Two days — and such a contrast between them…

Afternoon Tea

June 6th would have been my Dad’s 85th birthday. I miss him so much…

The loss of Michael’s Dad has brought many of the same feelings of loss from when my own Dad passed away, a little over two years ago. So many things remind me of them both…

I busied my mind with many little things during the day, to try and keep it occupied, so that I would not be dragged down and feel miserable.


My sleep cycle is screwed up again, so in an attempt to reverse it, I stayed up all night and all day.

When dawn arrived on June 7th, I was reminded that it was the 10th anniversary of my most famous and award-winning website. (I’d mention it, but it would be a dead give-away and I still have to be careful of my vanilla identity, however some of my local kink friends are aware of it.)

For the longest time, I had wanted this day to be a real celebration of that achievement, however, after how melancholy I was feeling the day before, I decided that I needed time for me; and that it was only a website, and a day here or there was not going to be a big thing in the big scheme of things. Concentrate on the “here and now” is how I get by sometimes nowaday…

I was feeling rather energetic as the dawn arose and I got some small tasks out of the way. The front lawn was getting rather tall and I decided that I would rather do it myself rather than wait forever for a certain someone else to maybe get around to doing it.

Of course, I had to wait until a more reasonable hour to start mowing, so I wouldn’t freak the neighbours. Luckily it wasn’t too warm out and I had my iPod and my speacial sound-cancelling headphones to make it slightly more enjoyable. At least I got a good work-out from it.

Afterwards, I gave my Saturn a good washing-down, as it had been overdue, then hosed the driveway down of dust and grass trimmings that had been blown over by the breeze. I also hosed down my front patio of some of the leftover potting soil from when I did some transplanting last week.

I then went on to improving the little corner I had set up for myself — installing a bigger and more comfy cushion on my chaise longue and bringing out a tall stool to act as a small tabletop. I brought out my new iPod, this time with my tiny black Sony speakers and chose one of my classical music playlists. I also prepared myself an early light brunch composed of a sandwich, a delicate imported Italian chocolate croissant and a big mug of Earl Grey tea. Last, but not least was my camp hat and my new paperback.

For the longest time, I just enjoyed the sounds of the myriad of songbirds that frequent my neighbourhood, with my sunhat drawn down to shade my eyes, since the sun was now starting to come over the house into the front yard. My oldest cat, Tigger, kept me company — she’s been enjoying being allowed outside a lot more this year, since she has been really good at sticking close to the house. (She was raised as an indoor cat and I’ve never wanted to take chances with her safety.)

After resting for a while, I decided to start on my new book, which I had recently bought on sale – “The DaVinci Code”. I had wanted to read it quite a while ago, but wasn’t prepared to pay hardcover prices for it. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading through the first half of the book, with a background of light classical music, until I was too exhausted to stay awake any longer.

I slept for at least 12 hours and awoke early this morning, at around 6am. I decided to finish reading the rest of my book, which turned out to be a fairly interesting and fast-paced mystery novel. (I’m really not into traditional religions, so the book’s basic premise did not cause me any major spiritual contentions.)


I got an email from my “babyboi” sub today, he’s recently finished school and might be available this weekend. That would be nice, it’s been too long since we’ve spent time together and it would do us both some good. Besides, the back lawn still needs mowing!

~ Mistress Jade

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