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Politically Correct Holiday Wishes

Politically Correct

This was sent to me by a friend, but I’ve also seen it elsewhere online, so I’m not too sure who the author is, but it must be a lawyer… Hope you enjoy it!


Please accept, with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practised within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice or secular practises of your choice with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practise religious or secular traditions at all.

I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2006, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures, whose contributions to society have helped make Canada great (not to imply that Canada is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only country in the western hemisphere), and without regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith, or sexual preference of the wishee.

By accepting this greeting, you are accepting these terms:

This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for her/him or others, and is void where prohibited by law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher.

This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.

Kinky XXXmas Carol: “Sadist Baby”

Kinky Fireplace

(sung to the tune of “Santa Baby”)

Sadist baby, slip some leather under the tree for me.
I’ve been an awful good slave,
Sadist baby, so hurry to the dungeon tonight.

Sadist baby, you can torture me until I’m black and blue.
I’ll scream out for you, dear
Sadist baby, so hurry to the dungeon tonight.

Think of all the fun I’ve missed!
Think of all the paddles that I haven’t kissed.
Next year I will be oh so good
if you’ll beat me on Christmas day.
Boo doo bee doo!

Sadist honey, I wanna kneel at your feet and
Do your will, I’ve been a good slave all year
Sadist baby, so hurry to the dungeon tonight!

Sadist cutie, there’s one thing I really do need, indeed,
To be used all night long
Sadist cutie, so hurry to the dungeon tonight!

Sadist baby, I’m filling your stocking with some handcuffs and chains
Arrest me anytime
Sadist baby, so hurry to the dungeon tonight!

Come and trim my sexy tits
With some decorated clamps you made for me
I really do need a beating
And I know you want to beat me!
Boo doo bee do!

Sadist baby, forgot to mention one little hope,
some rope
Tied around me tight
Sadist baby, please hurry to the dungeon tonight!

(Special thanks to Laurie/Darthbouncy)

Kinky Night Before XXXmas!

Naughty girl and Santa

‘Twas the night before XXXmas, and all through the Lair,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a stare.
The slut was strung up by the chimney with care,
Hoping her dear Master soon would be there.

The critters were nestled all warm on their rugs,
The slut was still waiting, tied snug as a bug.
Then into the room there swept her dear Master.
He threw down his coat, and she heard evil laughter.

“I’ve been busy shopping,” he said with a leer.
“I’ve brought lots of toys to give bad girls good cheer.”
Then out of a black velvet bag he did pull
A whole bunch of toys to make happy her Yule!

A flogger, a paddle, a crop, and a whip,
A St. Andrew’s cross, some clothespins to zip,
A collar locked up with a padlock quite tight,
And leather restraints that would hold her just right,

Nipple clamps, vibrators, speculums too,
A Wartenberg wheel, and mint-flavored lube,
Some candles, some ropes, a new cupping set,
And a new leather harness that made her quite wet,

A blindfold, a gag, a new spanking bench,
And finally a bunny-fur mitt for the wench.
The Master approached her, his eyes all a-twinkle,
And asked, “My dear slut, how’s this little wrinkle?

“I’ll tie you, I’ll flog you, I’ll pinch and I’ll tickle,
“I’ll have so much fun, putting you in a pickle!”
The slut, she was speechless, her legs had gone weak,
As she dreamed of his hand going “smack!” on her cheeks.

Her eyes cast submissively down to the floor,
She was ready to answer when in through the door
Came another, dressed up in a red velvet suit,
With eight tiny reindeer in close, hot pursuit.

“What is this?” the new one, old Santa, he asked.
His eyebrow arched knowingly, slapping her ass.
“You perverts! You freaks! Is this XXXmas to you?
“You’ve forgotten some of my favorite tools!”

Then out of his bag he pulled two more toys,
Sure to bring pleasure to girls and to boys:
A full bondage harness, made just for suspension,
A swing to go with it, that got her attention!

Then back through the door old Santa did go,
And the girl and her Master once more were alone.
“It’s playtime,” said Master, his eyes all aglint,
As he started to fasten a clamp to her clit.

She moaned, she sighed, she thrashed and she wriggled,
And out in the yard she heard Santa giggle.
Then Santa exclaimed, as their house he was leaving,
“Merry XXXmas to all, and to all a Good Beating!”


I’m sure it brought a grin to your face as much as it did mine…
Here’s hoping that you have a wonderfully kinky Xmas, and holiday season!

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

A bright spot to Christmas Eve morning…


My sleep cycle is a bit screwed up as of late, so I was up late wrapping presents into the wee hours of this morning. Got to watch “Secret Lives of the Geisha” on TV while I was wrapping — saw it a few years ago, but it was enjoyable to watch again.

Afterwards, I decided to reward myself with a nice cup of Irish Breakfast Tea and one of the double chocolate muffins I had made. While preparing my tea, I noticed a woodpecker in the tree in my backyard — it surprised me, since we rarely see them around here and usually only hear them, not see them.

A few moments later, while waiting for my tea to brew, a flash of colour outside caught my eye. It was a male cardinal, with his brilliant plumage, who had landed amongst the bare branches of the tree, attractred by the few berries that are left. It caught my breath and almost brought a tear to my eye, because it reminded me of when I first came to view this house several years ago when it was for sale. It was late winter and I remember looking out one of the back windows and seeing a cardinal and taking it as a good omen — and it was, we ended up buying this house.

There always seems to be a pair of them nesting in this neighbourhood, but it is rare to see them, usually one only hears their call. On those occasions, I sometimes play “tag” with the male cardinal, as I imitate his call and he answers me. I guess I do it well enough, because sometimes he comes and investigates me and shows up briefly nearby… and it always makes me smile!

I’ve always lived in places where cardinals were, as the saying goes, a “rare bird” — so seeing one always brings a bring ray of sunshine into my life and joy to my heart.

What a wonderful way to start Christmas Eve day…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Are French Canadians “more hot” than English Canadians?

Supreme Court of Canada

(Photo is of the Supreme Court of Canada building)
The following is based from several online articles:

Swingers clubs get Supreme ‘red light’

Swinging is a lifestyle for the liberated and those free-spirited souls are more likely to be from the distinct society.” That’s what swingers club owner Denis Chesnel said after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled there’s nothing illegal about such clubs. “It means that the French people are more hot than English people,” a smiling Chesnel told a news conference yesterday at his daughter’s swingers club, his comments greeted with spontaneous laughter. Chesnel and his supporters cited a survey they had done which they say indicated that close to 70 per cent of Quebecers tolerated swinging versus 53 per cent in the rest of Canada.

On a more serious note, Chesnel said the judgment shows society’s and the court’s evolution on the subject. The judgment understands that “people can exercise their fundamental rights to have sexual relations with the partners of their choice” at a club.

The Supreme Court rewrote the definition of indecency on Dec. 21st, and in the process legalized swingers clubs complete with orgies, partner swapping and voyeurs. Consenting adults having sex with multiple partners while like-minded people look on are not committing indecent acts, the court said in its ruling.

Chesnel, who owns swingers clubs and bars in the Montreal area, said he also contributed thousands of dollars in the court battle to make swinging legal. Swingers clubs, says Chesnel, are for the sexually and mentally enlightened. “We’re a place for people who are aware, open-minded and liberated.

It’s not just a wife-swapping club, added lawyer Bernard Corbeil, who also owned a swingers club and was involved in the legal battle. “Swinging is a lifestyle,” Corbeil told the news conference. “It includes exhibitionism, threesomes, voyeurism and couples who are interested in swinging don’t necessarily exchange partners. They could exhibit themselves in front of another couple. Swinging is nothing more than creative sex.” Yearly memberships in his daughter’s club cost $20. The club bills itself as the largest in Canada with 14,000 couples as members.

The club’s basement has whirlpools and a sauna where only a towel is required. The main floor has a bar and restaurant open to the public, but only members head upstairs to bedrooms, complete with cameras and peepholes.

Meanwhile, Toronto-area swingers clubs are hailing the December 21st Supreme Court decision that legalizes their activities as perfect timing — two of the best-known clubs are in the midst of expansion. Wicked Club on Richmond St. E. and Happy Hedonist, which runs out of a sports bar in Mississauga, plan second locations in the new year to keep up with their busy weekend traffic.

(The decision) is great news for us, because it validates the way that we’ve been operating. It legitimizes the fact that there’s an alternative lifestyle, and cements the position of the Canadian government that they have no business in the bedrooms of Canadians,” said Wicked’s Aurora Ben Zion, who owns the club with her husband. Wicked’s owners say it is Toronto’s only “on-premise” swingers club where sexual activity takes place within the club. Wicked charges $50 per couple to access the private suites but not before they sign a waiver indicating anything that happens will be consensual.

We cater to a young, urban clientele” from across Ontario, Quebec and the United States,” Ben Zion said. “We get a lot of members that are very high-profile and were concerned, because (the club) was a grey area — it wasn’t illegal, but it wasn’t legal, either. (This ruling) allows us to continue to provide a comfortable environment for people to explore their fantasies.” Happy Hedonist owner David Muller hopes the ruling will help boost his second location in Pickering and pave the way for something bigger. Happy Hedonist describes its operation as an “off-premise” club that runs erotic dance nights on weekends and occasional swingers parties in hotel suites.


Then again, I always thought that Quebecers were kinkier than the norm… Montreal doesn’t seem to have one distinct red-light district, you can find erotic boutiques, strip clubs and swingers clubs *all over* the city, not just relegated to a small downtrodden part of town, like other cities do…

This is probably one of the few places in North America were you could find a church and an erotic boutique within a block of each other…

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Supreme Court of Canada Rules That “Swingers Clubs Don’t Harm Society”

Supreme Court

(Pic is of a statue outside the Supreme Court of Canada building)

Compiled from a variety of news articles:

Clubs that allow group sex and partner swapping do not harm Canadian society, and should not be considered criminal, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled today.

In a ruling that radically changes the way courts determine what poses a threat to the population, the top court threw out the conviction of a Montreal man who ran a club where members could have group sex in a private room behind locked doors.

Consensual conduct behind code-locked doors can hardly be supposed to jeopardize a society as vigorous and tolerant as Canadian society,” said the opinion of the 7-2 majority, written by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.

The decision does not affect laws against prostitution because no money changed hands among the adults having sex. The high court, which was ruling on two Quebec cases, said Canadian standards can tolerate the activities, even when they are done with spectators. The judges said the test for indecency is the harm it causes, and not simply community standards.

The cases involve two swingers’ clubs in Montreal that allowed sex acts, including the swapping of partners. One case involved James Kouri, owner of a club called Coeur à Corps. He was convicted by a lower court on two counts of keeping a common bawdy house, and fined $7,500.

The other case involved Jean-Paul Labaye who ran a members-only club called L’Orage. He was convicted of keeping a bawdy house and fined $2,500. (A bawdy house is defined as a place where prostitution or acts of public indecency took place.)

At the Court of Appeal, however, the cases took different turns. Labaye’s conviction was upheld while Kouri’s conviction was overturned. Now the Supreme Court has given a favourable ruling for the defendants in both cases. Attorneys for Labaye and Kouri in Montreal argued that consensual sex among groups of adults behind closed doors was neither indecent nor a risk to society. The Supreme Court judges agreed.

Criminal indecency or obscenity must rest on actual harm or a significant risk of harm to individuals or society. The Crown failed to establish this essential element of the offense. Its case must therefore fail,” McLachlin wrote.

In indecency cases, Canadian courts traditionally have probed whether the acts in question “breached the rules of conduct necessary for the proper functioning of society.” The Supreme Court ruled that from now on, judges should pay more attention to whether society would be actively harmed.

The judges said that just because most Canadians might disapprove of swingers’ clubs, this did not necessarily mean the establishments were socially dangerous. “The causal link between images of sexuality and anti-social behavior cannot be assumed. Attitudes in themselves are not crimes, however deviant they may be or disgusting they may appear,” the judges said, noting that no one had been pressured to have sex or had paid for sex in the cases the court considered.

The autonomy and liberty of members of the public was not affected by unwanted confrontation with the sexual activity in question … only those already disposed to this sort of sexual activity were allowed to participate and watch,” they said.

They also dismissed the idea — raised during Labaye’s original trial — that group sex was dangerous because it could result in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. “Sex that is not indecent can transmit disease while indecent sex might not,” they ruled.


Just one more reason why kinky Americans might want to consider moving north of the border. I always said that Montreal was a wonderfully kinky city, didn’t I??? (big wicked grin)

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Last Minute Chaos


Well, I got a call from my older sister last night; she is coming up from the Maritimes to visit her best friend for Christmas. Her husband is a trucker and she is getting a lift from him for most of the way to Montreal.

I just got a call from her that he will only be able to bring her as far as Boucherville (almost an hour from my home), so I’ll have to go pick her up and bring her to my place and maybe even have to drive her up north to her friend’s place tomorrow.

Kinda puts a kink in my schedule of things I need to get done before Christmas; but hey, that’s what we do for family, don’t we?

I do feel a bit intimidated that my house is not in proper order for guests right now. I would have liked to have more warning to make it more suitable so I mentioned this to my sister and she jokingly told me “Hitchikers can’t be choosy!

At least this way I get to spend a few hours with her; I haven’t seen her since I visited my Mom this past fall.

OK, they just phoned — I have to leave to start my drive if I hope to not be too buried in rush hour traffic for the next two hours!

~ Mistress Jade Dragon