Lots of kink activities in May…

Black iPod

I attended a private dungeon party in early May and it was quite enjoyable as many of my kink friends were also in attendance. Daemonica was also able to join me and it was her first time at the dungeon. I also got to spend some time hanging out with my good friends Domina Jade and Sir Marc.

I wore a new outfit, a sort of “Naughty School Mistress” look; I wore my long hair up in a bun, with a dark navy pleated skirt, short leather “granny boots” with a square heel, black pleated blouse with a long pearl necklace and jeweled brooch, and to complete the look, I had a wooden yardstick. (Since then, I’ve picked up a small pair of reading glasses so that I can do that intimidating “over the glasses” stare.) My yardstick proved extremely popular as many people asked me where they could get one too!


On May 21st, I attended the Knotty munch at Moe’s Deli out near the Olympic Stadium. I wasn’t too sure I was going to make it at first because I was feeling a bit under the weather and rather tired, as the almost constant rain for two weeks was starting to wear on my joints a lot.

There were a good 22-25 people in attendance, which was a surprise to some — but I figured that the rain had deterred many from driving up north for the Victoria Day long weekend.

I had a new dinner companion, a sweet lady nicknamed “Jools”. Since she was relatively new to the Montreal scene, I invited her to join me the following weekend at the big supper munch being organized by Maitre Pierre and Mistress Catharine.


The supper munch on May 27th was quite successful and there must have been at least 40 odd people in attendance. Jools arrived at almost the same time as I did and some people were nice enough to shift around so that we could sit together, as well as being near to my friends Sir Marc and Domina Jade. A few seats down were Cloud and Mistress Lisa, and even farther down were Lady Kate and her male sub, and ever farther down I found Maddog.

Many of us were invited to a fairly impromptu after dinner get-together at a nearby friend’s dungeon. Although I brought my corset, I was feeling so comfortable in my black pants, spaghetti strap tank top and emerald green silk shirt that I decided not to change. I was lucky enough to commandeer the big chaise lounge for most of the night, even though I did share it with several others. It is one of my favourite seats there because it allows me to tuck my feet up underneath me, or to stretch them out.

I shared some of my foot massage skills with the “Other Jade” and she seemed to enjoy it because my tiny fingers can manipulate her tiny toes much better than any man’s. I was lucky enough to benefit from Maddog’s foot massage skills, although he has a slightly heavier touch than I am used to. I did return the favour with some back scritchies, which seemed appreciated as well.

Although there was a bit of playing that went on, most of my core circle of friends lounged around and talked the night away about a multitude of topics. I had brought my new black video iPod with me and shared a few of my latest video finds. Several of them had Domina Jade giggling and laughing out loud.

I noticed the dungeon finally has a small AM/FM/CD stereo, so I also discussed the idea of bringing my new iPod to next weekend’s dungeon party and playing iPod DJ for the night, so we could do without the radio announcer and commercials from the local radio station. Besides, I could bring much more appropriate music for our overall tastes. I have an FM transmitter for my iPod that I use for my car, so I won’t have to fiddle with hooking up any other cables — I prefer to keep things simple whenever possible.

I was considering making 3-4 playlists for the evening. The first playlist will be fairly upbeat but lighter music and last an hour or two, as people are trickling in and greeting each other and begin to socialize. The second will have a wider range but will be more upbeat and faster paced, ranging from pop, R&B and some classic rock. The third playlist will go in effect around midnight and will be more geared towards scene music, often with a heavier beat and more moody feel. The fourth and last playlist will lighten up to more mellow “aftercare” type music for the last half hour to 45 minutes while people are wrapping up and getting ready to head out — which is often around 3 to 4 am. In all, I’m probably looking at anywhere from 5 to 6 hours of music — which should be no problem since I used to program for a 6 hour radio shift.

*** In case you are wondering, I used to work as a professional DJ at a radio station in the Maritimes, at the tender age of 16. From what I understand, I was the youngest professionally employed radio announcer in the province, if not the entire country at the time (early 80’s). I really *loved* that job and I was planning on going to Broadcast School, but just before I finished high school, the CBC did massive layoffs of staff across Canada and I realized the job market would be saturated for years to come, so I decided against it. Still, it was a fabulous learning experience and it opened a lot of other opportunities for me through the years. I still miss working with music, but the field has changed so much since those days… So it will be kind of fun to play DJ once again after all these years!

So, what are some of your music favourites? Do you have any music genres, artists or albums that you prefer to play or scene to? Any suggestions of anything that is available on iTunes? Or, if you are local, do you have any music you’d like to trade? (Remember, in Canada it is *not* illegal to trade music!)

Looking forward to reading some of your musical suggestions,

~ Mistress Jade

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