Breaking In a *Virgin* Stable Boy…

minimike in bondage

(Photo montage shows my stable boy’s submission in bondage, complete with gorgeous rope marks… Enjoy! Click to see a larger version of the image.)

My youngest stable boy “m” finally got to experience his first play session. We’ve been together since January and we met through CollarMe. He has proved himself quite dedicated and has been very good in providing domestic services around my home, during the past several months.

He is about to turn 20 in less than a month; quite young for one to have discovered their submissiveness and with a sincere desire to explore it further. He is a total novice in terms of experience and as a result, I’ve spent quite some time introducing to the other various aspects of this lifestyle through various readings, teachings and discussions, in order to make sure this is indeed what he wanted…

Back in May, I was planning on doing a light introductory session with him before I left for Nova Scotia and he would leave with his family to eastern Europe for the summer; unfortunately our timing didn’t work out. So this would be the first chance we got to get together since then for a little fun. Since he was a “virgin” to BDSM play, I wanted to make it an overall pleasurable experience for him, so that he would have good memories of his first experience years from now.

I put on some of my favourite scening music in the background and I blindfolded him, in order to make him focus more on the experience. I started with some shibari bondage with my favourite big black rope set, binding his wrists and ankles. I let him lie there for a while and told him to just “savour” the feeling for the duration of a song or two, in order to acclimate him to the sensation of the ropes.

I added more ropes; tying his thighs together and adding an arm and torso wrap to “hug” him more, as I sensed he enjoys that sensation of firm tightness around him. It was cute, he had such a hard time trying to keep this big grin off his face during most of the session — he had been waiting to experience these sensations for such a long time! Again, I let him enjoy the sensation for a while before I removed the torso wrap — it left such a beautiful and exotic rope pattern on his back that I could not resist taking photographs of it.

I rolled him over on his front and proceeded to give him a very light flogging with my matched red floggers – nothing too intense, just pleasurable. He said he was surprised that it could feel a bit like a massage. I moved up to my leather cat-o-nine tails, which he found had a slight more “bite” to it.

From his back I moved further down to his buttocks and proceeded to give them a good warming, at first with the floggers and cat, and then with my matched red paddles. It was quite fun, as at one point there was a song with a great beat in the background that was perfect for paddling!

I decided that was enough for his first session and slowly started to wind things down, taking photos of his beautiful snakeskin rope marks as I untied him. I finished untying the last of his ropes and had him lie on his side to relax and begin to float back down to earth. He told me how wonderful the whole experience had been and then totally surprised and slightly embarrassed himself by cumming on himself right then. I reassured him that it was probably just a delayed reaction… and just to go clean himself up. He was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day and would undoubtedly be replaying this scene in his mind for the next while…

All in all, a delightful afternoon session to “break in” one of my “virgin” stable subs.

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

3 responses to “Breaking In a *Virgin* Stable Boy…

  1. dear Jade,..freebird1957 here, commented on my blog,..i loved what you had to say and so that led me to read yours.

    thank you for making his first experince with this life a pleasurable one,..and wish that more would take your que,.. i remember back when i was brand spankin new wasn’t all that great, and that is something that still sticks to me to this day.

    i dont know maybe its just me,..and maybe it was just total fantasy on my part,.. but i believe that when one has their first play sesson with a new Dom/me that it should be pleasurable, ..connecting, ..bonding, ..binding….as you say that first experience is one that will be carried with the submissive and Dom/me for a long while,..that is until it is stepped up a notch *smiles*.


  2. what truly lucky sub to have a Domme that cared enough to make his first session so pleasurable, and memorable. i can not help but think of the saying good things that comes to those who wait, just seems so appropriate here.


  3. Sounds like a lot of fun was had there. Will we see him at Le Chateau eventually?