RANT: What the &%*# is ALT up to now!

Head up butt award

(NOTE: This refers to my former ALT.com blog, which has since been manually transferred to the FemDomme Society domain, exactly *because* I was getting so frustrated with them and the strict limitations they apply to all the blogs there…)

I reaaaaally can’t believe ALT lately… :rolls eyes:

I posted a blog at around 9:00 pm EST time last night, and since I was on my laptop anyway, I kept checking now and then for it to show up on the main list…

Well, it didn’t show up until sometime after 4am, and then it was with a bunch of others at once, so it didn’t even show up on the first page, it got moved on down to the second, so nobody even saw it.

I thought the main blog page was supposed to display blogs that have just added an entry? If this is so, then why the HUGE time delay for them to show up?

Why are the blogs slanted for a particular time zone? I mean I posted my blog at around 9pm, and yet it says 6pm on it instead? Don’t they pay attention to our time zones based on our geographic locations?

I am just getting more and more pissed off with ALT as a whole. I have several ALT groups that I own and many of the members were having problems posting. From having posts taking a day or more to show up, to not showing up at all, despite repeated postings. We had two of our Gold members complain on our behalf, thinking (erroneously I guess) that since they were paying members that their complaint would be paid attention to.

Well, guess again. Neither of them received any sort of confirmation from ALT staffers that the problem was being looked into, despite filing complaints twice.

This is NOT a way to run a business model. I mean ALT is just screwing people over time and time again, and not even bothering to reply to it’s paid members complaints!!

I know I am not the only one to have complaints about them…. What’s your ALT pet peeve?

PS: The image is the “Head Up Their Butt” Award, which ALT has won by an overwhelming landslide…

~ Mistress Jade

7 responses to “RANT: What the &%*# is ALT up to now!

  1. i think it goes by there time zone.

    I think that so many may be posting at same time sadly some are knocked out..Then I think when it seems it says for every.. no posts…maybe on some kind of timer..just guessing..


  2. This happens all the time and makes me nuts too. The photo is absolutely perfect!


  3. I posted a similar item a few days ago.It may be time zones,but I think the problem is more to do with when the censors are working and how many there are.As more people start blogs,which alt encourages them to do,the numbers of postings increases.

    They approve them in batches and increasingly the numbers in the batch exceed the size of the page.If they are going to persist with this format it would make sense to spead out the approvals a little so that we all get some time on the main page.


  4. IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion)

    I think they should just get rid of the ‘approval’ B.S. for Silver and Gold Members. Let blogland decide which responses get deleted. People that pay for their accounts generally will not do anything to get banned. They should also put up an announcements bulletin on their main page to let members know when they’re going to be working on servers so we’re not all sitting here with our thumbs up our ass trying to figure out why things aren’t working as they should.

    I am a member of a group and this censorship crap ruins it because there are times when plans change for munch plans or something and it’s impossible to get the word out about the plan changes unless you email each member individually.


  5. I have yet to see one of my blogs appear. It remains a mystery to me how anyone reads them (other than the few that actually look for them). Consequently, I don’t really bother writing them too often.

    You would reasonably expect a blog to come up on the “new blogs” list pretty much immediately after being posted. Then it would be there to be read by others in your own timezone, at least. I often think that by the time mine does evetually appear, then it probably gets lost when North America wakes up -so what’s the point. Where is Alt’s timezone anyway?

    By-the-way, I AM a gold member, and I’ve actually written to alt a couple of times to query things I perhaps just don’t understand. -I’ve never once had a reply.

    If it’s to do with censorship, then I agree with the above not-so-humble-opinion. Leave it for us to sort ourselves -what the fuck is censorship doing on this kind of site anyway?


  6. your guess as good as mine what is up with alt, one thing is for sure it is not taking care of it’s paying customers. i use to a gold, and then a silver the only reason to pay is to be able to make first contact with someone. even that you can do if you go to the right chat room


  7. Comparatively, this site seems slightly better than a few other “premier” singles sites so far … communications seem difficult for people in almost all of them …