Review: November’s Club Sin Fetish Friday event…

Club Sin

Beverage of the day: French Vanilla Cappuccino

Ack! So much blogging to catch up on; I’d better do it in small doses or I’ll never get it done….

Let’s see, attended last month’s Fetish Friday at Club Sin; was relatively decent. The evening’s show had some half-nude women painted deep blue and wearing gas masks and little backpacks, creeping through the club and climbing all over the place. Interesting at first, but the novelty of it kind of wore off after a bit.

I am really getting to hate the DJ because the music is so outrageously loud that you can’t really hold a conversation unless you shout 3 inches away from someone’s ear. Not particularly conducive to socializing… I did see my friend, Asian pro-domme Domina Jade, and her malesub there. We had a nice cozy couch in the corner, in the fenced off section, but we decided to leave a bit early, and go to the nearest Tim Horton’s for a cup of coffee so we actually talk each other. It was so nice to see her again and catch up on each other’s news…

More later,

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

One response to “Review: November’s Club Sin Fetish Friday event…

  1. Dear MJD,

    I enjoyed seeing your return, I look forward to the ‘more later’ portion.

    Keith (mink52)