighten the experience, something he later said really worked quite well on him. Between the two of us, we warmed up his cheeks to a nice rosy glow with some spanking, my selection of riding crops and my red flogger.

Later, I untied him from the sawhorse and proceeded to do a Shibari-style diamond body harness on him. While August proceeded to tease his nipples, I took out some more of my rope, this time a finer white cord and started to wrap up his uncircumcised cock for some light CBT. It definitely did something for him, as he started to get hard…

We played a while longer, but kept it to about an hour, as it was getting so warm that it was very uncomfortable for us and we needed to rest. Before he went off to shower, he mentioned that if we wanted to play again later, he would be more than willing to offer himself again, but neither of us was really up to doing a whole scene again due to the heat. It sure can be hard work, especially in the muggy heat…

We rested on the couches for a while, talking with others. I briefly got to meet Softskin (from ALT) and her husband. Several people made comments on my large and heavy bag of toys, and I ended up taking out my books again and some of my goodies to share/show the others.

One of my Dom friends, Spike, was there with a femsub named aria, and asked if I would be willing to try some of my bondage on her. I was fairly restored by then and decided to give it a go. She was a fair bit taller than me, so it was a bit of a challenge.

I joined my two 24 foot ropes, so that I could attempt a “Mermaid” style full body harness, using a Shibari-inspired diamond pattern, and a crossed arms behind the back rope restraint.

Wow. Gorgeous!

It turned out quite nice if I do say so myself… I was VERY pleased with my work as that is the first time that I got to try that particular effect.

Spike proceeded to lift and move her carefully over to the imposing black wall cross, where, with a bit of my help in positioning her feet, we mounted her on the footstand. I proceeded to stabilize her with rope from her elbows to the cross arms and he blindfolded her with a scarlet red bandana. I thought that all that black with a touch of red in her blond hair made for a striking composition — as did Spike (he is a fetish photographer too). I wish I had been allowed to have my camera with me as it made for a delightful pose.

Spike got to have some nice playtime with her bound so nicely to the cross, before he took his time undoing the rope work, learning some of the pattern work by doing so.

I think that perhaps Spike and I might collaborate more in the future, doing some fetish photography of some of my bondage art works. I’ll have to keep an eye out for potential models…. any offers anyone?

All in all, a delightful evening at Le Chateau, if somewhat tiring from the heat and mugginess. But it felt so nice to be back among kinky folk and to have some playtime.

Lady August and I decided to stop by a Tim Hortons for a quick bite and something refreshing to drink before I dropped her off. I decided to spoil myself and try their new mini chocolate cheesecake, but I wasn’t impressed because it was too chewy for cheesecake, it was more like fudge. The iced cappucinno was also not great, as it separates much too easily into coffee water and ice. I *much* prefer the iced “Moolattas” from Dairy Queen — they are much more rich and remind me somewhat of a coffee milkshake. The DQ ones come in variety of flavours too; French Vanilla (my fave), cappuccino, moka and caramel.

It was dawn by the time I dropped her off and the rosy skies cheered me as I drove home tired but pleased by my night of kinky fun…