I have been tagged for the “Top Ten Films” challenge…

The Fifth Element

I have been tagged by a friend of mine, for a new blog game that is making it’s way through the ALT blog community. You must name your Top 10 films… Mine are, in no particular order:

– The Fifth Element (loved the costumes!)
– Bladerunner (Harrison Ford & Rutger Hauer)
– Flesh & Blood (Paul Verhoven flick with Rutger Hauer)
– Ladyhawke (also with Rutger Hauer, are we seeing a trend?)
– Queen of the Damned
– Signs (M.Night Shyamalan)
– Galaxy Quest
– Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I guess that counts as 3!)

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

7 responses to “I have been tagged for the “Top Ten Films” challenge…

  1. Queen of the Damned was great. I loved Stewart Townsend


  2. hahha
    Some of my top rated films are the same as yours


  3. poshraver — Yes, both Stewart and Alia were *really* hot!

    Violently — Thanks, for participating, nice to know we share some favourite flicks! I do find that the younger Rutger Hauer seriously *does* things for me… another hottie!

    Kally / Sailor208 — That’s the only reason I sent it to you, because of your comment/ joke about not having anything to write about. I’m not particularly into chain-type stuff either, but I figured I could handle a list of 10 things…

    I’m looking forward to reading about what other people’s favourite flicks are… Please feel free to add comments here if you’d like.

    All the best,

    ~ Jade

  4. ok that took longer thani thought, but i managed to finally do it.


  5. Thanks for playing natasha!

    ~ Jade

  6. Crap I forgot The Fifth Element on mine.

    I was just explaining Flesh & Blood to somebody this week. Who knew that the plague could be entertaining? When HBO was new, this was on all the time.

    OOOh I forgot The Messenger and Cruel Intentions too. gotta go.


  7. You’ll find my responses in my blog, which is a good thing cuz I really didn’t have much to write about today. And as much as i despise “chain letters” i’ll participate in this.