Reaaaaally strange coincidences…

SUV Limos

Really weird coincidences yesterday — I had to go up north to the Laurentians to do a photo shoot, and on our way there in traffic we noticed a very unique brown van selling golf balls, complete with their email address on the back in big letters. Only a 4 hours later, on our return trip, we see exactly the same van in traffic going in the same direction as us. Later that night, as I’m about to pick up my sub to go clubbing, I notice two huge white SUV limos (relatively common downtown, but is fairly rare in the suburbs). When I drop him off 5 hours later, the same 2 SUVs (same plates) are coming back along the same road.

Now Montreal is a sizable city of almost 4 million people, so that just compounds the statistic improbability of it all. Just weird enough and similar circumstances to make you go hmmmmmm….

Anyone ever had any strange stuff happen to them that seemed more than just coincidence?

~ Mistress Jade

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