Time to catch up on my blogging…


I finally arrived back in Montreal after a long, hot and tiring drive home on the 2nd & 3rd of June. The A/C in my car was not working and even with the windows wide open it was like being in a oven and the breeze only felt like a hot hair dryer. During the last few hours, I even had to stop at the provincial roadstops to try to avoid heatstroke — I went inside and filled up my water bottle in the washrooms and went to a shady grassy area and sat back and proceeded to slowly pour it over my head and hair, in an attempt to cool down my scalp. I also poured another bottle over my poor hot bare feet, and it helped tremendously. Of course, only 30 km later, I was overheating again and had to repeat the process, but at least I was now within sight of the island of Montreal….

Got home and started unpacking the car as best I could considering the muggy heat. I wanted to attend the Fetish Friday event that night (June 3rd) but needed a serious nap to recuperate before some partying. However, I either slept through my alarm entirely, or turned it off without realizing it — because when I finally work up it was quarter to midnight and instead of a 90 minute nap, I had passed out for over 5 hours! Oh well! I guess I was tired and really needed the rest then… Too bad though, it sounded like the “Made in Japan” performance might have been real neat to see.

Spent the first week back trying to catch up on all sorts of things, from phone calls and emails, to general business-related stuff. I also REALLY, REALLY missed my waterbed and all my pillows – I’ve been sleeping very well compared to during my trip. It’s sooooooo nice to be back home!

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