More black leather… Ummmmm!

Black leather couch

I kinda strained my back yesterday, as my neighbour’s hedge was really starting to crowd our driveway, and so I trimmed our side of it — as he had already given me permission to do so if it ever bothered me.

While I was at it, I also trimmed the cedar bushes on either side of my front entry, as well as the mock orange bushes in front of the house. Then I got inspired to use the weed-wacker to trim underneath the edge of the hedge, as it was becoming overgrown as well. So between all of that and then raking all the debris up, I overdid things a bit and was feeling rather achy last night; so I needed to dig out my heating pad to soothe some strained back muscles.

Today consists mainly of trying to clean out the living room, to make way for a new black leather couch, which is due to arrive tomorrow. I got my existing couch secondhand and I had it for a good 8-9 years. The couch was supremely comfy but had a very ugly fabric upholstery; which was remedied with the use of a nice golden velvet cover and some gold and black cushions. However, some of it’s coils and webbing finally bit the dust and caused a major sinkhole in one end — so it’s time to say a final “adieu” to it.

I already have two black leather rocking Captain’s style chairs with matching rocking footrests, so at least everything should meld together relatively well. I was originally looking at this other couch that was on sale at the same store, but when I checked it out in person, I realize it was covered in microfiber — very nice, but deadly in a house with three cats. It would be like having a giant lintbrush in my living room…. not a good idea. The leather should discourage any major furry deposits and I’m not worried about them scratching it, as I have the cats well trained to use their scratching posts.

The new leather couch is extremely comfy — which is an absolute *must* for me. I need to be able to sink into it and Michael needs to be able to stretch out on it, as he occasionally falls asleep watching TV. The armrests have built in pillow-like cushions, as I detest straight sided ones, as they do not lend themselves to curling up in the corner with a good book.

So, anyway — back to work on clearing out a path to the living room for the delivery guys… Better put on some good music to get me moving!

~ Mistress Jade

2 responses to “More black leather… Ummmmm!

  1. Please be careful moving things around! You don’t want to make a an aching back worse.


  2. BBoi,

    Now if only you had reminded me of that *before* we dragged the old couch to the curb……

    Actually, I’m not doing too bad considering, I think it was just a temporary thing as I was a bit stiff, but the heating pad helped immensely.

    ~ Jade