Making new rope sets… what’s your favorite tip or trick?

Black Rope

I had a relatively quiet weekend…

I did manage to work on some of my new rope that I picked up while I was in the Maritimes this summer. It is several hanks of a very nice parachute cord, in about 50 foot lenghts.

Of course, I didn’t particularly care for the army green colour, so I decided to try dyeing them black, to go with my larger diameter black rope sets.

I wasn’t too sure if the black dye would take, because of some of the synthetic materials in the rope, but it was worth a try. I used my large enamel pot and simmered the ropes in the dye mixture for an hour, much longer than the 20 minutes recommended, but I figured it would help it “sink in” better.

I rinsed them in cold water afterwards, hoping to help “set” the colour and get rid of excess dye, then laid them out to dry in the laundry room. They certainly looked darker, but then again, they were still damp.

Today, after they have dried out more, I see that the colour is almost back to the original green, with only a hint of slightly darker to them. Harumph! Not pleased….

Anyone have any tips on dyeing military parachute cording? I’d want something that I can access or purchase fairly easily here in Canada, as well a dyeing process that can be accomplished in a kitchen or bathroom… Please feel free to post some tips on this!

After the ropes have dried completely for a day or two, I’d like to start cutting them up into smaller segments. I’m not sure if I am going to whip-finish the ends, or if I’ll try using some colour-coded duct tapes, to help identify the different lengths.

I do however, still plan to use my colour-coded thread to mark the center point of each length, it makes it SOOOO much easier to find the mid-point of the rope when you are in the middle of a scene, rather than having to fold it in half. Especially handy for longer lengths… If you haven’t tried it yet; give it a try and you’ll see how handy it can be!

Have any of you found any particular tips or tricks that have proved handy over the years? Do you have a preference for a particular way of storing your rope — coils, braided, etc? Please feel free to share, I am always interested in hearing how others deal with their rope…

Now, back to sipping on my Bailey’s Irish Cream and catching up on my backlog of kinky email…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

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