Daytrip to NY

Horsetail flogger

We scooted down to Plattsburgh NY on Monday; I had some errands I had to do there and it is only about an hour’s drive south of Montreal. The border crossing went relatively quickly both ways, which was a relief — I was not in the mood for any major delays.

I also stopped into the local tack shop, hoping to pick up a drover’s whip that I had seen on their website. However, it was not in stock, so I had to make due with another little treat for the toy bag — a very nasty horsetail fly whisk and a gorgeous English dressage whip. The horsetail whisk is very stingy and will be a perfect companion piece to a thuddy flogger. The dressage whip has an absolutely scary whipping sound, much like Zorro’s sword — which will be a total mindfuck for a blindfolded sub.

We also stopped for a bite at Taco Bell — I know, I know, some of you are probably incredulous… but there are none in the province of Quebec and it is amazing how much you craze something when you can’t have it. Also stocked up on few flavours of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that are hard to find up here.

All in all, a nice little day trip with wonderful little goodies to show for it…

~ Mistress Jade

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