Rewarding myself with a sleek little black toy…

Video iPod bondage

I still find myself more tired than usual; although I kind of figure it has to do with the hectic and stressful schedule from the past two and a half months. My multimedia CD project finally shipped from the production house and actually arrived a day earlier (Wednesday) than we had promised in our original proposal timeline — the client was quite impressed to say the least, not only because we beat their deadline with two days to spare, but also by the quality of the product.

The other good news is that because I am now “in the system” according to them, there is a far greater likelyhood that I will be asked to put in bids and proposals on other design projects. According to one of the people connected with the project, I was one of the very few to put in a decent bid and proposal, as well as being the only one that bid on the entire project — not just the graphic and multimedia design of the CD, but the actual production of the CDs themselves. At least I have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to similar government projects in the future and can better prepare myself as a result.

In many ways, I felt as if I had been holding my breath this past week; waiting to see the final product myself, as well as wondering what the client’s reaction would be to the final CD as well. So I was quite relieved when the whole thing was complete. (Of course, I am now waiting for payment, which, of course because it is government, could take a few weeks…)

In the meantime, I promised myself that I would reward myself after the project was completed, to some really nice “treat” that I had been wanting for a while. Since I already got myself a new Apple laptop a few months ago, and a new cellphone for Christmas; I decided to go with a top-of-the-line Apple iPod, the black one with video capabilities. I dropped by a local reseller a few days ago to have a look at it in person and to make the decision as to whether I wanted to go for the 30G or 60G model — considering it is only about $100 difference in price; I’ve decided to go for the larger model, so that I can store more photos and videos on it, as well as use it as a storage backup for some of my laptop files.

I’m really looking forward to being able to listen to my entire 10+GB of music from the comfort of my car’s great stereo system while I am on my longer trips, as I already have an FM transmitter to send the music from the iPod to the stereo.

Heck, it will even be great to bring along my own “dungeon mixes” and my mini-speakers for various play sessions — I like having certain types of music when I am playing, as it helps to put me in the right mood. Do you have particular preferences in kink-music that you like to scene to?

~ Mistress Jade

2 responses to “Rewarding myself with a sleek little black toy…

  1. Dear Jade, I am so happy for you and the success of this recent venture, adventure.

    First Suite in E-flat is a good long piece, 3 movements for mood development and creative expression.


  2. Jade, enjoy your new reward. As for music for a scene no not really, and do have a fondness for “I Feel Like A Woman” as it reminds me of a lesson. i have always thought thought that “Night on Bald Mountain”, or “Carmina Burana” would be good for a scene maybe one day.